Episode 59 – gamergulp.tv presents MOUNT EXCLUSIVEREST Live from E3, Part 2


Our E3 exclusivity train rolls on! Now pulling into Exxxtreme Street Station. Mind the third rail… of awesomeness (?)

The interviews we bagged for this edition will blow your mind’s butt out the front of your mind’s head:

– Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live
– Adam Sessler, industry personality
– Ryon and Felicia Day, Geek and Sundry
– Jeff Zugale, Blind Squirrel Games
– Plus a very special extra special surprise interview!

Once again this was all made possible by Gamergulp.tv, the Official Video Sports Quencher of E3!

thanks gulpies

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11 Responses to Episode 59 – gamergulp.tv presents MOUNT EXCLUSIVEREST Live from E3, Part 2

  1. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I'm not sure whether to be more or less worried that the "Java Crash" Gamergulp I acquired through an undisclosed source did not cause the same adverse reactions apparent in this second outing of the Gamergulp Quenchcasters.

    The first noticeable effect on me was becoming seemingly incapable of making anything but headshots within shooters. This resulted in several server bans (for "obvious and blatant hacking/aimbotting") and my being unable to complete Dead Space.

    Shortly after these gaming attempts I sat down to listen to the Gulpcast. I had an immediate urge to answer the most pressing question put forth with a multi-essay response; the first of which was titled "Ansem, The Other Ansem, Xenahort (who is also Ansem), and Xemnas (which is an anagram of Ansem with an added 'X'): An In-Depth Analysis of the Villain(s) of Kingdom Hearts"
    … I have never played Kingdom Hearts.

    While considering writing that response I also, without conscious action, appear to have typed up reviews for Mortal Kombat X and Assassin's Creed Unity.

    This difference of reactions between myself and our Quenchcasters may be due to the fact that I am a gaming food snob and decided to cook up some "PwnMeal Extreme Gaming Oatmeal" within the "Java Crash Gamergulp" solution along with a splash of vintage 2006 "Final Fantasy XII Potion."

    Currently debating whether I should report Gamergulp to the FDA or order several crates of it.

  2. Justin says:

    Please end every podcast like that, where Mikey scream-barfs into the mic. That was great. It was made even better when I tried to explain to my coworkers what I was laughing at.

  3. Ricky says:

    What, two podcasts in one week? I'm not sure I can handle this.

  4. Qmzn says:

    Been searching for Gamergulp elsewhere on the net. All I could find was this, posted by a spambot on a classic gaming fan site:

    "Gamers need energy, and nothing jump starts your pwn like Gamergulp, with a proprietary blend of pureed raw chicken heads, peanut oil, egg shells, lemon rind, and five distinct artificial sweeteners, plus a mighty infusion of ginseng, guarana and quinine. With so many proteins and essential chemicals, it's practically a meal in a can!

    Coming this fall, enjoy Gamergulp F2P! Try a can for free (10mL size only). If you love it, and we know you will, buy Extreme Flavor Reloads for just $29! Each sealed reload satchel has a chance to contain up to 5 (Five!) Gamergulp refill pouches, specially-formulated to slot into your original can! You've gone green, bro!"

    The poster's user name was "TysonNuggetss_619". So… yeah.

    • Giggleloop says:

      That ingredient list is making the rejection of the 'Gulp by Kris and Mikey's bodies a lot more understandable. These podcasts are going to be a weeklong descent into madness…

      • Qmzn says:

        It's scary stuff. Have you seen the nutrition label? 72 grams of sugar per serving, and there's two servings in a can. They don't list the quinine (I assume it's part of the ambiguous "artificial flavoring" at the end), yet they break down the chicken heads in detail, from "organic beak powder" to "ocular pulp".

        So many warning labels, too. "Nutritional supplements pending approval by the FDA-ZSTD"? Or how about "Oral Rinse – Not For Internal Use"?

        I'm worried about KD drinking it, especially Java Crash and its "partially-hydrated course-ground coffee substitute".

  5. LMcCJ says:

    Twist ending! I fully expected one of you to belch a tonsil…or a polyp.

    Missed opportunity! I'm sure the concierge or the valet at the Marriott would have been delighted to give Kris exclusos. (And, Housekeeping, well, if you can rise to their terms they'll honor any request at all.)

    A fitting end to eee. Next up–PAX. Bring it.

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