many of you may be wondering, is poop man just a pawn of some insidious, dug-in ethos, or is he the mastermind behind a new world order? am i responsible for his making, or did he arrive by other means

of italian descent, jacopo maximilliano poopman studied commedia dell’arte under theater historian ferdinando taviani. poopman, although having the highest respect for the old character styles, was intrigued by the idea of generating new archetypes to push the theater form into the 21st century.

with exacting study and care, he decided the best foil for the scaramouche figure was the “poop man” figure, a tragic soul unaware of his state as urban pariah — a man to whom the foulest encumbrances of nature clung. as with all conceptual theater, the road to recognition and even a livelihood was long and difficult.

today poop man represents a dynamic if polarizing addition to a time-honored old world tradition.

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