Episode 33 – A Christmas Carol


In this very, very special edition of the podcast, Mikey and Kris bring the Charles Dickens classic to life before your very ears — and eyes, as we launch the first of our video podcasts!!

Subscribe to our new YouTube channel, and feel the holiday warmth spread beneath you.

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19 Responses to Episode 33 – A Christmas Carol

  1. Qmzn says:

    The first video! For an event like this, there was only one thing to do. I cooked up a Stouffer's Christmas Lasagna, curled up by the fire, put on my VR head-mounted display, and blasted the full Dickensian experience millimeters away from my retinas. It took about two hours with all the motion-sickness breaks, but it was worth it. Here are my thoughts.

    I'm a fan of specialty podcasts, where the usual mix is taken over entirely by a theme. Like a nice batch of cooked lentils, this performance filled me with the holiday spirit. Mikey, when you do Tiny Turtle, you look like a cross between the Joker and Oogway from Kung Fu Panda. I can see the professional methodology at work. Kris playing ghosts? That's deep. Brood-ception deep. Ghost MVP, Super Creeper S.C. Present. Explainsawsuit Play of the Week: Uncle Fezziwig's Steak and Shrimp Palace. Or is it, perhaps, "Uncle's Fezziwig"?

    To pick apart the goose a little, the bug noise in the Jacob's ghost soundscape was really harsh, and I like to think Kris's eternal disapproval in the back third was for that repetitive vibraphone title screen music during Christmas morning.

    I'm digging the clear art direction in the video version, with the greyscale treatment and text overlays. It's a good foundation, with room to evolve. Once there's a pattern of behavior established over multiple videos, expect further critique.

    Now then, it's time again to visit the cloud, and I'm not talking about a ridiculous buzzword for server-side content. Let's stay in the holiday spirit, and call this one a "word cheese ball".

    pouring lye on palahniuk full cockney jello pudding icy hot burn why jazz piano odo peepu marry conservatively kill everybody noodles don't noodles oh literal snap migratory pimple ass toot cockholes over 1800 beneath my robe oh ho ho mmmnnm hard unfeeling personal flavor twisting the indy knife spruce bruce choose goose ghost thanku sarr dick again that bump had swears 165 degrees of kevin bacon

    Merry Chainsaws to all, Glob bless us, every one!


    • Willie says:

      Yup haha. I don't know what he looked like in my head (that image has now been permanently erased), but I he didn't look like this.

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    It's a bit strange to put a face to Mikey's name/voice after listening to it for ~30 hours of podcastery. Previously my only source for a mental image was the drawing in the top-right corner of this page and his tiny, low-res comment avatar. Kris I'd seen on some things like the Scott and Kris show, so I already had a mental image of him.

    While I definitely enjoyed Mikey's Scrooge (particularly “That coma solved everything!”), Kris brought my favorite moments this week:
    “Will the boy… live?” “Of course, it's just his leg!”
    “One marvelous day!”
    “S-C-R-O-O—-it still might not be me!”
    And my absolute favorite: “Scrooge is fiscally conservative, socially psychotic.”

    I'm excited by the idea of seeing kris-chooses-a-topic on video in the future. Finally we'll be able to see all the raw emotions: the crushing disappointment in lousy topics, the annoyance and eye rolling at overly-long ones, and the cautious intrigue in regards to the lofty promises of spam mails!

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      You forgot, "Everybody's getting ghosts!"

      My favorite Kris line of the week.

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        Definitely a great one, but "BenDunno" over on the YouTube comments already mentioned it and I didn't want to cross-site steal his comment-thunder.

        Likewise, I had a huge tirade about "spruce bruce choose goose" ready to go, but Qmzn got there first. Oh well.

        • Qmzn says:

          That won't last long. With my shtick quickly getting old, odds are good they will soon be sending a young Harrison Ford replicant to handle my "retirement". You and Lady Ell-Mac-Jay of Jeffstershire should start looking for a third commenter magi to round out the triumvirate. Remember, bring tirades or gold, no one wants frankincense or myrrh anymore.

          I hadn't thought about the implications of K(CAT) in video. I'm not sure my fragile ego can take a sardonic stare from Mikey as he reads one of my overlong submissions. Perhaps I could use a fake identity every ti… no, wait, already doing that.

          • Kyle_Douglas says:

            "Remember, bring tirades or gold, no one wants frankincense or myrrh anymore."

            Gah! I accidentally brought frankincense AND myrrh, now I'm TwoMagi.

            I guess you're off the hook for rounding out a triumvirate.

      • Stouffer's Derek says:

        Not to mention; “They wrapped the turkey in Kevin Bacon”

  3. Wanda June says:

    Mikey, you gotta check out some English boiled/steamed puddings. Those things are delicious. Plus it's socially acceptable to cover them in liquor and set them on fire.

  4. LMcCJ says:

    You'll have to tell us where you prefer Comments. Is there a benefit to quantity of YouTube comments?

    I have to say, I was expecting Kris, as SCPast, to whip out a boa and flip his long luxurious hair. Don't worry, I took care of it in my head.

    It's definitely hard to look at Mikey (it's surprising how many people had *not* previously seen your visage) while listening to Tiny Turtle's performance. It's okay, I shut my eyes (audience participation).

    Love seeing you both, though. If black and white is easier for you, stay with it. We know you're colored in in real life. Definitely like seeing your expressions as you work. I listen/watch at home so it matters not whether you're YouTubing or podcasting. Whatever works.

    And, to my fellow passengers to the grave, I mean commenters, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your wintry holiday. This has been fun.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Yeah, it was interesting to see how many people had not seen my face up until that point. It's all good though, it was fun to rail against expectations!

      And for the record, even when I watched the Tiny Turtle bit back, I was like OH GOD THAT IS NIGHTMARE FUEL. That was the first time I'd seen me do it as well.

      • LMcCJ says:

        No, no, you're fine. It's that I've conjured Tiny Turtle in my head and you have much too much verticality, not to mention your lack of green hue, to allow me to watch you do it.

        It's fun to see which voices you need to screw your face up to do and which require eyebrow movement, or uncontrollable twitches (like a woman opening her mouth to put on mascara). I'm looking forward to it.

  5. Robopengy says:

    I don't like being negative, but I really didn't like this. I would have preferred you guys did a straight reading, with voices of course, instead of putting in the humor. It just didn't mesh well. Again, I have being negative :(

    • The Woman says:

      I partly agree. The first half felt a bit shaky because it was staying almost entirely on the tracks of a straight reading but bumping off just often enough to feel… distracted?

      The second half where it was going off the rails pretty constantly felt a lot more consistent to me.

      So, from my point of view at least, kudos on finding the sweet spot of this experiment while performing it.

  6. sheanam says:

    Okay, that was definitely way more entertaining than I expected it to be. This episode probably set a record for number of body-shaking stifled laughter at work incidents.

  7. ThomasG says:

    cockney Scrooge is fantastic
    it comes off much tougher and pissed off than the typical frumpy fancy English gentleman portrayal

  8. @Thedrun1 says:

    The turkey was actually one of those turkeys hidden in the walls from Castlevania. Health restoration guaranteed!

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