New ON A BED – Josh Cagan

Our interview series is back! We welcome screenwriter and all-around humorsman¬†Josh Cagan¬†to our marital bed! The discussion topics range from merkins to — oh, I guess that’s all we talk about. Merkins.

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6 Responses to New ON A BED – Josh Cagan

  1. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I once tried to prove that all fruits were designed to be easy to eat by humans.
    The pineapples…
    So much blood.
    So much.

    My favorite of the three so far. I predict Kid Cuisine Penguin Jesus will rapidly supplant Raptor Jesus as the leading sacrilegious meme.
    But I'll leave that to others. Have something else that demanded a quickie photoshop: ZZ Mikey.

  2. Giggleloop says:

    Dear Mikey,

    Not all men need to have a thicket of facial hair to be considered attractive. It's okay. Really!

    The Ladies


    This episode was pretty great, very high JPM (joke per minute). This was my first encounter with Josh Cagan, gotta say I'm now a fan. Funny guy.

    "You're gonna learn a lot of things in this bed tonight, Kris Straub." "Let's get started!"

    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      Excuse me, Ms. Loop, you cannot speak on behalf of The Ladies until *after* the monthly meeting. I’ll thank you to hold your tongue in future.

      Sincerely, S.D

      Anyway, on another note, statement seconded.

  3. ThomasG says:


    When I read the blurb on this I thought "merkins" was a revised spelling for 'mer'cans. Only to be shown by Josh Cagan that greater minds have thought this on purpose already.

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