Announcing ON A BED: a Chainsawsuit Original Series

Chainsawsuit Original rolls on with a new series: “On A Bed with Kris and Mikey.” Thrill as Mikey and Kris tackle the most difficult series premise of all time: interviewing celebrities in their bed, on a boat, as it sinks.

Okay, maybe it’s not sinking. But check out the launch trailer and Episode 1 with guest Molly Lewis!

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7 Responses to Announcing ON A BED: a Chainsawsuit Original Series

  1. LMcCJ says:

    Not gonna lie, John Scalzi looked most comfortable with all those cameras around the bed.

  2. @giggleloop says:

    So exciting! I've watched almost all of the first episode (episodus interruptus) – the widescreen HD goodness is a feast for the eyes. I can't wait to see more. Well done, boys. 😀

  3. Giggleloop says:

    Poor Artuk. He's just trying to do his job, handing extremely urgent papers to people who do NOT want them, several hours, perhaps even days, after they would have had any relevancy.

  4. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Sweet merciful Artuk! A CSS:P thing I can leave short comments for!

    Favorite bits:
    Kris having a thousand-yard stare and giving a nod followed by two shakes at the mention of neckbeards. I can nearly see his thought bubble containing "The horror. The horror."
    The imagery of Mikey shaking off a beard like a dog.

    There was a million view thumbnail a minute into the trailer. Gotta get rid of the dignity of the Honor Bed to ascend to the highest echelon (and simultaneously lowest depths) of the YouTube.
    The million view version of Episode 1's thumbnail is all three of you wearing nothing but a ukulele.

  5. Giggleloop says:

    So, question. I've never been on a cruise, but I was under the impression that cabins are on the small size. Yet that's clearly a large bed (double or queen size?). If the rooms are double occupancy, are there TWO queen sized beds in one room? Or does "double occupancy" mean 2 folks in one big bed?

    ….that was my long-winded way of asking who was the little spoon.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      It was two twin beds pushed together. Also, that room was quite small … the magic of wide lenses!

      • Giggleloop says:

        That makes more sense! I'm surprised they don't have bunk beds instead. You'd have so much more room for activities!

        Although you'd have to strap in to keep from falling out at night, right? When the boat hits the iceberg?

        …I don't really have any boat knowledge, do I?

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