I’m a fan of supernatural horror with a slow burn. That’s why I was so thrilled to be a part of a test screening of the upcoming horror movie Paranormal Activity 4. It comes out October 21, but thanks to my signing the wrong name to the NDA, you don’t need to see it! I saw it for you.

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

Synopsis. A new family moves next door to Katie’s, but little does she know their supernatural activity… is also paranormal.


  • To provide the most realistic performance possible, actress Madison Briar spent two months living in a haunted house. After her death she was replaced by Katie Featherston.
  • Animal handlers had great difficulty training the family dog to act frightened of The Possessor (actor Micah Sloat), due to Sloat’s “overpowering cooked meat smell.”
  • The rickety house that spectacularly collapses in the movie’s climax was not a CGI special effect. It was also not intentional. The construction company is currently under investigation.
  • In interviews, character actor Martin James Kelly remarked several times that he’d had “one ghost of a time” on set; director Ariel Schulman later confirmed that Kelly had had sex with a ghost.
  • Featherston’s line about wanting to “haunt the fuck out of an Arby’s Beef-N-Cheddar right about now” was ad-libbed.


  • In the backyard scene, the ghost is noticeably distracted by his trainer off-camera.
  • All the video footage Katie records inexplicably shows her in frame, holding the same video camera she’s taking the footage with.
  • In several exterior shots, another film crew can be seen filming the original Paranormal Activity (2007) across the street.
  • Boom mic in shot. In the shower scene, right after a voice screams “Doug, watch your goddamn boom mic.”
  • When Professor Weissgeist demonstrates the SpectroFinder 9000, he rotates the Poltergauge to “Vaporonic” even though he says the ghost is classified “Paranormous.”
  • Plot hole. Katie’s father paralyzes the ghost by shooting it through the C7 vertebra.
  • Professor Weissgeist tells Scared Fisherman #2 that ghosts can only possess bones — but  sharks have cartilage, so there would have been no way for the aquarium to become “giga-haunted.”
  • The opposite of “paranormal” is “normal.” It is not “regu-normal” as Katie says in the last line of the film.
  • “The End” was misspelled.

Memorable Quotes

Katie: What a creepy family to move next door to. I hope they’re not haunted or something.

Man on Bus #1: Seems like another normal day.
Spooked Man on Bus: Yeah… but something about it is a little spooky.

Katie: Dad, what if there is a ghost in the house?
Katie’s Father: Katie, for as long as I’ve known you I’ve been your father.

Professor Weissgeist: And when the switch is set to detect negavertic energy, it sends an autologic pulse vector back along the thaumaturgic ley conduit!
Katie: Talk English, Professor!
Professor Weissgeist: It’ll seriously fuck up some ghost asses.

The Ned