Episode 43 – Doctor Eleven Meets Nightbat


Congratulations, world — you did it. Because of your dreams and wishes, two world superpowers have joined forces: Doctor Eleven from the BBC’s Police Box Space Helper, and Dick Funnybooks’ crime-fighting hero Nightbat, created by writer Bob Kraim.

  • Mikey and Kris joust at one another in two skits to decide the next King For A Week… but this time you’re deciding the winner! Cast your vote in the comments: who did you like better?
  • More topics chosen (submit yours to krischoosesatopic@chainsawsuit.com), and Kris reveals his griping side…
  • … only to reveal more of his griping side some more (sorry)
  • Plus more commercials that still haven’t netted us a dime. Buy these products!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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33 Responses to Episode 43 – Doctor Eleven Meets Nightbat

  1. Daphnetrodon says:

    I think I have to cast my vote for Hard Action Squad, seeing as I grew up in Murdertown and it's awesome to hear it get a shout-out! (Also, I'm not a fan of Doctor Who, making me possibly the only lady in existence with that opinion. Sorry Mikey! I still love you.)

    Also, ack, I'm sorry. My topic was another "make up a thing you did!" question, and the last thing I wanted to do was add to a pile of topics that seemed demanding. I actually was a little worried I'd come off as demanding or controlling, and I don't think anybody wants topic choosing to be boring or feel like a chore. I'll come up with something better for next week!

    Like, I love you guys. I've followed Kris since I discovered Tweet Me Harder a couple years ago, and now that I know Mikey's work I'm really enjoying that too. And I just hope it never gets to a point where you guys get too tired of fan interaction or feedback to keep going, because I just enjoy whatever you guys put out. And I think we'd all rather have a podcast with some stuff that occasionally doesn't work for us than we would no podcast at all.

  2. frostyplum says:

    Aight, I'm up late and I've been drinking. Let's crack this lobster.

    I applaud Kris for saying "no more extraneous BS!" to the K-CAT. Keep it simple, stupid! (Not that our beloved Qmzn is stupid, by far. Without him, we wouldn't have The Se7en Suspects.) It doesn't have to be all amalgams of pop culture, all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love pop culture. But I want to pry more into you guys. I already know how you feel about Transformers and Rider Strong and all that good stuff. It's the "what if Mikey was a 10-year-old living by himself on his inheritance?" stuff that gets me. I like the dark, what can I say.

    Speaking of, Mikey, I'm still waiting on Scottish. Tick-tock.

    The Olympics skit was the best, IMO. The entire Sochi Olympics has been such a ridiculous farce. I'll leave the political bit alone and just reflect that I'd love to see unisex dog bouncing. I am also in love with the idea of a room having a man as a door and another room being nothing but doors.

    As for "winners" (aren't we all? really?), as much as I slaver over Doctor Who fanservice, I gotta give the upper hand to the Hard Action Squad. Mikey, I appreciate the pandering, and that don't mean I'm not gonna rewatch the heartfelt plea to us ladies over and over. But I gotta give it to Kris. I'm a sucker for police sketches written clumsily by 21-year-olds, I guess.

    Oh yes, and the flag commercial literally almost made me throw up.

    • @giggleloop says:

      I agree, the flag commercial was almost too much for me. I'm one of those who can't hear others throwing up without feeling nauseous (even if it's fake).

  3. Stouffer's Derek says:


    You know, Mikey, I *really* thought I’d be voting for you this week. You know we’re all suckers for a floppy do-and-English-accent combo, but I think the crown will have to sit on the collective heads of two rogue officers and their gruff boss, this week. Ain’t nothing will make me laugh more than a heartwarming,strangely worded cop drama.

    I absolutely lost my shit over Straub’s Got a Secret. “Just riverdance out of it” is likely to become my new motto. Good work this week, guys.

    You know I love ya.

  4. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I'm seeing the first three votes up above for Kris, but let no one say Kyle Douglas can't be pandered to with sonic screwdrivers! Mikey vote!
    Actually, my favorite part of that skit was Batman randomly assuming that the flying TARDIS was a Penguin device for no reason.
    Tagline: "Some All Daleks just want to watch the world burn."

    I'd totally forgotten the Tumblr CEO's nephew was named Dougy. So the show has Tumblr Dougy, Business Friends Dougie, frequent K-CATer K-Doug, and Kris has played Dig-Dug on Mappy.
    This could mean that the name inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance. Almost as if it were the nominal junction point for the entire chainsawsuit continuum!
    On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence. #ChristopherLloyd #BetterLuckNextTimeQmzn

    I think the episode should have ended with you both standing up and riverdancing out of frame.

  5. MikeyNeumann says:

    Let's get this comment party started! (Especially since I'm fairly certain I'm going to lose King for a Week on this one.)

    And just to get this out of the way before the text wall, I had QMZN's back the whole time!

    • LMcCJ says:

      It was abundantly clear you had Nick's back.

    • krisstraub says:

      And just to get this out of the way, I'm out for blood! I want Show 44 to feel like a humor gulag, where I preside over the misery as Czar of Jokes

      • LMcCJ says:

        Ooooh, and think how therapeutic that would be. Let's see, you'll need a gong or something to bang on, a short sword, and some kind of headpiece… Tomatoes!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      Well, you heard the man, the 5 comments made before this were officially "pre-party" so you need to make another if you want to be hip, cool, and have your comment text show up in slow motion via one of those high-speed camera booths all the fancy parties have these days.

      Those who don't comment until Thursday or later shall be declared fashionably late.

      Party Comment: I'm glad you had the photo manipulation angle covered this week with the fantastic Joshua "Mario" Jackson and LeVar "Luigi" Burton, since my traditional "Quickie Photoshop of the Week" turned into "Dammit, why do Kris Straub and Adam West have such dissimilar facial structures? I can't jam Kris' face into this 60's Batman cowl without digitally separating his eyes which looks freaky. Screw it, this is taking more than 5 minutes."

  6. Sarah Kelly says:

    Well, what do you know? In a completely unexpected turn of events, I’ve returned to the commenting forum! And, what a wonderful comments section it is!
    I came back to say this;
    Sorry about the sonnets. Never intended to stress a good man out. Mikey, you seem to be burdened with glorious poetry, so please, if you come bearing Kudrow goodness, do share.
    ALSO: It’s you guys’ show! Don’t feel that you have to be boxed in by your hordes of fans! If you want to ramble, do so! If you want to admit that you feel like shit, that’s fine by us. If you want to skip K CAT or forfeit video for a week, it’s no great skin off our backs.
    Ok, I’m running out of ways to say “Do what you want!” so, I’ll stop it now.
    I will say I thought that the topics chosen were marvellous, as were those that went unchosen, and I would attend both a film in which a boy proves his talents as a dancer, and a film where a young lad must escape the tyranny of dance, to do what he’s always dreamt of; slowly choke to death in an underground pit. The Mikey Neukidontheblock Story isn’t something I’d opt in for; needless childhood death doesn’t excite me. However, you really had something with both Bat/Doctor and Hard Action Squad.

  7. LMcCJ says:

    (Sorry, for the type. I don't know how I did this and can't see how to correct it.)

    I crown Mikey king because he was injured yet soldiered on through Kris's bit (even after Kris laughed at him).

    As far as KCAT goes, c'mon people, it's *Kris* chooses. He's telling you he likes lots of elbow room. If you want your topic picked, give the man what he wants. It's no slur against anyone.

    If you're looking to grow your audience I'd ease off the "Ladies…" I think you have appeal across all chromosomal combinations, open your arms wide.

    You might want to put a TW: Vomiting warning on this. Remember all the masticating remarks after Stouffer's?

    Great Olympics!

    Green screens would be cool and you wouldn't have to clean up anymore. Bonus!

    Aside–my mom was post surgery and the doctor asked what her comfort level was (10 being fantastic). When she replied, "6," he said, "Oh, no, we need you at a 3," and immediately cut back her painkillers. She was not amused.

  8. Sarah Kelly says:

    Early character development sketches for upcoming movie, S.G.A.S. http://imgur.com/yAJXXWm

  9. 4tuesday says:

    Never watched Dr. Who or Batman or tumblr so the fanservice was ineffective, gotta vote for Hard Action Squad.
    Also you should both stop reading the comments forever starting… now.

  10. J'Neil says:

    I vote for Mikey, however it was Kris and his reactions that sold it. While I appreciate Doctor Who pandering, you can only use it so often.

    The quality and intensity of post production has increased lately & I can only imagine what you will do with green screens. Crazy antics abound!

    Keep up the good work & do what you want. In the end if you guys are enjoying making it (be it funny, dark, or deep) we will continue to enjoy consuming it

  11. ThomasG says:

    Mikey's entry had a LOT going for it. Assy McGee as Batman had me cracking up, I enjoyed the blatant self-promotion, and the song (esp. kissing on the roses) was great. However, I don't like the cuts to commentary. For Mikey's entry, the cuts were too jarring for my tastes. I thought it would have been stronger without the asides (or whatever would be a more proper term).

    Kris' entry was pure Chainsawsuit BRAND magic. And in this case, the bloopers were pretty standout.

    It struck me how such similar things (the "asides" in Mikey's bit and the bloopers in Kris' bit) had such different effects on my funny bone. Very weird. Kris get my vote – THIS week.

    • ThomasG says:

      I'd also like to add that I have always liked the original theme. Mikey made it, right? I don't mind change, though. Keeps things fresh.

  12. Robopengy says:

    Kris all the way! I love hard hitting cop drama!

  13. I think I would have to go for Mikey's, but that's mostly because of how Kris described wearing the mask upside down.

    The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that a movie about the chainsawsuit podcast must be made, and Matt Smith must be cast to play Mikey, and Ben Affleck with an upside down Batman mask must play Kris. It would actually work. There are convincing resemblances there.

  14. alexmalcolm1134 says:

    My vote is for Kris! gotta love cop drama, because cops…are so full of drama. can't wait for the dearth of comedy in the next podcast! oh boy, its gunna be great!

  15. @giggleloop says:

    This is a tough one! As has been fairly well documented, I am Team Mikey all the way. But Kris's sketch was also great. Hmmm.

    Aww heck, I gotta give my vote to Mikey, for going full Who. Has to be done. Sorry, Kris. Still love ya.

    As for the show overall, I know you guys have been game/topic heavy lately, I suspect in an effort to keep it fresh and lively, especially with the video podcasts. However, I've been relistening from episode 1 & I have to agree with others that I've missed the occasional "K&M just talk it out for an hour" shows. Don't know if maybe you think it would be awkward/less interesting to have an episode like that as video, but I'd like to have a few of those again.

    I'm happy with whatever you do, though. I'll still be here. :) Chainsawgirl forever.

  16. sheanam says:

    RIP L'il Mikey Neumann, your grim end was completely unexpected by me, but it probably shouldn't have been.

    Voting was a tough, tough call! I was split down the middle very evenly, as one who's very easily swayed by pandering, but it was the names and door slam of Kris' that got me most.

    And I dunno if I've said this before, but at the very least I'll echo what others have said in previous times: feel free to just talk it out if you wanna! Don't worry about forcing out comedy or sticking to a rigorous schedule of skits and humor; if you feel the need to talk more seriously and deeply or just plain ramble on about something for a while, do it! It's still very much something the rest of us will eagerly listen to and ponder over!

  17. Stouffer's Derek says:

    “Come to New Zealand- no, it’s not Australia!”

    • @giggleloop says:

      "In what other ways is the tape better than Bret?" I love FotC so much. SO much.

      "Hi, I'm Keitha."
      "That's a MAN'S name!"

      • Stouffer's Derek says:

        “You said we’d be in Central Park”

        “No, I said you’d be in *a* central park.”

        It’s funny that Jemaine went on to be an MIB alien, and Bret a LoTR elf.

  18. @boomfruit says:

    I like the king for a week choice going to the fans (I vote for Mikey's shamelessness this week) but please continue doing the quizzes from the last couple episodes! They're so fun. You could ask for suggestions on those too if it's tough to find new topics.

    Also, the way the "OHHHH" at the end of the podcast led into the song was so amazing that I played it back about 4 times.

  19. LMcCJ says:

    (Took me forever to find this, sorry.)

    When the students try to prank the Vice-Principal, the VP knows what to do. RDO

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