Episode 63 – A Couple of Positive Pauls


Big news, listeners! When it comes to news of the day, we’ve decided to stay positive and keep it good. Call us the Good News Boys! We’ll put a smile up your face!

  • What’s been happening with us? A lot of new video content up at Chainsawsuit Original,¬†for one! Including just the quizzes.
  • Mikey formally talks about his PAX keynote!
  • A tricky TV quiz that Kris hated loved!
  • Shining a light on Kickstarters that need a little love! And one that Mikey singlehandedly saved.

Hope you’re having a good week. We love ya.

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17 Responses to Episode 63 – A Couple of Positive Pauls

  1. Daphnetrodon says:

    This is the highest score I've ever gotten on one of the quizzes: 10/10! I thought for sure the Denver one was going to trip me up and I would get it wrong. But I think I read the name of the show somewhere before. I'm so proud! And Kris, you did great considering how weird some of the pilots were. I was hoping the Justice League one was fake even as I guessed that it would be real. It's just such an awful idea for a show, but I can totally see DC trying to move some of their C-list heroes up with a "clever, ironic" Real World-style show. Ick.

    I was surprised by Mikey's positivity toward Pearl Harbor compared to his being sort of lukewarm about Secret of the Ooze, because the latter is one of my favorite guilty pleasure "I know this is a bad movie but it's fun" films, and the former, well… I'm not a Michael Bay fan, so I would have avoided it if I'd known who it was made by even if I didn't like watching war films. I might have to check it out, now, Mikey made it sound pretty good!

    You guys are really killing it with extra videos and content lately, I'm really enjoying it! It's a great time to be a [fandom member name here]. I think that this was just an all-around good episode. My favorites are the ones where I can tell you guys are having a ton of fun the whole time (which is most episodes), and it really felt like you guys had a blast this time around.

    *waits patiently for next week*

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I look forward to The Simpsons spin-off featuring the odd-couple of Frink and Moe living together under their landlord/doctor Nick.
    I am intensely jealous of Kris being able to pull off a spot-on Moe. Intensely.

    "You've had people tell you that Long Kiss Goodnight is bad – more than once?"
    6.7/10 on IMDb… the internet apparently disagrees with Mikey's high regard for it.
    Cutthroat Island is 5.6/10 though, so they're in agreement that one's non-negligibly worse.

    But, I can at least say Mikey and myself are in total agreement on Pearl Harbor. The triage scene and Cuba Gooding Jr's stuff was, prior to watching Mikey's video, the entirety of what I remembered about that movie. I suppose my mind tries to keep hold of the positives.
    The "selfish duck" and acronym bit were both standout jokes. I also thought the bit about Pearl Harbor's poor reception perhaps turning Michael Bay away from trying to do anything but popcorn flicks was an interesting observation I'd never thought of.

    Even with that agreement of opinion… I'm a bit concerned about Mikey. Over the past half year he's gone from married, to offering up his body for Valentine's Day "services", to being enthusiastic about autotuning porn, to now asking "what is sex?"
    I'm fairly sure this is clear psychological regression that's progressing week to week. I might need to ask Doctor Nick for a second opinion though.

    Moving along to the quiz (I like the "mysterious" music!). It started off badly for me when I couldn't believe a Justice League "reality" drama and Batman high school ("Gotham High") had both been in production but neither made it. But, I got Tarragon Springs, Great Gatsby, and Higher Ground which Kris didn't. That left me 2 points ahead at 7 of 10. Still well below Daphne's ace, heh.
    Like Kris, I'm shocked Steel Justice was real.

    Enjoyed the Kickstarter finishing segment. Particularly Mikey's declaration of "we did it!" after realizing he was browsing a funded project and Kris' having microwave repair as his go-to "useful thing". If you decide to do it again in the future it'd probably be better to just browse the "recently launched" or "ending soon" sections and pick out the most interesting looking ones you see rather than using word prompts.

    Lastly, I need to once again try to shine a spotlight on the mysterious mysteries of Dougs. We've now had Tumblr Dougy, Business Friends Dougie, Kris playing Dig-Dug on Mappy, 321 Wallace Lane Duggy, and myself as fairly frequent inclusion. Even one of the Kickstarters was run by a Douglas.
    Is it any surprise that Mikey mistook Greg Producemen for another Doug?

    With that, I'll close out another windbag comment essay by calling this a positively (everyone sees what I did there) solid episode and announcing the launch of my Kickstarter initiative to investigate/cover-up this Doug Phenomenon.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Haha. You know, there really are a lot of Dougs in this beast.

      Also, we don't talk about the marriage anymore because it's so–it's so–*puts fist to lip, tearing up*, It's just so hard for me to go on about!

  3. I was playing a different quiz. I was playing the one where I was hoping that Steel Justice would be on the list.

    And I won!

    • Rowboat says:

      Personally I was wondering whether "Heil Honey I'm Home!" was going to be in there, but maybe that's too obvious, or too British. (Also, they actually filmed more than one episode of it and aired the first once before getting cancelled, so maybe it doesn't belong anyway.)

  4. Giggleloop says:

    So so happy about the return of the videos. Keep em coming! (Are there more On A Beds on the shelf somewhere…?)

    Singing love songs to your fruit flies was so sweet of you, Mikey. But now they won’t want to leave!

    I’m so excited to hear your keynote. My prediction is that I will probably both laugh my ass off, and also cry, because I’m an emotional person like that.

    I believe it’s pronounced “Keh – dollar sign – ha”. (I don’t remember whose joke that is.) Crunkcore? Is that actually what she calls her music? It sounds really like “crunkwhore”, which is unfortunate. :/

    Aside: you love autotune so much! The great thing about all the musical experiments is that you have zero fear about whether anything will work; you just go for it. That may sound like a slight, but it’s meant as a compliment.

    Krystal is so gross. White Castle for the win. (Or at least, for the win when compared with Krystal.)

    Ohhhh surprise quiz! 7/10!

    “The Adventures of Soap and My Dick.” Oh god. KRIS.

    I really thought I had Mikey nailed down on these, but then ya broke my streak with the Brooklyn wolf one. And Steel Justice?! Robot dino kid, what the fuck? “NO! I reject this!!” And the final one got me too; seemed like too dark a concept for John Denver. Clever!

    A whole discussion of fundraising, and nary a mention of the Patreon? You puzzle me, Kris. :)

    Such a strong, positive podcast offering for the week, good sirs. Good on ya, mates! (No Australian accent for me, sorry. I’m rubbish at it.)

    • she dropped the dollar sign back in March. It's part of her new, clean-living… something?

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      She does, in fact, call it "Crunk Core," and is completely aware, and probably excited, that it sounds like "whore" when you say it quickly.

      • I've always thought of Kesha as a joke at pop culture's expense. I like being in on the joke. And if I'm wrong…

        Well, in that case, pop culture is no longer worth saving. Win/win situation, really.

  5. Sean says:

    Hi guys, First time, long time here.
    Just thought Mikey could use my help, I'm an exterminator by trade.
    Those traps wont work for fruit flies, at least not long term. Also spraying Raid isn't going to do much in the long term. The candles might help but it will take a while.
    What you're going to want to do is find the source where they are breeding, which you said was in your fridge.
    More likely it's behind your fridge or under it. Check for a piece of fruit or something old and just throw it out. Then use 409 or whatever household cleaner you like and clean the surface (i would clean out the inside of your fridge too) after that pour a cap full of bleach and ice cubes down your drain and run the garbage disposal, if you don't have a disposal just let the ice melt.
    Then clean out your trash bin, some spilled condiment on the inside of your trash bin can feed these flies for a year.
    Empty your trash and your flies should be gone in 36 hours.

    I hope you found this useful. I love the show and listen to it as I travel between jobs.
    ps I live in boston, and on your PAX east show you mentioned nachos that saved your life but you didn't want to get mobbed with fans when you went back, I think it's safe to say you won't be going back for a while, will you please share the establishment that gave you such wonderful wings?

  6. Kyle_Douglas says:

    The Cheese on Toast Kickstarter now has a second backer.
    Since I'm willing to bet that backer heard about that exciting project via this podcast, Kris and Mikey can now proudly declare that they not only saved a Kickstarter but helped it double its funding goal.
    Hopefully we'll see some exciting stretch goals announced in the 5 days remaining on its clock.

  7. LMcCJ says:

    It has been an @ss-sucking (and I mean that in a bad way) week. I wish I could have gotten to the podcast before now and soaked up some positivity. Well, I'm here now.

    I have a Lace Silk Sleepwear ad on the page. I'm guessing that's a tie-in with fruit fly sexy times. Bonus!

    I don't really know Kesha but, it looks like I'm not missing anything. Bonus!

    "last 20 minutes of the keynote" Mikey, how long is this thing?!! I hope you bring your song stylings to the stage. They asked for Mikey, go full Mikey on 'em.

    5/10 on the quiz. My worst score but that means Mikey made a great quiz. Bonus!

    Mikey please don't go back to filming in the tub. Did you learn nothing from the salsa incident? An air of mystery goes a long way. But, if you enjoy filming in the tub, GO FOR IT! Bonus!

    I thought Kris asked you to search "bris" on Kickstarter–which would be super weird.

    Pizza Brain–another stop on the Kris and MIkey Road Trip. Bonus!

    And for the fanbase that would rather read all that as "Bone us!" Knock yourselves out.

    Here's to a weekend of sunshine and unicorns, everyone. (Ouch, I think I just got a cavity.)

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Only you, LInda McCann, could find it necessary to censor the word "ass", but immediately make a joke about the sexual act of doing so.

      Hope this week is better for you!

  8. LMcCJ says:

    My page reloaded and I have a corset ad–real ones not the ew, I don't even want to think about it ones. Bonus!

  9. frostyplum says:

    Super late to the party! Woooo! I'm impressed this one got up so fast.

    7/10 on the quiz. Great segueway, I did not see that coming. I choked on "Steel Justice," as my brain couldn't process any part of it. And I knew I'd heard of the John Denver one, but I couldn't buy him as a hardass. Thank you for repurposing the "swag" and "deNIED" sounds from the previous quiz, so that they might live and breathe in a different space. I, too, enjoyed the "mystery" music, as well as the extension of the ending stinger music. Wraps up so much better!

    I figure two times is the max number needed for diarrhea education. The first time could have been a fluke; the second time locks it in. Anything more than that and you're asking for it.

    Tyler Perry copyrighted "WWJD?"? For serious?? What's he going to do with that? Is it the entire phrase, or just the abbreviation? Is he gearing for some huge "What Would Madea Do" campaign and covering his ass? Did he already do it and I wasn't paying attention?

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