Episode 47 – Do You Like Bon Iver?


Kris and Mikey are back on top with a lively, engaging discussion of all kinds of topics! Feeling really good about this one. We talk about the creative process, what’s going on, and have a really meaty dissection of the Zen Pencils response strip.

Thank you for listening! As creative types we do appreciate you checking out our work, and your comments. You can check out Mikey’s writing and novellas here, and Kris’s whole mess here.

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25 Responses to Episode 47 – Do You Like Bon Iver?

  1. Kyle_Douglas says:

    "47 is 42, corrected for inflation" – Rick Berman

    Nice to hear some extended discussion on the Zen Pencils stuff. It'd also be nice to have a little followup next week (or here in the comments) from Mikey after he has a chance to read those strips. Having read them myself now… yeah, it's definitely a sledgehammer of self-indulgence. Kris related it to reading a diary, but I'd draw a closer comparison to the type of Mary Sue (Miyazaki Sue?) power trip fanfiction you see out there.

    Still, I can sympathize with the position. It'd be nice if there was more thoughtful discussion of problems with works and less "George Lucas raped my childhood!"
    Thankfully some of this has been solved with upvote-downvote type systems to the point that you often don't even see the truly trollish comments because they're immediately downvoted to oblivion.

    Moving along, I tossed out a silly animal related topic this week. That can't compete with cannibalism. You win this round Renata V!

    "And then [Roger Ebert], who doesn't actually make movies" Whoa, whoa! Slow down there, Mikey. Let us not forget the brilliance of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. I'm qualified to call it brilliant since I've seen it just as many times as Roger Ebert played modern video games.

    Tonight was a travesty of riches in terms of chainsawsuit with a comic strip, podcast, and an episode of On a Bed. But I do have some bad news: combining the three sounds way more exciting: "Strip on a Bed Podcast" – I've got some Googling to do.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I've read the strip now. I had _huge_ problems with it. It was one of the news posts that actually threw me over the edge. It said something akin to "you either side with the artists or you side with the haters. It is time and you must choose a side." That made me want to commit crimes of anger. No, jackass. I disagree with the premise of your self-indulgent call to arms. We don't have to choose jack shit.

      Anyway. I _do_ remember that Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was written by Ebert … but come on. The guy that made Angry Birds Rio doesn't get to call out the WHOLE OF FILM as a result of making that one needless sequel that no one liked. (Why yes, that was the perfect example.)

  2. Robert Breazu says:

    Gotta say Kris, you’re about 30 years too late with the Ping-Pong song. You could’ve been the lead singer of Foreigner. Or at least a member of NKOTB. Let’s not dwell in the past though: you can’t see it, but I’m applauding you…in my mind.

    Out of curiosity, I decided to look up the definition of art and the way I see it is that either some people are just stretching it incredibly thin, or we need to redefine art, although I’d say that the former is more likely. By the same token, I could even go so far as to say that the essays I wrote for my high school/college literature classes are art. Or I could say that I’m an artist because I ocassionally take pics with my iPod and edit them with pre-provided filters and some contrast, hue, etc. modifications. But hey, I’m not saying that. I say leave it up to the people. If you’re happy with something that you created, you should be happy regardless of what it’s labeled as, and you shouldn’t try elevating it by labeling it as art, just let it speak for itself. Although when I say label, that’s not including criticism. If, like you guys said, there’s a lot of people saying something you made is bad, you might want to take that into consideration. That’s my viewpoint, feel free to tear it apart. I’m out.

  3. Giggleloop says:

    I enjoyed your song, Kris. I’ve intended for a while now to download your musical offerings from your store, as I absolutely love the Alliday song from Blams & My Fandom Is Like Voltron. Perhaps I’ll finally send ya those bucks so I can get more of those tunes.

    Also, more Scarenol – yikestown, population=me. I was in bed, listening & beginning to drift off a bit last night, & that woke me up. I haven’t had the courage yet to go back & decipher the spooky whisper voice. Eeeeee, as Mercy would say.

  4. Stouffer's Derek says:

    That song had everything.It was *art*, y’know? I would welcome some more StraubJamz(TM) on the podcast, it was a welcome musical interlude in an episode that was on top form anyway. Damn, sons, y’all brought your GAME this week, it was HOT.

    . One problem, however. I had things planned for tomorrow, and now I have to go get exorcised instead. Maybe you should tone the LOLs down a bit and bring up production on ROFLs? I don’t know, it’s a suggestion, anyway. Perhaps then you can stop feeling so terrible about doing the Devil’s work.

    Do you feel terrible? Is it possible to feel terrible without a soul? Will I be able to play soul, even if I don’t have one in my possession? Why did the girl’s face turn green in The Exorcist? Will that happen to me?

    I suggest writing a FAQ. You can’t just enable soul repossession and expect people not to have questions.

  5. alexmalcolm1134 says:

    I remember a situation for you, Kris, (I think Mikey was there, too) that may be considered a demanding fan. It was kind of awkward, as well. It was at PAX East last year or the year before, I forget. Anyways, it was at your booth and a group of booth barnacles finally left and I was my turn. But, just as I approached some guy came up from the side and demanded a bunch of free stuff. The awkward part was that he said you would hug and kiss people as part of a kickstarter or something and he had backed at $1000 dollars, I think. But yea, he demanded a hug and kiss, I felt pretty bad for you. Sorry if this wasn't the easiest thing to read, not a brilliant writer.

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      You don't need to worry about this one, Alex. The reason you can't quite remember whether Mikey was there or not is because the "demanding fan" was Mikey. It was mentioned several times in early episodes of the podcast that Mikey backed the Broodhollow book Kickstarter at that level. So it wasn't really creepy/awkward at all since they know each other so well. They were just having some fun.

      "But this was a heavyset guy with red hair and al——-"


  6. LMcCJ says:

    I don't know. When preparing a Kris Thigh Steak my thoughts go straight to a dry rub. Perhaps a cook off is in order.

    Pax Prime Pin idea: the two of you as you appear at the top of this page–joined at the shoulder as one. (You're welcome.)

    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      The picture cuts off halfway down the arm because they’ve already eaten the rest of each other.

      • LMcCJ says:

        So they have to be full-time podcastmen because they no longer have hands to perform their old jobs. On the upside, Mikey's bedsheet problem has resolved itself. 😉

  7. Kurt L says:

    Yes! Scarinol!!! I love it.

  8. MikeyNeumann says:

    Yo. Wassup. It's ya boy, Miklemore. Ha HA.

    Just droppin' in to say that there's, like, almost no comments this week. Whaddup with that?


    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      Bonus comments:
      Like everyone above, I really liked Kris' song and had never heard it before.
      "Oh man, hey, how're you doin'? How's your health? You're lookin' real good. Walkin' great." /steering

      As to "whaddup with that?" Here's my theories, from most likely to least likely:
      1. A majority of the podcast focused on the Zen Pencils stuff and people may have already commented on the comic related to that and felt no need to repost their thoughts on the topic. Or they agreed with you both completely and had nothing to add.
      2. Lack of video makes comments about your hair impossible.
      3. A majority of commenters have had their fingers incapacitated by Titanfall/Reaper of Souls.
      4. There is a deep, deep adulation for Star Trek Voyager among chainsawsuit fans. They all stopped listening 47 seconds in when it was insulted.
      5. There are actually 72 comments. You're experiencing a scare-enol induced hallucination.
      B͏͈̙u̵̜ṭ̻͚̠͘ ̮̤̤̝̟͞t̨͓̮͓h̳͝a̙̤̹͎̯͟t̖͉'҉̗̥̫s҉̮̥̠̙ ̵̲̱͍͈j͎̱̻u̗̝̲̣̬̺͟ͅs̷t̛ ̴̲a͈̙͚̗̖ ̼̹̩̗͙͍͝r̟̳͔̰͔͙i̯̙̙͜di͎̟̖c̲̙̺͍̣͖̫ư̮̤͓̜͕͚͈l͏̯̗̳̻̖̠o̸̟͓̯͇̼͓̺u̯s̞̀ ̶̬i҉͇̳͔̥͇̰d̗̘̻͉͙̞́e̼̭̝͇̘͎̘a̩͎̯̰̩.̮̗͉͎

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        You are quickly becoming my favorite commenter just for how well executed your #5 is.

        Bravo, sir. Bravo.

        *I stand to applaud; slowly, at first. The audience around me does not join in. A beam of light turns from the stage and onto me. It's silence, I realize that I might be deaf. I see now that the audience doesn't have faces, but balloons filled with teeth. The rubber inflates and begins to shake. The sound of teeth shaking is something I cannot hear, but I know they're making it.*

        *But they're not teeth because teeth do not scream. I can't hear the tortured wailing, but I know they're crying out for me to release them from rubber tombs.*

        *There's a crossbow in my hand. I don't know how it got there. My quiver is not filled with arrows, but with fingers. As I load the crossbow, I realize that the finger was mine. When did that happen?*

        *I fire my index finger at the nearest balloon-head. The spotlight explodes and I am surrounded in darkness.*

        *The static electricity from hundreds of balloons closing in makes my hair literally stand on end. I can't breathe.*

        *A balloon pops, and then another. The detonating wind of buoyant orbs dances across my face and I try to inhale it.*

        *I can't hear the sound of my scream as the teeth walk into my mouth*

        *Kyle Douglas bows on stage. Is he watching this? He smiles widely, revealing gums with holes where teeth should be.*

        *I try to wake up, but I must choke on his soulless enamel instead. I know for certain now that I am not dreaming.*

        *Suddenly, I realize that I'm at my computer, typing a reply to a comment I liked on episode 47 of The Chainsawsuit Show. I'm watching myself type this. I am typing this, but I'm standing over my own shoulder. Absurd Klingon hammer monkeys. Yup. I'm definitely in control of what I'm typing.*

        *I reach into my mouth and I have no teeth.*

        • Kyle_Douglas says:

          Perhaps I need to realign myself from the Chainsawsuit Crusaders to some sort of ComedyDawggz Axis of Evil. I mean, in the course of 10 episodes or so I've gone from threatening you at gunpoint to haunting your nightmares.

          But, I'm pretty sure balloons filled with teeth issuing forth their terrible deathrattle will now haunt my nightmares. So I guess we're even.

        • Stouffer's Derek says:


    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      Maybe it’s because you hardly said “hit us up in the comments” at ALL this week.

    • LMcCJ says:

      You're keeping us busy! You were on Chaotic Awesome last week, then the podcast *and* On a Bed, then Kris did a Draw It For You–fans are too busy tuning in to type!

      I don't know, laziness? I have yet to figure out the rhythm of Comments and have given up on the thumbs entirely. I actually thought we'd hear more opinions about Kris's music since the fan base is so vocal about yours. I would only add, when people watched video it was easier to Comment because they were already right here when they finished watching. With podcasts, you "take it with you" then have to come back here to Comment.

      • Giggleloop says:

        See, I watched the video via the youtube app on my xbox, so I could see the fellas on the bigscreen in glorious HD. So my comments had to wait til I had my tablet or whatever. As for the audio podcast, I usually listen while driving or at work, which means I can’t comment right away. (You would think the delay would allow me to compose more meaningful thoughts, but we can’t all be Kyle Douglas!)

        • Kyle_Douglas says:

          Actually Giggleloop, you can! It's all thanks to Douglasol-K, a new twice-daily pill from the makers of Scare-enol.
          Within hours you'll be firing off quality comments faster than you ever thought possible and haphazardly photoshopping things together in minutes. Maybe you'll put Mikey in an astronaut helmet? Maybe you'll have Kris playing ping pong with characters from Street Fighter? I don't know, it's your Douglasol-K experience!

          Possible side effects include: insomnia, paranoia, mysophobia, catoptrophobia, emotional disconnect from music, photoshop-lung, liking Agents of SHIELD more than Mikey, editing comments several times in a row immediately after posting them, dry mouth, loud mouth, ghost mouth, spontaneous pregnancy, sleep-walking, sleep-commenting, and an increased risk of chronic doom.

          If you experience an unsafe drop in your Kevin Bacon number while taking Douglasol-K, see your doctor right away.

  9. Giggleloop says:

    Listening again at work, because why not!

    That has to be a tough line to straddle, because people ask about your health because they want you to know that they care, but at the same time, 99% of the time people don’t actually want an honest answer. They just want “doing great!”. But it’s not for lack of caring; they *do* want you to be doing great.

    On a less heavy topic, those cookies sound amazing. The description of them, not the chewing noises. 😛

    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      I think the mark of good cookie description skills is that I visualised the grease mark on his screen before he mentioned it.

  10. Daphnetrodon says:

    I might have calmly squealed and hyperventilated excitedly when Mikey said my name. Not that I was waiting with anticipatory breathlessness to find out if my question wasn't too long to just totally skip past.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not and wouldn't ever expect a huge digression just to talk about something I've idly wondered about for a couple weeks. I just was genuinely curious what kind of answers I'd get to this question if I posed it to people whose work I enjoy or admire, and you guys are two of said people who I also have a decent chance of actually communicating with from time to time, so… yeah. I just thought I'd toss it into the topics pile. (For anyone who's wondering what I could possibly have asked, I had a question about representation in works of fiction/art, and Mikey and Kris' opinions on same.) If it's totally boring or too big a can of worms to open on an episode, that is totally understandable! I will always have the two times Mikey has said my name on the podcast and totally startled me out of my current reverie.

  11. Willie says:

    I almost spit coffee all over my workstation at "HBO-go fuck yourselves… I quit"

    Congrats Mikey, you just about cost Seattle City Light a flatscreen monitor. But I'm onto you now, I'll be keeping careful watch!

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