winning this thing means you’re done. your legacy is beyond secure, and can’t be undone by what you do next

in fact, there is literally nothing to do next, you already did the best at everything in every possible field: music, science, painting, books, language, medicine, cooking, architecture, movies, charity, and more

so congratulations, here is your all-award, awarded to you on may 14, 2010 by the only agency that is authorized to select winners: chainsawsuit. now die

but before you go check out the new book! and in case you forgot, scott and i have a double-shot at penny arcade in both the comic and our latest blamimation

and and and finally if you live in the north seattle area, scott kurtz, dave kellett and i will be signing at the comic stop in lynnwood this coming monday at 6:30 pm! welcome me and scott to seattle. dave is just there by coincidence.