Episode 27 – Neutral


If you think life as a podcaster is tough, try being married to Kim Cattrall. For one man, it’s not a hypothetical question. It’s his life. Mikey’s life. Because he’s both things. He’s a podcaster, and he’s married to Sex and the City¬†actor Kim Cattrall. Coming to FOX this fall, it’s the sitcom that’s got everyone asking…¬†What’s For Lunch, Mikey?

This week, it’s mostly fun and games as the Suitsmen play another round of Kris Chooses a Topic with your submissions (got an idea? Send it to krischoosesatopic@chainsawsuit.com), and then try to guess what new fall TV shows are about from their titles alone.

And if you haven’t read it yet, check out Mikey’s harrowing (but funny) account of The Worst Possible Day Ever, Maybe, Yes.

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27 Responses to Episode 27 – Neutral

  1. The Woman says:

    It's a shame K-Cat is such a pro producer that she would never dream of audibly interrupting your dynamic duo. Otherwise there'd be a fantastic opportunity for her to step into Kris' shoes for a special “Kim Cattrall Chooses a Topic," also known as: "K-Cat CaT… sponsored by Kit-Kat"

    Then again, Kit-Kat is owned by Nestle… and I don't really need a third evil company filling my nightmares. Tyson chicken being repeatedly, violently dipped into Hidden Valley ranch is quite enough, thank you.

  2. LMcCJ says:

    I love that Tiny Turtle is finding so many wonderful opportunities. He must have a *great* agent. (I see a lot of potential for open mic at the airport.)

    Note to all K-CAT contributors–Meeting to overthrow the podcastmen and take over this 'cast has been rescheduled for Wed (sorry, I have carpool). Dylan, you've got doughnuts, PJ, Box o Joe.

  3. I was gonna say sawers would be a good name for fans, but actually saucers might be more appropriate on account of the crazy levels of sauce being delivered in every episode.

  4. MikeyNeumann says:

    Hope you're all having the best Monday ever, you know what, AMA! (Note, do not ask me about what happened on Friday because I don't ever want to talk about that again).

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      Serious Question: How much material usually ends up being edited out each week due to flubs or things going a bit too far off the rails and not working? (excepting Episode 16's unique situation)

      Double-Serious Question: How great does it feel to now have joint-ownership of K-Cat's hunter green Cadillacs?

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        Generally zero content is edited out each week. Sometimes we'll lose a Skype call and I'll go back and stitch a couple of files together so that the audience doesn't know it happened. But, the show is pretty much just a recorded version of what happens when Kris and I talk to each other.

        I'm not allowed to drive and of the hunter green C-Lacs, yet. I'm hoping, in time, that I will be able to.

  5. That's three for three! I would like to thank everyone who got me to where I am today, specifically Raymond who drives the 78 bus route for the Boston MBTA. Good job Raymond, real smooth ride today.

  6. Qmzn says:

    ("Oh no, it's that time again," he thought, noticing the username associated with the post. "Is it a fanboy? Or worse, a stalker? Either way, there's going to be a wall of text.")

    Woof. The podcast was rather brrraow this week. A bit of a splorch, actually.


  7. Liz says:

    The new intro and outro skits are great, but I kind of miss the song.

  8. Kurt Larson/"Lansen" says:

    Thanks for semi-answering my question, that really put Mike Pray in his place.

  9. Gristle says:

    Football robot's name is Cleatus. True story.

  10. MattDavidT says:

    What about "ChainsawSuitors?"

    It's easy to say, and it implies people are wooing chainsaws in an old-timey way.

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