the best prices, the best help and the best computer-men, guaranteed

our computersmen are ready to serve you, totally believable in every respect as they very slowly lurch their way towards you, being very careful not to knock loose their 486 headpieces or shoulder-mounted everex laptops (vintage! real! always on!)

our belief is that to keep the customer in a computer-buying mood, nothing should distract them from the idea of computers, not even talking to humans. ol’ compy-dude’ll tell ya — that’s the way to do things!

all of our employees are “liquid-cooled!” that’s evidenced by the extra fluid flowing down their foreheads, armpits and buttock areas. and the intense smell of body odor lets you know his “processor” is hard at work! wuh-oh! he is overclocked for maximum savings

if you encounter any prone employees who do not react to being prodded with a help-stick please contact management for swift removal