Episode 72 – The Footsteps Actually Don’t Pan


After last week’s show, Kris and Mikey come back to center with a fun and fascinating discussion about creativity. Find out:

  • Exactly how Kris and Mikey’s creative processes are polar opposites
  • Current projects including Mikey’s The Ending experiment
  • How we edit audio and why Kris is so lazy
  • A visit to the Death Star
  • Borderlands talk!
  • PLUS two epic commercials
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33 Responses to Episode 72 – The Footsteps Actually Don’t Pan

  1. LMcCJ says:

    Am I seeing serifs?!! *blinks* Yep, still there. I like serifs.

  2. MikeyNeumann says:

    Hello, I'm Mikey Neumann from the Chainsawsuit podcast. Ask me anything about this week's episode!

    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      Ok, so, you know with the novel? What kind of feedback do you want? Because like I’ve been reading, but I’m a little behind, so all the typos are taken (dammit!). I finish and I just want to be like WOW. WOW.

      But I know that’s not what you’d classify as ‘helpful’. I don’t want to say things like “I think you should change these major plot points and add this kid-friendly new wisecracking character.”

      So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, is there any point in my giving feedback, if all my feedback is good?

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      When the not-quite-quickie photoshop you spurred this week is mentioned at my inevitable insanity hearing, do you like the phrasing "the defendant claims he spent his lunch editing fruit into various 'Star Wars' characters' hands because a podcast host told him to" or would you prefer to be mentioned by name?

    • Stephen says:

      In regards to the whole discussion on the SW prequels and everything being connected, how much influence did you have over Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? Your job at Gearbox lists you as chief creative champion, but it looks like the game is doing the same things the SW prequels and expanded universe did that annoyed you (showing the villain's backstory, minor characters from Borderlands 1 and 2 are playable now, and it looks like it's connecting things that don't really need to be connected).

      Don't get me wrong, I understand that game development is a big collaborative project with lots of people involved, there's stuff beyond your control, and I'm planning on buying the game anyway because I want to support Borderlands and the people who make it. I'm just curious about the extent of your influence in the game.

  3. Tazsul says:

    Great podcast. I love this ones where you take a break from the formula and just have an awesome conversation about the craft. I love listening to people who are passionate about something, anything, enjoying friendship. If the do fake commercials that seem to break down into crimes half the time all the better.
    Post Script: I don’t mind when you eat/drink in mic, and love it when you find yourself in a Star Wars rat hole.

  4. LMcCJ says:

    I haven't finished listening yet but, related to your thinking that your earlier work isn't good.

    Far Out Isn't Far Enough (avail on iTunes, Netflix, etc)

    …is the story of Tomi Ungerer and within the first 1/2 hour he visits a museum installation highlighting his 50 year career. His words are your words except he's kinder. Listen to the voice of experience.

  5. BenDunno says:

    An awesome podcast, back to the older style that I honestly prefer (although I miss the ridiculous continuity more, even if it's never coming back). Once you two get talking on a topic, it just grabs my attention so thoroughly.

  6. MikeyNeumann says:

    Were you guys in desperate need or water this week? When I was listening in my car, there was more than a little mouth noise coming from both of you.

    Is it because Mikey ran out of the Dr. Pepper he bought from McDonald's Was it because you were drinking a coffee?

    Asking for a friend.

  7. Stouffer's Derek says:

    Awesome podcast this week!

    I was feelin’ that HEAT. Sizzlin’ and bringing’ the BEEF (am I doing this right?)

    Couple of things:

    1. Did anyone else experience that thing around 15 minutes where it got stuck on ‘light a fire under my ass’? I know Mikey mentioned he had a headphone problem a couple minutes later. (Honestly, I kind of thought it was about to descend into Scarenol territory)

    2. Kris mentioned about thinking that the art at the start of Broodhollow Book 2 wasn’t too hot but I just had to mention that it absolutely blew me away. And maybe I was wrong and it was due to the change in colourscheme/ the ‘hollow deprivation, but I’m pretty sure you have nothing to worry about.

    3. Actually, Mikey, I am another of the few people who randomly posted an unfinished bit of book and said ‘yeah do whatever you want with this’. Of course, that was because I got frustrated it and posted it in all it’s bad shabby dullness somewhere nobody would find it. It is out there, though!

    4. Both of the commercials this week were PURE CLASS. Really, really good job.

    5.Your fervent discussion of Star Wars has inspired me to try and get through one of those. I always try, but live in a house that is very anti- sci-fi. Usually my watching of a star wars film ends with ‘turn off that shit, wouldja?’

    6. I actually SUPER ENJOY the episodes where you go off-formula. You guys are all energetic and imaginative and stuff and you shouldn’t waste that sticking to a structure.

  8. Kyle_Douglas says:

    "Yesterday I wrote 6200 words. If you know someone else who's done that, I'd love to meet them."
    This is the type of phrase that feels like a challenge to me. Like a dare. Thankfully I still have some shred of sanity that's going to hold me back from rising to it and rambling for 10 times longer than my already absurdly long comments.

    I'm profoundly disappointed in myself that I never noticed the consistent black smudge in Mikey's photos. This must be what Watson feels like all the time.

    Unlike Mikey, I have a big distaste for spoilers. I generally won't even watch the "next time on…" teaser trailer they tend to put at the end of shows like Doctor Who.
    I avoid the Broodhollow comments for partly the same reason. I don't want anyone's theories or perspectives messing with my own. Well, that and the fact that most the comments are trying to be funny. There's no problem with that at all, but it ruins the mood of the strip for me, so I don't read them, except when the strip occasionally shifts to Cadvre mode and becomes one-offs.

    Sidenote: Mikey's commercial with the argument over the word carnitas and "When You're Here, it's like Olive Garden" was probably the funniest bit this week, maybe tied with Kris' "I'd feel bad if I lost me." George Lucas moment.

    I thought it was a little bit funny that your were pointing out that it'd been since "way back" in episode 39 that there'd been an extended discussion of Star Wars, when I thought it was much more interesting that this is basically the first time since episode nine (15 months ago!) that there was such extended discussion of your own works beyond the podcast itself.

    Major kudos to Mikey for accurately pulling out that rather obscure Episode 1 Greedo cameo they cut. The Bail Organa adoption moment was even weirder than you remembered though. It's one of the most "oh, we're running out of screen time so let's get this done with one line of dialogue" moments ever: "My wife and I will take the girl. We've always talked about adopting a baby girl. She will be loved with us."
    And then Yoda suggests sending Luke to live on Tatooine.
    With relatives that his child slaughtering father has met.
    Under his real last name.

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Mikey's "Early Access" novel project. Which is sort of weird considering how much feedback I leave here. But, by their conversational nature, podcasts feel more malleable and open to feedback. Hearing about "build notes" for a book and 50+ people digging into it before finalization just starts this song playing in my head. Regardless, I can't argue with the fact that it'll probably end up as a superior product in the end.

    Which incidentally leads me back to Star Wars. I always, always get a kick out of being mentioned on the show, but the first one this week was pretty weird. Mikey apparently enjoyed the little poster photoshops I did last week and mentioned wanting another for "Force Apple and Space Knife".
    I mean, that's such a weird pull. First, a Shuura looks more like a pear than an apple. And secondly it's like you guys haven't read the early access build notes for the Star Wars 2015 Ultra Edition.

  9. Giggleloop says:

    I actually did notice the smudge/dust on your camera lens, because it was there in your vines too. Working in photo labs for nearly a decade, I tend to notice those things. But I didn't wanna be the one who said anything. (I did try wiping it off my screen a lot though.)

    Great episode this week, guys. I always enjoy when you get real and just discuss whatever's going on with your various projects. The improv and silliness and jokes are always fun, but it's just as enjoyable to get some insight on the sausage-making process.

    (Hush, Jeffster. Keep your sausage comments to yourself.)

  10. MrBildango says:

    Really interesting podcast. Discussions like this always fuel my creative fire. I can say that I am similar to Kris in that the more I share about an idea for a story I'm working on, the less I feel the need to go through with it. I almost need to write in a void where I don't talk about, give hints about, or even think about an idea when I'm not actually sitting down to write it. And I never *ever* put up an unfinished version for review.

    I tried to do the serial novel thing once and it was unbearable. Every time I didn't update on time I felt like I was letting someone down and it made me not want to keep going. I should have just written the story in my vacuum (preferably a Dyson with Radial Root Cyclone Technology) and let it fester inside me alone until I typed "the end".

  11. BostonSean says:

    So you may or may not know the answer to this but why on EARTH (or Alderaan perhaps) would Princess Leia tell Han Solo that she would "Sooner kiss a Wookie" ?
    Of all the species to choose she went with wookie? She really lobbed his retort for him.
    A wookie! COME ON!

  12. Giggleloop says:

    I told Frostyplum “you do you” last night & I started laughing because of your commercial, Mikey. So absurd. Mariachi band is on fire…

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I really just went for the most absurd dumb thing I could.

      I wanted it to go completely off the rails and then somehow take a further turn into absurdity…

      • Giggleloop says:

        Something about two characters arguing over top of each other is just endlessly funny to me. And the poor guy just gets so frustrated and exasperated. Good stuff. The inevitable police standoff ending is the Mikey’s Commercials equivalent of “GBYE!”. :)

  13. sheanam says:

    Ooh, I love the podcasts where it's basically one long flowing conversation where y'all really get into things. Rich and meaty with a good mouth feel. And bonus Star Wars prequel anger!

    I'm very much a person who seriously has to reign things in when working on a creative project as well, because once I start to share I get that feeling of satisfaction (or sometimes increased paranoia) and that's it, I've had my fill of attention to my ideas, I'm done now. So I definitely understand how tough a line that can be to balance on sometimes!

    Mikey, you'll be happy to know that myself and many of my friends are quivering with anticipation for Pre-Sequel, we can't wait to dive in (and see how much connective tissue we can find 😉 )! And I say definitely give the computer gaming a try, Kris. I'm a PC gamer myself not just because constantly keeping up with consoles is expensive, but because I feel the ability to move around, aim and perform various actions is a lot more comfortable and accurate, it makes for a superior experience. And heck, there's Steam and all that! Get in on that Steam buddy multiplayer gaming!

    Randy Pitchord's a fan, eh? So when's Gearbox's much anticipated horror-comedy game Broodhollow coming out? :) I mean you already got Mikey there, get Dameon Clarke for Planchett…

  14. PrompteRaith says:

    Wait, do you guys really feel that way about Chainsawsuit: The Podcast: The Movie?

    That episode was the whole reason I started listening! The soundscape design blew my mind. I saw the video trailer on the Chainsawsuit comic page and thought, "Hey, I can give this an hour." To this day it is easily my favourite episode.

    Do… do you really feel like it was a failure? IT WON MY HEART

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Well, that WARMS MY HEART that it is your favorite. I was probably a little too rough on it a few times now. I guess it just sorta felt to me that people were indifferent to it compared to some of the other MEGA episodes of the podcast.

      It's funny that we had the conversation about talking ill about things we've made, cautioning ourselves from doing so because somewhere, it's somebody's favorite. And here again, another reason to listen to our own advice.

      Maybe I'm just remembering what people thought of it incorrectly, because when I finished it, I knew it was a high watermark in production with some stand out moments of greatness.

  15. saidaht says:

    Loved the Destiny commercial. And rest of the show.

  16. imapleb says:

    I just want to say my favorite episode is actually Chainsawsuit: The Podcast: The Movie. It was the one that really got me listening to the show regularly. In my books, it wasn't a failure, but a masterpiece: two guys going on a wacky, improv, audio-only adventure, winning the hearts of listeners everywhere whilst simultaneously battling the greatest evil of our generation: low-grade frozen food providers.

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