anubis never likes anything he’s got to say, so may as well forget about it. and now horus is joining in on the act

i’d take it up with hr if i was him, this is discriminatory


speaking of discrimination, you can show how much discriminating taste you gots by buying the all-new razzle-dazzle chainsawsuit book 3!!! hard to believe the third book is already here and waiting to look all solid next to books 1 and 2 you already have at home

what’s that?! you don’t have any of the chainsawsuit books yet?! some of them got extra stuff! and i’m offering an unique cardstock inked sketch for another ten bucks! go check it out! your friends will be extremely jealous and mow your lawn once they see it

a side note: on that same store page i’m offering a bundle of the first three books because chainsawsuit 1 is almost all gone. once it’s out of print that’s it. you will have one of the only existing copies. good luck to those with the quickest mouse-finger