Lucy (2014)

In a freak accident, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is exposed to a chemical which allows her to use more than 10% of her brain, until she achieves the next level of human evolution at 100% brain capacity.

Tagline. “Human beings were given 100% of a brain. What would happen if we used more than 10% of it?”


  • Director Luc Besson came under fire for perpetuating the myth that humans only use 10% of their brain. Besson shot back, saying he “could not hear 100% of criticism.”
  • The title “Lucy” is a reference to a partial Australopithecine skeleton found in Ethiopia. This is alluded to in the movie by characters mentioning the fact more than eighty times.
  • After reading pseudoscientific literature to prepare for her role, Scarlett Johansson was reportedly 10% brainwashed.

Incorrectly Regarded as Mistakes

  • Needing money to escape the country, Lucy contacts a Nigerian prince who deposits $16,300,000 in her checking account. Oddly, he does not require that Lucy pay the traditional $3,000 bank transaction fee first. However it is possible that the Nigerian prince is an old friend and owed her $16.3 million as a favor.
  • Lucy knocks a gangster’s tooth out which flies into a full bottle of Coke. In the next scene, the tooth is still clearly intact. The bottle may have been filled with Diet Coke, which may not have any tooth-dissolving properties.
  • A police detective picks Lucy out of a lineup despite never having been an eyewitness to her crimes. He may have used his pineal gland and its vestigial sense to grant him the “sight beyond sight” all humans have access to if they avoid fluoride.
  • The kid at the police station eats Pop Rocks and drinks soda, but never explodes. It is possible the explosion happened off-camera.
  • During the bar fight, Lucy breaks a mirror by throwing an attacker’s hunting knife through it. Though she does not appear any worse off following this, it could be said that the dangerous events of the movie are unlucky enough to denote the beginning of a seven-year period of bad luck.
  • After the revelation that Lucy is worried she’ll pass on her omnipotence to a child if she were to get pregnant, she recklessly has unprotected sex with the CIA agent assigned to her. However, the careful viewer will realize that she did take aspirin, an effective natural birth control method, beforehand.
  • Though it seems like a miracle, Lucy manages to lose her belly fat using one weird old tip.

Memorable Quotes

Police Officer. This is her dossier. She’s wanted for murder. Her name is Lucy.
Rookie. Like the partial Australopithecine skeleton from Ethiopia?
Police Officer. That’s right. That skeleton held one of the first clues that hominids walking upright actually preceded the evolution of a larger brain pan.
Rookie. Huh, guess that would make Lucy on the forefront of what we know as human evolution.
Police Officer. Do you mean Lucy the partial Australopithecine skeleton? Or the perp?
(Both Rookie and Police Officer turn to look at the camera, grinning wryly. The unblinking camera look lasts 85 seconds.)

Professor Norman. (played by Morgan Freeman) The brain only operates at 10%. The brain of a woman, perhaps 5 or 6%. She’s got nowhere to go but up.

Lucy. We have to disable the security cameras or they’ll be here in minutes.
CIA Agent. There’s no way to the control room from here!
Lucy.  Forget the control room. I just evolved a chromosome that can hack binary using air currents.

Interpol Chief. Give it up, Lucy! You’re surrounded. Come out with your brain and hands up!
Lucy. (to a cat) I need someone to distract them. I wish you could help me, kitty cat.
Cat. (via subtitles) I can. All cats have the ability to understand human speech, we just lack vocal chords to speak back.
Lucy. And I just unlocked the DNA cell for language.

Luc Besson. Hello audience, I am Luc Besson. I hope you learned something from all the facts in my movie.