Episode 19 – Two Iron Thrones Tour LIVE in Seattle


At long last, Episode 19 rears its head! Huge thanks to Dammit Liz for her show production and for retrieving the sweet, sweet audio, and huger thanks to Mikey for his audio production on this episode (and every episode — wouldn’t be a podcast without him. love ya Mikes).

In 2013 Kris and Mikey took to the Triple Door in Seattle, WA for not one but two big Chainsawsuit shows in front of a live audience. That audience paid for their seats, but only needed the edge. Now, months later, all you no-shows can enjoy it like you were there! Featuring lots of onstage skits and celebrity guests:

  • John T. Drake of Harmonix!
  • Abby Howard of The Last Halloween!
  • Nika Harper of Geek and Sundry!
  • Ashly Burch of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?!
  • Brad Muir of Doublefine!
  • And Bobak Ferdowsi of space itself!

Enjoy! And remember we appreciate your comments, reviews and ratings. Thanks everyone for listening.

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16 Responses to Episode 19 – Two Iron Thrones Tour LIVE in Seattle

  1. MikeyNeumann says:


  2. cloudymusic says:

    I was sad that I couldn't attend this show, but this is a good consolation prize. Thanks for recording it!

  3. @evilbadman says:

    Play along at home by making amazing food and drinking Worcestershire shots.

  4. Kyle_Douglas says:

    It's nice to take a hop back in time to August: a simpler time before Post-Traumatic-Stouffers set in and ensured sleepless nights for all.

    I really think "Kris Writes a Fanfic" needs to become a smooth, sensual chaser to Kris-Chooses-a-Topic. That was the best Star Trek Fanfic I've heard since Melllvar's on Futurama ("Fascinating, Captain, and logical, too.")

  5. LMcCJ says:

    FInally listened. I'm glad I saw the video clips around town too. Just makes me wish I was there.

  6. I wish I knew about this earlier!

  7. targaryen says:

    Wish I could've attended!

  8. dfgdf says:


  9. LMcCJ says:

    Whoa, this thread has been getting a lot of attention lately. If it were the 2 Iron Pans Tour at least we could cook all this spam. (Watch your back, Kris. I'm scary funny.)

  10. John Malcom says:

    I love this episode !

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