Episode 56? – Kris on Kris on Kris


Mikey is out sick! He’s had the flu for a week. That’s why Kris took it upon himself to release Episode 56. Or part of one. Maybe. He didn’t get very¬†far.

This week:

  • ???

For real, feel better, Mikey.

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21 Responses to Episode 56? – Kris on Kris on Kris

  1. Giggleloop says:

    Awww, we all want Mikey back. We miss ya, kiddo. <3

  2. yossariantherye says:

    Holy shit.
    That may have been more insane than the nightmare episode (49?)…. And I loved it.

    Kris, you're an absurd genius.

  3. Ems says:

    I actually would have been happy to listen to those 2 Kris' carrying on that convo for an hour. Feel better soon Mikey.
    Speaking of PP, there going to be table top after the panel? I'll bring cookies.

  4. Daphnetrodon says:

    Man, Kris, would you give Kris a chance to talk? I feel like Kris wasn't listening to Kris so much as waiting for Kris to stop talking so Kris could say something. Kris is such a good listener, but Kris? I just don't know. I love Kris, and I love Kris, and I'm trying to get into Kris' work, but Kris and Kris and Kris together just don't have the right kind of chemistry for this show. I'm sure that Kris and Kris are lovely people when they're just talking among themselves, and as near as I can tell Kris is a pretty great guy too, but Kris and Kris definitely have a long way to go before Kris and Kris have the co-hosting bit nailed down. Kris was the highlight of the podcast for sure, and I really wish he'd had more of a chance to shine.

    • Daphnetrodon says:

      Aaaaaaaand my brain has stopped recognizing 'Kris' as a word. I immediately regret this.

  5. Ricky says:

    This was pretty awesome while it lasted. Thanks for uploading a podcast this week and feel better soon Mikey.

  6. bbb says:

    I think we can all agree that Kris was the star of this episode.

  7. sambooga says:

    Two minutes in, I had forgotten that it wasn't real. Goddamnit.

    • Giggleloop says:

      It's unreal how good Kris is at carrying on a sensible conversation with himselves.

  8. Hitcherland says:

    Now I'm suspicious that Mikey isn't real, and Kris just has a great alternate voice

  9. Kyle_Douglas says:

    It seems that Kris subscribes to the hands-on Tom Hiddleston approach to producing rather than Kim Cattrall's operate-in-shadows school of thought.

    It's a bit unfortunate to hear that Kris is still willing to try smaller conventions after being burned in the past. I was hoping he'd join the likes of Brent Spiner, Stan Lee, and Joss Whedon with either a "polite decline" or "formal communication cessation request" to an invitation to DouglasCON '14. If Kris or anyone were to actually show up it would really mess up my business losses tax scam.

    Myself and all the crew (also me) at DouglasCON wish Mikey a speedy recovery from whatever illness, malady, or gypsy curse he is currently suffering from.

    • LMcCJ says:

      How about if we all go to DouglasCON but we don't buy anything? Still a loss, right?

  10. LMcCJ says:

    That was fantastic, Kris! I'm curious as to how long it took you to create those 15 minutes but, maybe you don't want to pull back the curtain.

    I thought Kris on Kris was going to be something different *cough* adult but, this was nice too. I got the feeling after Kris III arrived that we were listening to your brain on an average day. It's a lot of work being you.

    Very smart not to promise anything post-baby (or wait, what did you call it…"constraint", yes, post-constraint). You will spend hours staring at Kris Jr while he sleeps and you don't want to feel guilty about that. Take a sabbatical from the world. This only happens once.

    I miss the team but, this was a nice amuse-bouche for next week. Feel better Mikey!

  11. Capuchin says:

    That was just extraordinary. So many questions on how you managed to pull that off and have it sound so natural. Bravo.

  12. Giggleloop says:

    The thing that’s doing my head in is that, you would assume that Kris recorded one half of the conversation & then went back & listened so that Kris2 could respond to Kris1. But then how does Kris1 respond to Kris2 whose part doesn’t exist yet? It’s a recursive Kris loop with no beginning and no end owwww my brain.

  13. Prompter says:

    The natural ability with which Kris can converse with himself makes me wonder how regularly these conversations occur behind the scenes.

    Really though, the subtleties here and thinking about what a nightmare it must have been to record (laughing appropriately at one’s own joke? Genius.) and edit have only served to increase my respect for Kris’ podcast prowess many times over.

    That being said, get better soon Mikey! We miss your voice.

  14. ThomasG says:

    this idea was just plain swell.
    i will admit that the sound of many kris calmly talking had a soporific effect on me.
    much like eggs on eggs on eggs. still great, but hey, sometimes great stuff makes you sleepy, too.
    also i think i'm just plain tired.

  15. LMcCJ says:

    Ha ha! Finally a bot with something to add to the conversation. I wish it had included citations.

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