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Episode 20 – Hunter Green Cadillac

The podcast is back, son! Episode 19 was recorded live (we assume) (and must be out there), but until we can track it down, we’re rolling ahead with Big Two-Zero!! Share

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Episode 18 – Class Ring

What’s that smell? What just came fresh-baked out of the oven? I don’t know but after a conversion to MP3 it sounds exactly like our next podcast. Episode 18 covers: Our PAX and Triple Door event schedule Watching Netflix in … Continue reading

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Episode 17 – Home Improvement

Back in the saddle! We’re getting back up to speed after last week, and in addition to today’s show, we got dis: Tickets still available here! And read Mikey’s review of The World’s End, as mentioned in the episode. Share

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Episode 15 – Jacked

Clear the Galactica and spool up the FTL drive — episode 15 is coming in for a combat landing! This week: Mikey hijacks the podcast The problem with comic books Two very important guests stop by for a huge interview regarding … Continue reading

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Episode 14 – Gravity in the City

The doctor’s in — and the doctor is a new Chainsawsuit podcast and is also not a licensed medical doctor. Do not consult this podcast for any health-related advice. Burning topics discussed in this week’s episode: The trailer for Gravity … Continue reading

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