My 2012 on The Internet, Good and Bad

A year ended last week — a year in which I spent a full 3% of my life. That may well have been the last 2012 I will ever experience. A sobering thought.

I completely forgot I had done a postmortem for 2011, which makes a great springboard for this year’s version! And it’s gonna be a long one.

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Update your RSS feed URL!

RSS subscribers! Lookit this! Important!

Chainsawsuit is moving its feed away from Feedburner. It’s not a very well-kept secret that Google has been quietly shuttering its Feedburner services since acquiring it. Now I’m discovering that Chainsawsuit’s Feedburner RSS isn’t even updating in a timely way anymore. I’m looking it right now and it’s just Monday’s strip, and here we are on Wednesday.

Here’s the new RSS URL:

The Feedburner feed will be changed to reflect this too.