Episode 65 – Grace Anatomy


Dust off your dancing shoes because there’s actually no new music from us in this episode; we just agreed that your dancing shoes are getting musty.

In this, our 65th adventure together, we brought the JUICE.

  • There’s talk about Mikey’s new run on the Borderlands comic, and the first issue “The Fall of Fyrestone #1” is out. A lot of effort was extended to get the book to the highest rated Kindle comic on Amazon. If you want to help get it there, PICK IT UP! 
  • Kris must endure what it’s like to take a quiz where each question is a perplexing grenade of sadness BECAUSE THIS IS HOW IT FEELS, KRIS.
  • Nancy Grace!
  • Region Con – the number ONE new convention that may possibly happen, maybe.
  • We choose YOUR topics.

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39 Responses to Episode 65 – Grace Anatomy

  1. LMcCJ says:

    Ouch! I get a headache just reading the name "Nancy Grace" but, I trust you. I'll listen anyway.

  2. Ricky says:

    I didn't take the quiz for… reasons, but why did you play the SWAG noise when Kris got things wrong?

  3. Giggleloop says:

    Gaaaah Nancy Grace. *shudder* She's clearly been watching too much True Blood, she seems a bit vampire-obsessed. Also, Pump Up The Volume and Heathers are tied for the best Christian Slater movies, IMO.

    7/10 on the quiz through sheer luck. The only one I was positive was a Mikey one, was the Heimlich Bathtub, #DontEatInThere.

    Great question from Sheana. Too bad it didn't result in either of you speaking a foreign language; although maybe that's for the best, because my Wanda syndrome would have flared up something fierce in that case.

    I've been watching the Bond movies in order (got the box set for Xmas last year), and the forcing himself on "helpless" women is pretty gross. Bond's attitude is generally, "sup girl. Look, here's the thing. You're beautiful, and I'm DTF. So this is happening. Resist if you want, that's cute. But in about 5 seconds you'll get over it and melt in my arms, and then be all sad when I take off after." Ick. So yeah, Daniel Craig ftw.

  4. *beep* "This is a pre-recorded message for the Chainsaw Suit podcast." *beep*

    Hey Kris and Mikey, I ran into your podcast a couple weeks ago and have been rapidly catching up on back episodes while doing boring white collar stuff in front of computer screens. You guys are super entertaining. I love listening to your show while eating Tyson's famous chicken strips and lounging in front of TV as well, watching old episodes of anime and new episodes of random shows. Sometimes I see an ad for some pretty good products, which I think you would enjoy. My favorite is this great product called Tyson's chicken strips, which are full of seven essential nutrients. They're delicious AND nutritious! By listening to this podcast for a minimum of 3 hours a day I am rapidly catching up to you, and I don't just mean catching up to the current podcast. I mean catching… up… to… you.
    I know where you are, and I will-
    *beep* *static sound*
    …enjoy your chicken strips…..
    *connection ended*

  5. MikeyNeumann says:

    As was done last week: Hi, I'm Mikey Neumann from the Chainsawsuit Podcast. Ask me anything you want about this week's episode!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      I'd be interested in hearing a bit more about the behind the scenes of the Borderlands comics. Was Gearbox interested in doing some tie-in comics and approached IDW or the other way around? Do you utilize references to the comics in the games or feel it's not worth bothering since most players (I assume) would miss it?

      This last question could be too sensitive to answer, but I was a bit surprised to see the comic was a tie-in to the original Borderlands rather than the upcoming Pre-Sequel. Was there any pressure to do that instead, since most media tie-ins tend to be there to "push" the latest material?

      • LMcCJ says:

        Kade! Where were you the other night when we were all over on reddit discussing this?!!

        • Kyle_Douglas says:

          Kade Heightened-Reality Answer: Unfortunately, I've been shadowbanned from all of Reddit after the… unpleasantness… with Wil Weaton where we got into a commenting brawl over the fact I refuse to spell his name with an 'h'.

          Kyle Douglas Honest Answer: While I can certainly be considered a hardcore fan of this podcast, I'm a fairly casual Borderlands fan so I'm not surprised I didn't see that.

          Now that you've specifically put it on my radar, that AMA has informed me that Mikey is less involved with the post-Borderlands 1 games than I thought he was (I thought he was still a co-writer), which answers my second and third questions.

          • MikeyNeumann says:

            I wrote on Borderlands 2 — mostly taking on the characters I wrote for Borderlands 1

          • Kyle_Douglas says:

            Well Mikey, I suppose I'll take your word for it, even if IMDb Cop is telling me you were only a writer on Borderlands 1 and three Brothers in Arms games :p

            I'm guessing Moxxi's "real" accent slipping was one of your jokes then. Certainly one of my favorites from the game.

          • LMcCJ says:

            Ha ha! I don't know Borderlands either. Well, I won the first book, Origins, so I know how they got on the bus but I don't know what happened next. Pretty exciting I hear!

            I suppose this is to be expected when one individual has his fingers in SO many pies. It must be weird to be Mikey, and Kris, for that matter, sometimes.

    • LMcCJ says:

      Did you two actually give yourself only 2 minutes to prepare for the rap battle?

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        It might have been more like 3-4 minutes, but we had to find a beat and make sure we were set up on both ends over Skype. That was actually a bit more complex than I realized at first, heh.

        • LMcCJ says:

          I wasn't trying to split hairs. I could excuse myself for 45 minutes and not come up with anything.

    • belligerentCoinpurse says:

      Did you take exactly 2 minutes to come up with the rap?
      You and Kris had a different rap rhythm. Did you just come up with the first line, then stick to that metre, or was it based on an existing rap?

  6. yikes, the quiz war escalates!

    I sent an asinine ad copy quiz to the choose line. If it ain't show-quality or if suitor-quizzes aren't your idea of a choose-a-topic, that's cool.

    spoilers: cosmetics have hilarious names.

  7. Jeff Keys says:

    I've already said I enjoy the podcast, so I feel like it might be a little redundant to say it again, but just throwing it out there that nothing has changed, I guess. I've been listening to the new ones and also working through the back catalog, and I just made it through episode 44: Gravity. I feel bad I didn't know who you were, Mikey, at PAX East this year when I stopped by (I had Kris sign my copy of Ichor Falls), but I'll make a point to say hi next year. What you've been through and accomplished has inspired me in many ways; I've been making an effort to stick with my fiction writing that, before, I would never come close to actually finishing.

  8. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Favorite Bits: Various moments of Kris whispering ("I still want to do that, don't give it away!" "It sounds like jacking off"), object permanence bit, "Did you know you were in this movie?" from Mikey's commercial.

    Still super-hyped for RegionCon this year. I've nearly finished the TARDIS paint job on the styrofoam X-Wing part of my Jedi Doctor Who costume. Got some choice crossover quotes ready to go: "The target area is only 3 meters wide, but it's bigger on the inside." "May the Timey Wimey Be With You" "When 900 years old you reach, [Note to Self: Finish Time Lord regeneration joke]."

    I defended Dunham a bit last week, but Grace will get no such treatment. Despite that, I am apparently almost completely in tune with her branding with a 9/10 on the quiz. I missed the last one, since "this is America!" weird outrage seems like it could be part of her brand?

    Props to Thomas-G from K-D for his topic. It got a bit too genuinely silly as it went on, but putting a laugh track on "I don't know how big this room is" and "I need to dislocate my shoulder" was a fantastic view into sitcoms for psychopaths.

    Pretty funny you took my example as the topic. I agree with where you ended up with it. I also learned that I've been mispronouncing "lay-zen-bee" as "lazz-en-bee"! I'm positively mortified that no one has bothered to correct me in the hundreds of times he's come up in conversation over the years!
    Did I say hundreds? I meant like… three. All in the context of this exact Best Bond conversation.

    This concludes this week's Kade-cast. Be sure to check out my booth in the third bathroom stall of the out-of-order Men's Bathroom at RegionCon if you're interested in getting print-outs of my comment rants signed!

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I'm pretty sure I managed to get mostly everyone with the last one. Listening back, I somehow totally pulled off that I'd never read that tweet about bathroom, and laughing at it with genuine surprise. It's also so esoteric — like that came from a place where I honestly believe she would get legitimately upset by the idea that people in other countries save water by flushing their toilets less.

      I think the joke "haha, we're only gonna take the end of his topic" was punctuated so beautifully by Kris insisting he was IMMEDIATELY right. You can hear me not get the joke at ALL. I was legitimately confused why he seemed disinterested in discussing the topic. Whoops!

    • ThomasG says:

      "Sitcoms for Psychopaths" – Like some of my favorite albums, I had a visceral reaction at first, followed by confusion, and then loved it completely on the re-listen.
      I liked the Bond discussion but felt sad at the missed opportunity to come up with other strange global opinions i.e. Best French Toast Topping = Nutella. I dunno, Kade, maybe bring this up with Chris at RegCon.
      Hmm what else?
      Loved the rap battle immensely.

  9. deliciousPhilanderer says:

    I love the SSHWAG and DE-NIEDDD sounds so much!

    Also, the thought provoking (depressing?) quizzes are really ace. I hope you keep doing them. Thanks!
    Great freestyles, but with the heavy mic-filter it was almost a bit hard to understand you, Mikey.

  10. LMcCJ says:

    See, Kris, object permanence jokes are funny. You've just never done them before. A new world of humor is opening up to you. Can't wait for Kris, Jr to pee directly into your mouth–gold! All kinds.

    Surely one chainsawsuitor will be at SDCC and can cosplaly as Kris. Step up!

    I do have a question re: RegionCon. What will they be doing to commemorate 9/11 on the inaugural day of the con?

    *pats Kris on the back of his hand* *smiles warmly* "We heard your tag-off joke. It was nice."

    8/10 on the quiz. I'm going to start keeping track of whether I know stuff or whether I know when K & M are spinning tales.

    Best part–Rap Battle! Let's get the album going Mikey! (Do we still call them albums?)

  11. LMcCJ says:

    Almost forgot–
    You get your AARP card at 50.
    Theater discounts usually start at 60.
    You used to be able to retire with full Social Security at 65 but, that won't apply to most listeners.

    Winston Churchill became Prime Minister at 65 then took on Hitler. I'd say it's time to get moving!!

  12. imogen says:

    Hey guys, i’ve been listening to the ~p-cast~ since it started and i enjoy it every week, and i love re-listening to them on my phone :) i just wanted to say that i hope there will be more jolly quizes soon! These sadder ones are still hilarious and i don’t think you should stop, but i feel they set a bit of a dark cloud over the podcast sometimes. I by no means find them offensive, i understand you’re truly expressing horror at the quiz topics! But hearing you guys getting upset at these things can be real sad to listen to.

    Regardless, i will always listen to the ‘cast because you two are great to listen to, whatever the topic!

  13. sheanam says:

    I think i did okay on the quiz, simply because with as little as I know about Nancy Grace, stuff like #sorrynotsorry and #donteatinthere felt a bit too clever and on the nose for someone of her ilk. And I find it funny that Mikey was grumphing about the upsetting and "social justice"y (c'mon don't be like that) quizzes; who was it that set us down this dark path of Sadness with the Chris Brown/Last Words Of A Murderer quiz again? :)

    Cheers for choosing my topic! I asked about languages not just because I was curious about whether or not Kris spoke any Egyptian Arabic (or possibly German), but also because of Mikey talking about singing Spanish phrases opera-style some weeks back. Being a Texan, speaking Spanish felt like a decent possibility (or possibly German).

  14. Kinotu says:

    I've been thinking about Object Permanence since you talked about it in the episode. I wonder if a character with a lack of object permanence would be much different than the "forgetful character" trope. Object permanence only means we understand that an object continues to exist, even if we can't see it. Like ghosts. Not having it doesn't mean we won't understand, for instance (as mentioned in the episode) what a house is. We would cognicize it, know what a house is and what it's used for. Like reading about it in a book. We just wouldn't think the one that we sleep in every night exists.

    At best I think a lack of object permanence might lead to the most maginificent case of solipsism in the world. Everything pops into existence as you need it, or go where you expect it to be. People only exist as you think of them. "Oh I remember I bought bread the other day at the corner store. If I make the sun cease to exist and walk for 83 steps, the corner store should come into existence. Man, remembering to create the world properly every day is hard, I should get paid for this."

    At any rate, just noodlin'.

    Love the show. The quizzes are great.
    Kris won the rap battle, don't think I didn't hear the nepotism in that judges voice. Clearly Mikey's uncle or something.

    Keep it up, gents.

  15. The frozen yogurt rap battle was inspired; I would be in favor of rap battles becoming a regular feature. You could also keep them in the frozen-dessert category just for fun. So next week could be Ice Cream Rap Battle, then the Italian Ices Rap Battle, then Gelato rap battle, etc.

    Granted, it might be hard to differentiate between the Ice Cream Rap Battle and the Gelato rap battle, but I think you guys could make it work.

  16. Anibros says:

    Kris has a gift for rapping, it makes my week every time I get to hear him lay it down.

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