Episode 66 – San Diego Hangdown


This weekend, Mikey went to San Diego Comic Con. But guess who didn’t not go? If you guessed Kris, this might be the start of your hot streak! In a surprise twist, Kris also went to SDCC — and nobody knows like Kris and Mikey that it wouldn’t be a real San Diego without:

  • Exclusive celebrity interviews including Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy, Adam Savage from MythBusters, Chris Hemsworth from Thor, and a cavalcade of other huge and hot gets
  • All-new celebrity quizzes! How do you match up?
  • Tons of insider San Diego comics news from the Chainsawsuit satellite event in San Diego’s beautiful Gaslamp District — if you missed it, you missed out!

Let the boys bring the show to you in this must-listen, can’t-not-listen episode. START LISTENING

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31 Responses to Episode 66 – San Diego Hangdown

  1. AlwaysBeCorgi says:

    Really enjoyed the X-men trivia, I had no idea that such (stupid) fantastic characters existed! Also the ending song is beautiful. Will definitely visit your Panera bread booth at PAX.

  2. MikeyNeumann says:

    As is the new thing, hey this is Mikey from the Chainsawsuit podcast, ask me anything about the episode!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      (To be read in Comic Book Guy voice)

      Are we seriously meant to believe that Chris Hemsworth would reference Four Thors from Episode 10, but Mikey would completely ignore his sore feelings established in Episode 35 from being replaced by Hemsworth for the role of Thor that was originally promised to him by Tom Hiddleston?!

      I hope somebody got fired over that sloppy continuity.
      *bites into a Panera Napa Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich™*

    • @toddef says:

      Line of the episode was from Alexis Denisof: "I was in Much Abu… that was the monkey, Much Ado about Nothing"

    • ThomasG says:

      In addition to fake ads, Chainsawsuit: The Podcast and Related Humoristic Operations has a definite predilection towards punking the audience (please advise if you prefer a different term, perhaps one less tainted by MTV). What do you think inspired this? Are either (or both) of you Kaufman fans? How have you reacted to this type of humor in the past? Why can't I stop thinking of Pwnmeal?

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        Outside of Pwnmeal (which was definitely a trick,) I think we always strive to keep the audience *in* on whatever bit we're doing. I like a lot of what Kaufman did, but some of it had a tendency to be destructive, you know? Was it SCTV he was on, where he went live on the air and just started messing everything up on purpose? That's not my cup, personally. I can certainly see where it's funny, but it's like, you made Rick Moranis sad.

        If we're going to be destructive of something (as in this episode) it will generally by out our own expense or to provide a larger commentary.

        • ThomasG says:

          I'm abnormally gullible, so it wasn't until I tried googling "panera breadcloset" that I realized something was amiss and that the "hangdown" might not have been a real thing (though this happened early on in the 'cast; some of the later shenanigans made this quite clear).

          I'm going to point out that I feel weird for being serious about this in the comments.

          I'm glad to hear your thoughts on this, Mikey! It's reassuring. There is that dark side to pranks taken too far and I'm not really into that. And Rick Moranis is the greatest. And I didn't know about this thing. Learn something new every AMAATE

    • Mikey! During the scene where you had all those high paid actors (and actress) interviewing, how did you cope with the "Star Shock™" and still keep your cool?

  3. Jon_F says:

    Mikey, it was really great to meet you at SDCC! Sorry to have ambushed you like that on our way out of the hotel, I was just really surprised to see you there.

  4. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Let me first off just say: Wow. I'm suuuuuuuuuper impressed that Chris Pratt can pull off such a dead-on Adam Savage impression! 😉

    A joke about Rocket Raccoon comic pages getting you high going directly into an Oxford comma joke is perhaps the most defining example of why chainsawsuit is on my "listen immediately!" list rather than something to get around to when it's convenient.

    Quiz: Surprised myself with a 9 out of 10 despite only knowing one of them for sure ("X-Man" is in my knowledge… for some reason). Psygon caught me up; I incorrectly guessed Mikey wouldn't make up a name that was similar to pretty-obscure-but-not-as-much-as-these-other-mutants Psylocke.
    It would have been easy to overplay the "Kris interruptions" joke in that quiz, but you faded it out at exactly the proper time.

    "I'm glad that I finally have a platform for my misogyny" is probably the standout quote of the episode and enjoyed all the Panera skits. The final skit with all its feigned annoyance was also great. Chainsaws of Love remains my Top #1 song from the podcast and I'm always happy to hear it make a comeback.

    I did get distracted from the podcast when Kris brought out the reference to Maisie Williams' Vines. Fortunately, they're Vines. Watching 2 years of them takes like… 6 minutes.
    The distraction was worth it for (Game of Thrones Season 3 spoilers!) this one

    Doug Phenomenon Update: Panera Douglas ("Doughty") marks a minimum of 7 Dougs with ties to the podcast. Scientists continue to be baffled and recommend stocking up on canned goods.

    Here's hoping RegionCon is twice as exciting with four times the Doug (I'll be playing Galaga in the corner)!

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      First of all: I smiled ear-to-ear reading all of the things you picked out from the podcast.

      Clarification: The X-Man you missed was "Saigon." Hence the Vietnam connection.

      I was really damn proud of this one because of how naturally the turn happened. It came from a very real place, so I'm glad it's been so well received so far.

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        Oh yeah, I absolutely got the Vietnam connection. I just figured that was the X-Men writers being clever rather than you being clever :p

        Though, listening back to that bit, you did specify the character name was spelled "Psigon" rather than "Psygon." If I'd caught that maybe I would have disposed of my Psylocke theory.
        EDIT: You actually do spell it out "Saigon". I am REALLY bad at hearing things over crowd noise, apparently. Though now I'm just confused why you didn't go for the punny name.

        Regardless, I probably would have done better with less X-Men knowledge!
        … that may actually be a universal statement on life.

  5. Giggleloop says:

    Thanks for talking me into staying up and listening, Mikey (like, it took SO MUCH convincing to do so, right?). It was well worth it.

    Is there a ‘Chief Mourner’-type position available for the Chainsawsuit podcast? Because I feel I am uniquely suited for the position and could bring a lot to the table. I’m The Best Cryer. *thumbs up*

    Alternately, I could offer Consolation services for those like myself who need comfort after an abundance of “feels”. I happen to think I’m a pretty decent hugger. It’s a value add for the show. Think it over. I’d be happy to provide references and/or work samples for your perusal.

  6. PrompteRaith says:

    Two things that I need to say:

    1) the Chainsawsuit podcast site has officially taken its place as my #1 most frequently visited website on all of my devices. I am overwhelmingly pleased by this.

    2) If a Chainsawsuit Hangdown was to occur anywhere in the vicinity of Dallas, I would most certainly be the first to RSVP (after first reconstituting my body, as it will have exploded due to sheer joy [I am Saigon’s step-uncle]). Such an event would serve to better not only this urban chunk of Texas, but the entirety of the American Southwest and select regions of Central America.

    Seriously guys, thank you for bringing me my favourite part of the week. I don’t know how I’d get by without you crazy kids.

    • Giggleloop says:

      Yes, this. I concur.

    • LMcCJ says:

      No, Dallas. You get to breathe Mikey's air already. css Hangdown at the Jersey Shore!

      • Giggleloop says:

        OK clearly everyone is going to vote for their own cities, which gets us nowhere. We should pick somewhere centrally located for ease of travel. Oh hey look, St. Louis is smack dab in the middle of the country! Huh. That's my vote then!

      • PrompteRaith says:

        This is true.

        And also the fossilized former air of Kris.

        But… think of how convenient it would be for Mikey! I suggest for a venue the barbecue place which has been lost to myth (there may need to be an excursion to unearth the abandoned temple of meat.)

  7. LMcCJ says:

    I was certain KDoug would provide the Doug head count. I would suggest Dan, Dale, Dave but, it's kind of fun now, racking them up. That could be out name–the chainsawsuit Dougs! Maybe not.

    4 on the quiz. Not surprising. Best part was listening to the "experts" puzzle out the answers. Great quiz!

    Mikey! You cut that Panera bread with a chainsaw (electric knife–do people still use those?) . Missed opportunity.

    They must have excellent emergency care there in the gaslamp community. You can hardly tell that Kris's jaw was wired shut or that Mikey's nose was broken. Amazing.

    "I also agree. Kris what the friggin' hell are you doing?" Best line after the Oxford comma.

    I was going to write that I expect to see On a Bed with Kris jr. but, maybe that'll have to wait for another time. (I had a friend who had to live separately from his wife and newborn, for 6 weeks, after a flu outbreak at his workplace–I think he secretly enjoyed it.)

    Bringing in Chainsaws of Love was choice! But, remember, you two had tons o' fun at JPL just a few months ago *and* when you "hung out" together at JCC4, you weren't entirely happy all of the time. The grass is green everywhere.

    Enjoyed the end where the two of you are plotting out the future. Just two guys, hanging out. Kisses all around.

  8. Daphnetrodon says:

    Oh my god, the final sketch with the impressions joke had me rolling! That was one of my favorite moments. I also really appreciated the callback to Four Thors because that was one of my favorite jokes from the show's early days.

    Something about this podcast felt really fresh and exciting and, I don't know, more animated in a way, and I couldn't figure out why until the final moments when you guys were hanging out planning future stuff. I realized that the vibe from the podcast was just how excited you two were to be hanging out and doing the show together again, and I love that. The fun that you have working on the show is palpable (that is such a gross word. I think I had my palps removed when I was in sixth grade) and I think it comes across in the recording, and the delivery of lines in sketches…when you guys are really having fun, it shows. And those are my favorite episodes.

    Mikey's impression overload (and I know I mentioned it before, but it has to be said again) was awesome, as was Kris' helping out with the RDJ impression. I'm not sure how you managed to pull off the "this is us doing a sketch that's getting out of control" vibe at the same time you pulled off "this is Kris and Mikey bothering a bunch of celebrities" one, but it was very impressive. One thing I wanted to ask about – I saw on Twitter that Mikey was planning to go hang out with Malki for a little while, did that end up happening? I don't like being one of those "but what about that OLD thing you did?!" fans, but Tweet Me Harder was the podcast that got me into Kris' work (I think because I read all of Starslip and then went to Kris' twitter to see what else he had done? I forget.) and I love callbacks to it because I have such fond memories of it. I was just curious, by no means did it detract from this episode. Post-convention Chainsawsuits are some of my favorites, and this is probably my favorite-est!

  9. Giggleloop says:

    Also, I’m one of the segment of the population who enjoys Alexis Denisof immensely. Wesley Wyndham Price was the best once he loosened up. Mmmph!

  10. ThomasG says:

    The end had me tearing up at my desk.
    So thanks?

  11. Robopengy says:

    Next time I get to meet you at a convention, Mikey, I will be sure to do my Emperor Palpatine! I take great pride in it!

  12. I love you guys, but good christ… I was about to bawl there at the end. Good editing Mikey, you made me pull out the ol' "Game of Chainsaws" album to find the song… Chainsaws of Love!!

  13. sheanam says:

    I aced the quiz this time around, simply because I've spent most of my life being waaaay too intimately familiar with the workings of the X-Men (and other equally ridiculous comics).

    Aw, the ending. Isn't that always the case? You play your lucky numbers week after week, then the one time you decide not to they come up. I hope PAXalooza is delightful, and that there's other awesome con get-togethers in future! And oof, potential con crud around a newborn, that's something I never considered. Don't bachelor too hard!

    (And is it too late to suggest Solomon Straub? I feel that would guarantee he grows up to be either an adventurer or a blues musician.)

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