Episode 46 – Laudable


Happy 46iversary, America! We’re six weeks shy of a full year of the Chainsawsuit podcast. This week:

  • We talk about True Detective — we warn you when the spoilers start!
  • A revamp to Kris Chooses a Topic… now it’s “Choose a Topic,” and both Mikey and Kris will select one of your topics for discussion! Send yours to choose@chainsawsuit.com and if we select it, we’ll leave it completely answered. Guaranteed.
  • Future projects? Future portents? The future of law enforcement?
  • New horrific commercials! In two very different ways!

As always your comments and ratings are appreciated! Catch you on the flip zone B]

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26 Responses to Episode 46 – Laudable

  1. LuDux says:

    ………………you guys gotta livestream a riftraxx of one of those awful movies with live participating chat. That would be incredible.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      There's some legality issues to doing that.

    • krisstraub says:

      based on the results from the titanfall stream, i feel like one-off streams is the way to do it. the problem enters when we try to figure out how to avoid having you press play on the movie at the same time as our recording, etc etc.

      • Giggleloop says:

        That was seriously fun last night, even if it required some technical stream fu to pull off. It's worth it to see Kris driving a Titan around while Mikey rides dirty on its shoulder, sending fools to their makers. :)

  2. Giggleloop says:

    Listening to Kris' commercial with headphones on in a dark room might not have been the best idea. Eek.

    I would totally be down to support you guys with some Patreon dough. You'd have to figure out if it would cover just YouTube stuff, or podcasts, or both.

    Thanks for choosing my topic too. I've been sucked into the world of Spotify the last few weeks, it's interesting to hear what others have on their playlists. :)

  3. MikeyNeumann says:

    I'm about halfway back on this plane. The lights have been off the whole flight and the entertainment system is apparently broken … so it's dark and quiet. Lots of people are sleeping.

    I just listened to Kris's commercial.

    It has flustered me. Per usual, it's hilarious and super clever, but this one is actually _additionally_ terrifying. Kris, perfect execution. I stand up and applaud.

    10 out of 10.

  4. frostyplum says:

    Yay, the intro's back! 😀

    Okay, True Detective spoiler talk incoming: The way I look at it, Rust had those hallucinations as a fill-in for religious visions. Rust's sensibility seems that if he had believed in God, he would have been susceptible to such harbingers, as he's so intractably attuned to the universe (to his detriment). I like Mikey's theory, but then why would Rust break down in tears at the end if he were really dead? Is he just in a separate place from his daughter and father? Purgatory? I 'unno. Also, Kris, your Woody kinda slipped into Jimmy Stewart territory for a minute.

    Thanks for doing my topic! It was just a throwaway thing. After hearing so many long, convoluted topics, I thought, "why not ask something simple no one's cared about since 1996?" Eh, voilà.

    I would love to contribute to a Patreon! It'd be nice to know that you guys'd be getting some money for sure. Enough of this free content BS. Then, with enough cash, maybe we can get video back. Or Mikey can clone himself. Either/or, win/win.

  5. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Whoa, "YO KRIS, LET'S BLAST IT"? Nice!
    But didn't Mikey just say that was never coming back a few weeks ago?
    Never mind. I'm sure it was my mistake. Maybe it never even went away and this is totally normal.

    And now Kris is reading topic questions? Okay, that's not normal… that's not…
    "Kyle Douglas asks, Cowboys & Aliens: Great Movie or the Greatest Movie?"
    What?! Why is he reading that? I didn't submit that! I didn't… did I?
    Maybe I did… I must have.

    Even if you both disagree with my (apparent) high praise for that movie, was it really necessary for my topic to devolve into 15 minutes of personal attacks against me? Wow, guys. Kris making fun of my catoptrophobia was particularly hurtful… and how did he even know about it?
    I hope Segment Three's news cheers me up.

    Borderlands 3 a Dreamcast exclusive? Broodhollow art switching to rage faces from now on?
    No… no… those are both bad ideas that sh— and now you're telling me that "Mikey Neumann" is just a character created by real life performance artist Brad Brad. WHAT?!

    Hold up, did Mikey (Brad Brad?) just say that by listening to this episode a $500 Patreon payment has been automatically deducted from my bank account? That can't be legal to…
    Payments retroactive for the last 45 weeks?!?! I can't even…
    I can't…

    This Comment Brought to You by New Scare-enol Day: For Auditory Hallucinations
    Get 15% Off Your Next Harvest™ of Scare-enol by Ordering Online with Checkout Code "DREAD15"

  6. @MrBildango says:

    Hey guys. Great show.

    True Detective spoilers!

    I can't get behind that theory Mikey. Two things. One: They specifically mention in the car ride to "Carcosa" that Rust still has hallucinations. Marty asks: Do you still see things? (or something) and Rust says: They never stopped. Thing Two: Marty has been estranged from his family for ten years. He beat up the boyfriends and got divorced in 2002 and went into the hospital in 2012. So his family showed up at the hospital and I didn't take it as a reconciliation necessarily, but just that he was in such a lonely place that he didn't even expect anyone to come see him, let alone his family. I think that is what made him keep checking in on Rust. Because the bottom line is that neither of them have anyone else in their life. They need each other.

    If they're actually dead, then fine, but one of the things that I liked so much about the show was that it DIDN'T have that kind of twist. Especially, as Kris mentions, everyone is looking for that twist in shows these days and the writer specifically said that "the show is not trying to outsmart you."

    Hip Hip Hooray for Gun Justice. Scarinol (sp?) I'd take it. Holy shit.

    Finally. I'd back a Patreon in a second.

  7. Paul Verhoeven's /Gun Justice/ says:

    I’m imagining a 16th century Kris and Mikey getting really steamed about commedia dell’arte, wandering through a Naples market while making fun of how it’s telling all these stories with the same six characters in the same six masks. Twist: We see Kris and Mikey at a commedia dell’arte show that evening, and the performers are just wearing hand-painted, ornately-imagined rage face masks, calling themselves “le” harlequin and the like, and acting out only the most oblivious, self-aggrandizing stories.

    Also, “gun justice” is my new favorite thing, and Mikey killed it on the delivery. Pretty sure my cackling over that one woke up my roomate.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      The moment I knew I had the commercial was at GUN JUSTIIIIIIII and cutting off the screaming and gunfire. There's always the moment you *know* that the commercial is going to work.

  8. ThomasG says:

    Gun Justice! Excellent commercials, guys.

    Patreon is a good idea that I will support with my meager dollars. This stuff has a much higher hit ratio on my funny bone than the vast majority of highly-produced, writer-glutted claptrap that for some reason is all the rage with big media (even my faves have grown blasé lately; chainsawsuit keeps it fresh).

    Though I don't know if my opinion is worth a crap. I find internet memes to be funny sometimes, too ("what people think i do / what i really do" is a pretty boring/unfunny/often braggy one, agreed). Though I sometimes get a kick out of wading through the muck to find a glimmer of awesome. So it's not for everyone.

    I'm excited to see y'all at PAX East.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I don't think we've ever argued that memes aren't funny; they are, they can be, it's that they're lazy. It's a paint-by-numbers type of comedy. If a meme is funny, is it because of the person that put it together, or the person that made the meme in the first place?

      • ThomasG says:

        Hey Mikey,

        You and Kris put a lot of time and effort into making comedic content. The stuff is polished. You've got sound quality down. You've got fantastic art, crisp video, good editing. You guys (esp. Mikey on the sound&video) put a lot of effort into what you do and I appreciate it.

        I can understand why the hyper-lazy, almost-completely-automated meme generator crap out there could drive you crazy. Not only is it extremely lazy compared to your work; it gets a lot of attention (sometimes competing with good, dedicated content producers such as yourselves), and it borrows heavily from other people's work.

        but I don't think the reality of the situation is so grim. as a component of forum banter, they can be an effective way to convey an idea in a way similar to comics. of course they're not as good. i doubt kris would generate a parade of masterworks if he took part in a forum discussion where all of his posts were off-the-cuff custom-made comics (though that would be cool to see). hell, i thought that "time friends" showed an appreciation for playing with strict-format fill-in-the-blank comedy. "dinosaur comics" takes it further. In those examples, the person filling in the blanks made the format from scratch. great. but i don't think that it makes sense to point to the act of creating a format as the primary source for comedic value. I like the idea that they're templates, that any person with internet access can easily generate them, and that they can be effective ways to embellish communication. my god i am so bored of memes right now. i feel like, by trying to think of them with this degree of seriousness, i'm doing myself and all who read this a disservice.

        what i'm really trying to say is that i want you guys to make the zombie army your friends and not your enemies. i want y'all to go viral, make that money, and keep doing this crap for as long as you'd like. And while the pastor that ripped off Kris' comic about Jesus and that LaBeouf crap are valid cases that should be stigmatized, I don't see what the big deal is with the rage face; it's a kind of collaboration, it builds off of other stuff…

        ok here's why i'm obsessing over this. I like your podcasts. But the banter that fills 90% of the podcast is not work-intensive, single-content-creator stuff. It's two guys throwing ideas at each other, seeing them build upon one another, and there's a beauty in the spontaneity and the collaboration. Some memes come off with a similar vibe. People throwing ideas out there, building upon one another, and it's really fresh when it's new (less time for production than a real comic). You guys use templates; hell, you guys mostly use templates that aren't original at all. KCatT is discussing emails you get from fans. That's older than Dear Abby. You did quizzes (of which I am personally a fan), which is a format that's as old as dirt. You use these templates but they seem unique and interesting perhaps because you're starkly aware of how much more you're bringing to the table than the template itself. but when it's something visual, i guess there's a rigidity that makes the template seem like a major contributing factor to the funny? from my perspective, most of the humor is not in the template, but in the little gags, the comedic hooks. bad memes fail for the same reason friedberg-seltzer movies suck: they rely too much on what they're referencing that they forget (or aren't good enough) to make sure it's for a funny reason, that the joke includes a reference without just being a shitty reference. so the problem with bad memes seems pervasive to bad comedy.

        i'm sorry for this wall of text, but i was putting off doing dishes. wouldn't it have been better if i just posted a courage wolf or something?

        • ThomasG says:

          The thing I find most embarrassing about my previous post is that I'm not really that into memes. Because they had been brought up, I went and perused the hip stuff on the internet and it was quite underwhelming, often racist, sexist, blah. It would be one thing if I had some great, shining examples to point at… I don't. :(

  9. @MMT_megan says:

    Ahhhhhh, I am 100% with you on the later seasons of the West Wing, Mikey, and can't believe you didn't know about Leo dying. I didn't get into WW until the late seasons were airing and saw his final episodes as they aired and man, that was some emotionally crazy stuff.

    But Ice-T is almost equally awesome. In combination, you guys have some pretty excellent taste in television.

    But for reals, I don't know how anyone writes while listening to music with lyrics. I also can't listen to music with lyrics while reading. And now I have to go look up everything by that band that did the Friday Night Lights stuff, 'cause FNL was DOPE.

  10. Stouffer's Derek says:

    I absolutely agree about rage faces. It’s a disgusting habit that shouldn’t be encouraged in children. I think what annoys me most is how inaccurate they are. There’s no room for subtlety when every emotion goes to an extreme. I think the thing I hate about Facebook is the way it’s seemingly cut off from the rest of the world. There’s no room for creativity, and the general consensus is that everything “just appears”, and, since somebody has shared something on the internet, it now belongs to the internet. There’s something incredibly small-minded and parochial about the interactive part of Facebook too; the whole system is designed to score points against one another, and to present an inaccurate idea of yourself, so that your friend’s friend’s neighbour’s aunt might think well of you.

    And, I’ll be honest: When Mikey said “Wacom”, I was fairly sure he said “Whack’em”. This led to a minute of total confusion.

    Skipped the True Detective part, because I was fairly sure those were actual spoilers, and not something in the Saw It For You format.

    Jesus H., Scarenol. The audio format works really well for that. Whenever I here those “things are turning creepy” chords, I have the urge to turn it off.

    On top form, guyss. Good luck.


    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      Welp, my phone is acting weird, sorry about the repeat comment.

      I forgot to say that I haven’t availed of your twitch stream capabilities due to a fault in my timezone. It’s a Greenwich MEAN TIME we live in, folks. I’m sorry.

  11. sheanam says:

    I say jump with metaphorical guns a'blazing into Patreon! From everything I've seen so far it's something that webcomickers and self-employed types in general have needed for a long time, it's benefited both 'big' comic artists and ones with relatively small audiences. Like, it's the perfect example of that old bit of advice about how all somebody needs is that particular number of dedicated fans supporting them in order to be successful and make decent money. It's a little like Kickstarter in that there are different backer levels with 'rewards' to sweeten the deal, but you can do whatever you like with it for the most part.

  12. Stouffer's Derek says:

    Also: Kris, did you call a garage a “car hole”? Because if you did, I owe you a Flaming Moe.

  13. Robert says:

    Thumbs up for mentioning Explosions In The Sky (the band, not the SFX kit)! Been on an EITS/Mogwai/GY!BE kick for the past few weeks, and post-rock is usually what I listen to when studying/working. Definitely with you on not being able to do music with vocals.

    The fact that you guys mentioned True Detective is killing me. I want to watch it! I have so many things to do though and I can only really fit one show at a time, and that slot is taken by Farscape right now. Question is, what ought to be next on the list, House of Cards season 2 or True Detective?

  14. @markjhiggs says:

    Well, I've done it. I've finally caught up with the podcasts so I can post comments with the rest of you cool kids. Hurray.

    So, never heard of Patreon. I'll be sure to check it out.

    Also, give me some of that Scarenol. I've had some great nightmares, some of which have given me ideas for my stories.

    And, screw memes. That's my stance.

    As for music while I'm writing, it is a necessity. I find that it actually limits distractions by drowning out the world outside my creative space. Like Mikey, the music I choose is also reliant on what sort of emotional state I am trying to cultivate for that particular session. The act of creating a playlist has itself become an art, a sort of pre-writing ritual, that allows me to focus my emotions before the plunge. I'll listen to music with lyrics, as well as instrumental stuff, so it's all good. It all depends on what's needed for that session.

  15. Giggleloop says:

    Now that I'm finally watching True Detective, I can appreciate Mikey's Rust even more, holy cow. Drawling is the best.

    I think that the Harrelson accent needs chaw/dip between the cheek and gum to be effective.

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