so there was some announcement today from apple regarding the iphone 4 antenna problem. i’m assuming that’s the subject but i don’t know, i’m writing this the day before

i am just so… shocked at some apple fans i’ve argued with on twitter and over e-mail. i love apple and i love apple products. the iphone 3G, when i held it, i thought was the most advanced thing humans had available to them publicly. it was incredible. the iphone 4 continues that tradition, but they let design get in the way of how the phone worked. they’ve been so good at not crossing that line, that’s why this is such a letdown.

the iphone 4 is still an amazing phone to me and i haven’t encountered the antenna issues personally, but i know it’s a dumb problem and apple needs to make good. why… argue that point? it’s ok, they are fallible. they’re people too