Episode 48 – Pilot Season


Forty-eight, more like forty-great. Well, I tried, that’s all that matters — but it actually is a fine show, as:

  • Kris runs into a fan at Emerald City Comicon who has trouble with his mucus production
  • Mikey and Kris explore the new TV pilot season and try to guess the premise from the title
  • Commercials! Commercials! Commercials!
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34 Responses to Episode 48 – Pilot Season

  1. LuDux says:

    Oh my god this ended up being the funniest CSP in awhile. DROOPY DOG COME BACK

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    This episode was a good toasted sandwich: solid meats, cheeses, and condiments in the middle but a bit overshadowed by the superbly delicious bread surrounding it. A cappella blasting, printer daisy chaining, high school flashbacks, accidental injuries. That opening was firing on all six cylinders of a '94 Ford Ranger.

    The Convention Condiments:
    My favorite quote of the episode was probably: "It's called Sheldon: It's about a duck and a pond."
    I want to make a version of that downplaying, missing-half-the-point pitch for everything now:
    "It's called Broodhollow. It's about an antiques store and patterns."
    "It's called Star Wars. It's about spaceships and family."
    "It's called Borderlands. It's about vaults and slot machines."
    "It's called Alien. It's about a girl and a cat."

    The Pilot Meat:
    I thought I'd nailed "How to get Away" as being "Wings", but as a drama instead of a sitcom. Oh well.
    Ghost Snake Murder Squad won't stop haunting me until I point out that Viola Davis was in Ender's Game… a fair step down from The Help.
    I was really hoping "Here's Your Damn Family" was the announcement of a revival of the series "Reaper" where they now all live with the Devil instead of just working for him.

    The second commercial went completely over my head O_o

    The Rainn Cheese:
    It's a shame you didn't make it through the entire Backstrom sizzle reel. The funniest part was the lameness of the very last line: "I don't see the worst in everybody. I see the everybody in everybody."

    The Toasty Bread:
    Cheek Pulling, Droopy-fying, Dragonball Not-Even-My-Final-Form-ing, Prequel Complaining. That ending pulled me out of my ongoing depression since the Ford Ranger was discontinued in 2011.

    Backstrom, Brads, Battlestar Galactica.

  3. LMcCJ says:

    Hot Rainn!

    From the double c-section to Droppy Dog, this ep is a top 5!

    I got so into Brad visiting 112, I was worried his nose candy was going to get on a hardcover. The pass-off to Dave was so smooth, it's as though Kris has done this before. Hmm.

    So happy to see Jermaine DuPre finding something to do after divorcing Janet Jackson.

    Backstrom is just what America wants. It's going to be huge (but, you will never be able to sit through an entire episode, even for comedy).

    Pilot Season is a great segment. keep it in the rotation. Very sad there was no video for the face pulling.

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      "From the double c-section…"
      Thanks for reminding me to award 47 nerd points to Kris for his brain immediately cross-referencing that with Tribbles ("Well, the nearest thing I can figure out is that they're born pregnant. Which seems to be quite a time saver!" – Dr. McCoy).

  4. Giggleloop says:

    Mikey, did I hear you say that you had off campus lunch in 11-12th grade & that you just didn’t come back? That was my jam in high school too, leaving after 4th period. Or just not going to school at all_ even though it was 1 stoplight away from my house, by the time I’d get there I’d have already decided to go to the park instead. Yay juvenile delinquency!

    • Giggleloop says:

      Incidentally, that is how I ended up being 1/2 credit short of my diploma & had to go to summer school the following summer to get it. Stay in school, kids.

  5. Giggleloop says:

    You forgot to link the Backstrom sizzle reel: http://youtu.be/V6O5uD-ySw8

    Backstrom is close enough to Angstrom to sound like a Krstrub name.

    • Benjamin says:

      That was… that was really bad :(

    • stise says:

      Ugh. I always resent when characters like Backstrom are described as "unfiltered", as though decency is purely an edifice we wear to mask the "true" self, who is apparently a childish neckbearded asshole. Says more about the writers of the show than anything.

    • CalM says:

      Oh my god I thought Kris & Mikey were JOKING! I thought they were making it up, with the shoelaces and the breakfast menu!
      It's so… bad. Good job, chainsawsuit!

  6. @markjhiggs says:

    Great podcast today, guys. I enjoy my job, but you only make it better. My coworkers think I'm having a blast because they can hear me laughing uncontrollably, but they don't know that it's all because of you.

    Thanks, Chainsawsuit!

    • Willie says:

      Ditto, this more or less exactly 😀

      It was good seeing you at ECCC Kris! Sorry I missed Bradley Cooper :'(

  7. fauxben says:

    Oh god, a Gravis Gamepad reference. Mikey, you're throwing me back in time here. Also, Mikey's impression of a congoer at Kris's table is all to horrifyingly realistic, I fear.

    I refuse to believe that "Here's Your Damn Family" is a real thing. What a brainrendingly awful idea.

    • Giggleloop says:

      Until about a year ago, I still had a Gravis Gamepad (sans its screw-in joystick, which had long ago disappeared) squirreled away in my giant box of cables. I think I was finally able to let it go when I realized I no longer had any parallel ports that it would even plug into. But man, I had some times with that thing, playing Tetris and Mortal Kombat on my Acer 386….

      Now get off mah lawn, ya dang kids!

  8. Stouffer's Derek says:

    I’ve been thinking; maybe the commenting goes in cycles. It hit a peak of around 70 at about ep. 40, and then started going back down again. But, hey! If you two get in the comments, numbers are sure to increase. Even if you commented something stupid like, “SLACKS: Tan, or Beige?”, you’d be sure to get a whole host of comments, some answers, some witticisms, some rife with references, and some (maybe a month late), saying things like “haha RANDOM”, or, “lol wut”.

    And you know who else likes to comment? I’ll tell ya who; spambots. Just give ’em a little more freedom! Pretty soon, you’ll have *all kinds* of interesting ideas, like “Wigs, Wea.ves available in Quebec.” “Interesting article! The listening influenced my topic, and held much interest! WEIGHTLOSS” “I am inpired by your ideas and hv my own webSITE!!! http://www.dicktornado.com tHank you for your ideal!”

    Please tell me you were joking about How I Met Your Dad. I don’t know if I could deal with that. HIMYM is like a sitcom gateway drug; although, at the beginning, you use it casually, as time progresses you move onto worse comedy, and worse, until you find yourself some Wednesday at 1am on the floor of an apartment you don’t recognise, blinds pulled shut, crisp bags toppling out of the fireplace, a marathon of Brooklyn 99 on the TV. The urge to get up and change the channel is strong, not strong enough. When surely the infomercials come, you pull yourself off the carpet, brush the raisins off your lap, and reach for the remote. To switch to Standby, maybe Off. To sleep. The TV guide is on the table. “E4: How I Met Your Mother; Lily has no success selling her paintings until she finds an unlikely customer. (R)” HIMYM. The old friend you realised wasn’t a friend a long time ago. The first one. There’ve been ones you let go of; Joey, Cheers, Two and a Half Men. And you contemplate letting go. It seems easier in the light of day. You hardly notice your fingers moving. The channel changes. Your body relaxes. The red OFF button remains untouched.

  9. sheanam says:

    The list of all the pilots in this episode combined with TV show talk in previous ones has really hit home for me and underlined just how much I'm reaaaalllllly tired of detective shows. So many detective shows. So very, very many detective shows. And nearly all of them about some snarky 'quirky' white dude (sometimes more) that's either a jerk, a savant with Problems, or both.

    I have to admit, though, after working up the nerve to watch that Backstrom reel, I'm doubly amused by how Mikey described Backstrom as looking like a bum. That's just the average Portland citizen, right there. :) Slightly curious just because of the Pacific Northwest setting, but everything else….hooooo boy.

    Speaking of Mikey, is there a list somewhere of All The Times Mikey's Nearly Died? Because ohhh. Ohhhh. Oh no, oh Mikey ohhhh nooooo. With each passing episode I find myself going 'oh dear. oh dear!' more often.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I"m not sure I really want to have a list out there that contains all the times I almost died. That's morbid and some of them, are more than a little depressing.

      • sheanam says:

        Oh, I wouldn't want there to be an actual list either, I agree on that! It's just, goodness. Take care of yourself, man.

        • LMcCJ says:

          He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. You can't ask for more — well, you can, actually, but, you shouldn't. "Never ask for more than you need." #CatholicGuilt

      • Giggleloop says:

        A more positive spin would be “Things Mikey Survived!”. Because he’s a bad as who doesn’t take any guff from anybody. :)

  10. Seán Gallagher says:

    I wish all of those pilots were fake, and you guys had just made them all up. All of those TV shows sounded dreadful. Was there always this many cop shows? Old man rambling.

    Sweet podcast, time flew in. You made dishes-doing more palatable. I thank you.

  11. CalM says:

    Enjoyed return of Pitch-a-Pilot, but I preferred the format you did last time, where you just gave each other the title, and you decided drama/station yourself. Led to more creative and funnier pitches. Consider doing some in that format again.
    Thanks for the show!

  12. Thorbie says:

    Regarding Kris being confused by Backstrom sounding like a comedy, it may very well have comedic elements. I've heard that an hour long series is considered a "drama" in terms of scripted television development, and half hour series fall into "comedy."

  13. Brian says:

    I am really glad Kris's first thought was that Battle Creek would be about cereal. It was only logical. That's where you mail your proofs of purchase! It's just a mysterious place where cereal comes from; there's probably not even really a creek.

    I may have to rethink my habit of listening to the podcast at the gym, because I keep laughing at inopportune moments. It was a really solid episode, really well paced and consistently hilarious. I'd love round two of those pilots if you've got more on that list.

  14. Robopengy says:

    Guys GUYS! What was that second commercial? Oi! Normally those are super strong, but what happened this week?

  15. quinty1984 says:

    Loved Pitch-A-Plot. Would watch Kris' Battle Creek.

  16. Frank De Raedt says:

    Tried to send this as a mail, but couldn't find the new adress, and short term memory short circuited to remember from the podcast.

    Just wanted to pass along a lesson about youtube video's from the guys from mega64: "Don't make video's that are over 3 to 4 minutes long. "

    Although it is probably somewhat exaggerated, it is true that I for one found it difficult to make time for a one hour youtube podcast (while at home and able to watch tv/etc together with the missus), while your podcast is perfect for on the train (twice for forty minutes everyday, not that I can do much else on there anyway).

    I suspect that a big percentage of your audience thinks the same way. It has nothing to do with the quality of the edit (which seemed superb for a podcast), but more the length and place where it had to be watched. If the video is only a couple of minutes long, making time is less difficult (even if you spend an hour anyway because you watch twenty of them, the mind tricks us into believing it lasted less long).

  17. Aaron says:

    Wait, Backstrom is the House of crime? Wasn't House supposed to be the Sherlock Holmes of disease?

    This car only turns left! :[

  18. frostyplum says:

    How did Kris not get a crack-up with "House Arrest"? Too, too good. I, too, went straight to Michigan for Battle Creek, maybe looking for some Road to Wellville-type leanings. If anyone could make intrigue out of dry cereal, it's Vince Gilligan. Or so the Internet has held me down and bellowed at me.

    Mikey, I love your determination of "old-school father" as "racist shitbird." Mostly I just love your use of the word "shitbird." Color me biased.

    Backstrom sounds like the breakout, so-bad-it's-still-bad-but-we'll-watch-it-anyway-and-make-fun-of-it-mercilessly show of next season. Its backstrory (hurr) sounds like the opposite of The Room: they filmed a comedy, it turned out to be a tremendous misstep, and they rebranded it as a drama. If anything called for a "Saw It with You," this is it (for as long as you could stand it).

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