Read Chapters 1 and 2

The 3 Chapters

There is ,a fellow to come above from the frozen hills . Who is this ones ?Harry and Hermione of hogs warts school . The advanture of them is continue .

“To find of Draco and evils there him plans ,we must be of very care ” says to Hermione . She nod to understandment .In a kingship of the twos friendship ,caution was king .Harry and Hermione must have careful to proceed forwards the journey .

“Will you stop !!!” say louder voice of elder . “Oh the gosh !!” say Harry . Who is behind our heros !! It is teacher ,the Snape. This Snape come to mind students of duties which they of forsaken with cause poor of grades.

“I am the teacher of you ,to learn of potion class ,” says Snaps “but you have show a little respects for this class . Where is your works for class project ??It was due of shortly seven day times ,passing with no works from you .” So correct in this regard was Snapes .

Harry so timid to speak to here ,and a fear came into his bodie and stomach . “Profesor Snape ,I believe the homes work we to do was not due until week afters . We try better if you extends us deadline .”

” Hermione…..Is this a true ?” ask Sanpe .

Gentle reader will understands Hermione is not of bold constitution as Harrys. She so shy from this profesor! Hermione play with front of skirt of nervousness .It begin unravel !! Show exciting legs and thigh of smart attraction girl . This of embarassed even more !!!

“Answer to this ,Hermione ! I am authority so I require this answer .” Snape stoods even a closer . Now Hermione so terror !! She wish she not was in this position . Straight A’s student ,now questions her own value as student . Have she failure ? Her face is red by embarassing times . Such terrible climactic moment to occur when Hermione brassiere hook fails !! Now outline of firm and milky bust against tight shirt .All boys permitted to see using magics .

” I SO FEAR !!” she say ,then fall afaint .

Snape is offense at her zesty attitudes . ” Harry ,you should not to keep company of tart .”

Harrys so mad of this say . “Snape ,you may be the profesor for class ,but you are much to learn on lifes and friend .”

But Snape be care of his words and tell secret . ” HARRY ,YOU LISTEN TO HERE .I AM THE FATHER FOR YOU .”

Harry shocked of this encounter . His forescar start to throbs in a painful sensations . ” Now Ive got such a trouble !!” he think mindfully as he grab Hermione and runs there to away .But of Snape ,,, was he lie ,or a true in say he was father ? Obvious to you advanture to still proceed !!

The 4 Chapters

Harry must hides into cave for protect against Draco .Or of possible Voldmort . This enemys could to be anywheres ,so he’ll sure to use a care tonight . Meantimes ,Hermione awaken from faint .She feel better ,except for notice that bra missing !! Who is take !! Harrys assume Snapes of taken this gentle undergarment . Snape has this mental problem ,so common of profesor in hogs warts .

” Dont a worry ,” say Harry ,and give her to his own sweater he wear . “This will hide your bosom .

Hermione think Harry so thought ! May be she growing love for him .But she know more important take the cares to end the dangers present before ,a new love could engage.

So is Harry and Hermione lost in Leaf Woods ! Yes . Spending very time to search the ways out. Also ,our heros has very scared by owls hooty !! This times cannot abide . “O ,Harry …. ” say Hermione . “Where is way to out of LEAF WOODS ?”

Harry dont know such stuffs ,so he play quiet . “Dont make a no sound !!” shouts Hermione . Must be so scared ! “We must be out of Leaf woods until evils come .” Harry know this one all ready . When moon show out ,then a monsters go around .

All of the sudden ,there is fearfull crack !! “SOMETHINGS FOLLOW !!” Hermione tremble so ! She hold skirt above face to hide eyes and face ,also accidental revealling the milky thighs . “O ! This embarassing !! You stop to looking ,Harry !” The rabbits in yonder is laughs at this sight . << Also like goodlooking girl , OK !! >>

” You havent stop talking for second ,” whispering Harry . He watch old tree and care . There is lights …. O ! ITS DRACO AND GHOST .

“Ha Ha Ha Ha” go Draco sniggering throat . “Your sure not a very survive ,this chanceful taking . Harry should be best of listen of your ancestor ,say not for you come in the leaf Woods . Stay in your house ,keep behind of dangers . So spirit ! I know this is wanderous soul . Always wanderous on world about you ,family . Not so safety to explores Leaf Woods under moonlight , eh !!”

“The time are going fast ,Draco . Your fights always was less to comparison .” boldly Harry is speaks . What will concern ??? NEXT CHAPTER OK !!

The 5 Chapters

Draco reach into his pants pocket . “I have bet you not to see likes of MY WAND before to now ! “Harry looks to magic rod . It so black ,for a greatest evil !! Like a night .

” Its name of ‘NightKiss'” say Draco and begins spell a magic . ” Mago makuto ,chako charuto !!!” Magic incanstation almost ready !! Harrys began a magic too !

Hermione is help to Harry for hold the magics book . So heavy for delicate a milky girl . “I cant hold so book ,it gets a too weight !” she cry for fear .”DONT WORRY TO YOU ,” says Harrie and continue spell .

DRACO SHOOTS A MAGIC BALLS. THEN SO BRIGHT !, can harry read his own magics book ? “Mager Magicer ,Dager Dancer !!” say Harry . BAM ! Whats to happen this ?? Special of Potter protection spell keep Harry and Hermione save from burning .

“WHAT !” shout Dracos. Cant believe eyes to show this ! ” YOUR NEED IS TO DIE ,TO THE START MY DESTINY .” Draco in prepares again !!

Sudden to time ,Harrys and Hermiones clohtes vaporate. Gone and naked !! “O NO ,I NEVER SHOW BREAST BEFORE TO THIS !!” say Hermione .She so nervous ! Can’t hide soft bosom because she hold up book for Harry . Protecttion spell wont work again ,say Harry .WHAT NOW . ” Tragic heros together ,your lifes end waits….. ” say Draco. He almost time to cast this spell !

But SUDDENY ! A crash from forest . ” WHAT !!” say Draco when intreupting spell . ” Animal and monster is coming up of leaf woods to protects the harry and Hermione ! THIS NOT A POSSIBLE .” Many small of animal and other monster come here to helps here . Draco see very bigs of creature ,so big to cause fears . “I RETURN ………. ” and Draco runs to away .

Harry so greatful towards woods-land Creatures . “You safed us . For this action you have a thank coming .” Animals happy to helps this honored Harry Poter . Now after this Hermione to get a shirt and conceals the firm bodie ,the advanture progress .