Episode 45 – Sorrento’s



Welcome your Chainsawsuitsmen Mikey and Kris, back in front of the microphones after a brief absence to ride a boat. We cover the happenings in the past couple weeks, swap stories and take part in a television event unlike several other. And as always, keep it wet with your thoughts, questions and challenges in the comment section below. Let us bathe in you! 

We also invite you to check out our new interview webseries with new episodes each Monday – it’s On A Bed! Last week we talked with Molly Lewis. Tomorrow’s will go online right here and on our YouTube channel! Please subscribe and give those guests some love.

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28 Responses to Episode 45 – Sorrento’s

  1. @giggleloop says:

    Entirely understood about the videos. As much as I love watching them, I hate the thought of you guys breaking yourselves to make them either. Because that's not fun. Nobody wants that! I can be content with the audio podcast & On A Bed and whatever other Originals you make. :)

    I'll be back once I've listened to the rest. <3

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I said I wouldn't complain if the video version went away to help maintain your sanity, so I won't.
    Besides, I've seen enough of your visual mannerisms now to still see that version in my mind's eye.
    I suppose that's the end of my photoshop shenanigans for better or worse.

    This feels like the start of Season 2 of CSS:P. We're back to audio-only. We're back to complaining about food (a tradition running back all the way to Episode 2). And the slate is pretty clean in terms of meta storylines.

    The Sorrento's commercial taught me that Google Image Search is NOT a valid method for learning to cook. This may explain why people don't like my signature "Mashed Potatoes and Yellow Dye #5" omelets.

    I briefly confused Mikey saying "your plumbing does not look at the paper towel the same way" for an intestinal metaphor. For 5 seconds my mind was rapid-firing every possible way that using a paper towel for toilet paper could mess with your digestive system. All of them were disturbing.

    They say Ghost Snake Murder Squad now haunts Asa Butterfield since Ender's Game didn't live up to their apparently sky-high expectations.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Yeah, it was just time for the video version to go on hiatus. We got a whole other show now that people will actually go watch. It's not that people didn't like the video version, it's that the amount of people that consumed it was tiny compared to the audio version and the amount of work required was significant.

      In a strangely more meta sense, I think it made bits like this week not work as well. By going audio only for Ghost Snake Murder Squad, it allows people to paint a picture in their head that always felt off in the audio version (except for that time I put Kris and I in the helicopter. That shit was rad.)

    • Qmzn says:

      I don't know, I think if you combine the footage that exists with stuff from "On The Bed", you could work up some nice Photoshop Objets d'Art.

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        The problem with that is those videos involve guests which I'm not sure if would be comfortable with having their images messed with.

        On top of that, it was painfully obvious that Kris and Mikey were avoiding talking about the elephant in the room while on the topic of the frustrations of living in the boat's close quarters: their third roommate.

        So, you know, I'll probably just avoid that whole minefield. No photoshops.

  3. I'm all for the decision to preserve sanity as one of those that eagerly awaits the podcast each week but never really made the leap over to the videos.

    Audio is the perfect accompaniment to my daily routine, be it the commute into work, cleaning up around home, etc., whereas videos by their nature demand a greater focus. I've never really been able to break past the 10min. mark for watching videos online (outside of movies), but then I am an old, old man who still refuses to acknowledge irrefutable truths such as YouTube celebrities and mists up at memories of Mickey's Space Adventure.

    Also – it must be noted that amidst the flurry of "Sorrento's" tagging in the first half of the podcast, Kris' throwaway line of "Oh, you brought that up on the ship…" managed to sneak under the radar.

  4. fiwlinho says:

    Why is the Sorrento's guy a vampire?

  5. Mrbildango says:

    Totally understand the video thing. I only just got into recently them and enjoyed them, but I usually listen at work. Don’t burn yourself out over something that should be fun!

    Something I’ve seen with other ‘casts is that they record their full episode on video, but only put up 15 minutes of the best stuff on the video. Something like that might lighten the editing load a bit and be quicker for people to watch if they don’t have a lot of time?

    Also, Ghosts Poop Too is not to be mistaken for the Syfy original film Ghost Poop 2.

  6. Willie says:

    Great episode you two. While I will miss the video episodes I perfectly understand why you’re axing it (i was always dissapointed at how few people watched it each week). I look forward to seeing Kris at ECCC!

  7. ThomasG says:

    I'm glad you've made your brand-focus official. If you find that well running dry, I suggest contacting Brando® brand Brandening with Brand Brad.

    "Steel-Cut" is severely pretentious, yes. But why not market your oatmeal based on consumer's awareness of this fact? Why not offer bronze, ceramic, or laser-cut oats? Call it:
    "Special"-Cut Oatmeal®
    tagline: "It Makes No Difference"

    This was a great podcast. The Sorrento's commercial almost murdered me. I couldn't stop laughing. It actually started to concern me as I needed to breathe but found it difficult. So good job?

  8. LMcCJ says:

    This week's KCAT was submitted by me, months ago, "How long would the two of you last as roomies?" Now, we *all* know. (You would think there'd be more cruise ship divorces than marriages.)

    Great ep, even without the visual. I was hoping for a tan lines assessment but, whatever. 😉

    "Kris and Mikey on an Aerobed on the Con Floor" (just a suggestion).

  9. Josh Lewis says:

    The videos were nice, but I rarely had time to watch them unfortunately. I usually listen to the podcast during my commute. Keep up the great work, guys!

  10. @Facelesscog says:

    I'm not exactly sure what I'd want the art on it to look like…but I know I want a shirt that says "Snake Semper Tyrannis" on it.

    (Also, glad you guys have stopped the videos, if it means Mikey taking it a little easier. I always enjoyed them, but they're not worth making at the expense of Mikey's health and/or sanity.)

  11. @boomfruit says:

    I loved the videos when I was able to watch them. Unfortunately, that only ever ended up being once or twice, as I listen almost exclusively while working. I in all seriousness would probably have quit without yours and a few other podcasts to listen to while doing my repetitive and hypnotic work; I'm so appreciative of what you guys do for us.

    Hoping for the return of KCAT, only partly because I finally submitted a topic a couple weeks ago. (It would have been perfect for today's show too, really dropped the ball there.) ((Just kidding! Love ya Mikey))

  12. Qmzn says:

    Nice to see the producers making the best of the return to audio-only. The seamless transition from commercial to skit at the start of part 3 was very clever. Fare thee well, video version. I am sure you will return not when you are needed, but deserved.

    I've sampled Sorrento's while "Darmok on the Ocean". For those who have not, here's a fairly-accurate substitute recipe:

    1 x Pizza-flavored Hot Pocket (Pepperoni, Sausage, etc.)

    Microwave the Hot Pocket 30 seconds less than the recommended cooking time, to promote cold-spotting. Cut open three of the four sides with a knife, then unfold the pocket open-face, filling side up. Eat with regret.

    I don't recommend preparing this for a food snob, they will completely lose their shit. Anyways, good show. Anyways.

  13. sheanam says:

    As someone who is a solid listen-during-work person with little time or attention span for video, I feel a little bad about the whole 'all that effort not getting much response' thing! But ya can't help preferences and situations, sometimes. Most of all though, I think this is a good change simply because I don't want you guys to burn out on the podcast! It really did seem like the amount of work going into the 'cast each week was getting increasingly insane, and I don't actually want Mikey to burst into flames and melt into a puddle of goo at his desk.

    Goodness, sharing not only a cabin but also a bed? And all the tensions and awkward interactions from being crammed together in that space? There's no way I'm not seeing Planes, Trains & Automobiles in my head right now, but with two nerds on a boat. Those aren't pillows!

  14. frostyplum says:

    For what it's worth, Mikey, you did an incredible job with the video. You took it to bigger and better heights every week; it was clear how much you wanted this to be the best podcast ever. Don't ever think your efforts weren't appreciated. I'll miss it, but yeah, it's not worth your sanity.

  15. @markjhiggs says:

    I completely agree with the decision to return to the audio-only format, guys. I always felt like I was missing out, as I like to listen to the podcasts while I'm working. I meant to go back and watch the videos for the visual jokes, but I could never fit them into my busy schedule. I rarely have time to watch something so long–especially considering I had already listened to the entirety of the podcast that day.

    If it means a respite for Mikey, then that's a bonus–and well deserved. I look forward to the continued evolution of the podcast!

    By the way, laughed my ass off at the ghost snakes. Good stuff.

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