Episode 25 – Forty Enchiladas


Listen! Behold! Episode 25! 25 weeks of programming! I think the appropriate gift is silver.

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  1. @qmznkrv says:

    Accumulation Of Thoughts:

    It's either Samwise Gamgee or a Leprechaun pleasuring himself. Mmmm-Mr. Frodoooo. Awesome.

    The SoundBlaster AWE32 interfaces directly with your CD-ROM, providing the full Gravity multi-media experience in full 320×240 resolution. It's just like being in the movie theater!

    I now know to be prepared for cringe-worthiness next Friday, when I should be viewing Pacific Rim for the first time.

    Someone else doesn't like Walking Dead or Avatar? That cool. It warms my evil heart. Know what's not cool? That Disney just dropped more details about "Avatar Land". Perhaps in 2017 a new batch of fans can commit suicide because the theme park didn't live up to their expectations…

    (page missing)

    Kris chooses a LOT OF TOPICS, and there's a lot to choose from. Don't be afraid of no ghost dogs, just remember who you're gonna call.

    Despite Mikey's notes of skepticism, it sounds like that bar creeper really did slip a roofie into Kris's drink. According to Wikipedia, Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol/Roofie) can actually cause long-term vomiting spells. My sympathies.

    The bad guy is Alannnn Rickmannn…. Mr. Potterrrrr…

    So, got stuck with some Wang Chung for that trailer, huh? What song replaces it in the "Director's Cut"? I've always had a soft spot for "Weird Al – Dare To Be Stupid".

    Podcast felt speedier in the first half, kind of dragged a bit in the back half, but overall, positive experience. Thanks for this week's entertainment, sirs.

  2. LMcCJ says:

    krischoosesoneofLindastopics@chainsawsuit.com — It's coming.

    I don't know. I feel kind of challenged to *literally* make Mikey run out of breath. I'll have to ponder my next topic. (The branding topic was the winner, hands down; I'm not stupid.)

    "I'm not angry at the roofie manufacturers." — A pull-quote for your memoirs.

  3. Stouffer's Derek says:

    Was the Dylan Sinnott? If so, it’s si-nut. If not, I apologise for my shoddy listening abilities. Also: thank you, Kris for mentioning Pet Sematary, my thoughts exactly.

  4. Jeff says:

    I would watch “Alan Richman is the Bad Guy” over aything currently on CBS.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I feel like you somehow just combined Alan Rickman and Adam Richman (from Man Vs. Food) into one person — and I immediately realized I wanted to watch this show too :(

      • Jeff says:

        Just have them swap roles. Alan Rickman vs Food and Adam Richman is The Bad Guy.

        The reason I came back to the comments in the first place was to post that “PROOF THAT NOISE” should be a T-shirt.

        I want to blame my phone for my typo but I just want to spell ‘rick’ as ‘rich’ like it was German. So really I blame Die Hard.

  5. I LiveIn My Van says:

    That podcast was bangin. I loved the Alan Rickman Is The Bad Guy bit.

  6. Imago says:

    Kris, would you rather be in the vicinity of a ghost, or be in any other situation imaginable?

  7. Jon_F says:

    It was nice to hear Mikey's reasoned take on Pacific Rim, which I found to be powerfully stupid (I saw it in the theater on opening day). I left the movie kind of baffled, but was even more baffled by the almost universal praise it was receiving. I saw Avatar at home after it came out on Blu-Ray and had a similar experience, but figured I must have missed whatever everyone was seeing on the big screen with a communal audience experience.

    BRB, going to have a stick fight to pick a suitable mate.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I don't think I've really come to terms with what I really thought about the movie. I think my brain wants to prevent me from dwelling on it too deeply. It really is bad in a profound way.

  8. LMcCJ says:

    Kris and Mikey: Is this what your thrones were made of? (Watch short video to the end.)

  9. The Woman says:

    I've been a bit off-put by Mikey's comments on Pacific Rim/Avatar/Star Wars in these past couple of podcasts. I can't quite tell whether he specifically dislikes these films because they fall back entirely on old tropes (and thus aren't very creative) or whether it's more due to the hammy acting. Or just the combination?

    Maybe I'm just with Kris' dad and don't mind some eye-tertainment every once in a while. I certainly enjoy my Game of Thrones and Sherlock but that doesn't stop me from also enjoying some simple Giant Robot Action, some laser sword fights, or…. alright, yeah, Avatar didn't have a lot going for it besides pretty alien landscapes.

    I also think every kid deserves a chance to see the classic Empire Strikes Back twist before it's ruined by their friends or the 50,000 pop culture references to it.

    Sidenote: The Pacific Rim timeline, if you didn't perfectly follow the exposition-bomb at the start of the film, still becomes pretty clear when they introduce the Russians' giant robot as being "the last of the Mark 1's" and is clearly older than the main robot (which I think is referred to as a Mark 3).
    So you get:
    Monster Invasion —> Mark 1's —> Little Girl ————————> Brothers —–> Rest of the Film.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I dislike the films because they're not enjoyable to me. I"m a writer. I need a story that grabs me. Special effects don't grab me; though, I know some people really enjoy those type of movies. I don't fault anyone for liking that kind of thing. It's just not my cup of tea.

      We play up the rhetoric for humor. I don't really "hate" any of this stuff (well, except for the prequels).

      Thanks for listening to the show 😀

      • The Woman says:

        I think the issue may be that you (very wisely) avoid spoilers for relatively recent films/television, but that causes most of the rhetoric to not be directed at anything specific. So it ends up (to me) feeling more like a genuine tautological rant ("I don't like this because I don't!") than something being played up for laughs.

        Way back when you were ranting about the Star Wars prequels in *checks* C:TP Episode 3, that worked for me since they're old enough you didn't mind talking about specific stuff: like none of the good guys being remotely concerned about suddenly being given a massive clone army out of nowhere.
        So, this episode's rant probably would have played a lot better to me if you redirected your rant to something similar you could talk more candidly about (that lousy 1998 Godzilla movie?)

        In the same way, back when you were doing more "Saw it For You"s it allowed you to get mad about very specific things… even if those things didn't actually exist 😛

        Anyway, just my thoughts on how I like my podcast cup of tea made. Thanks for providing the show to listen to :)

  10. LMcCJ says:

    Just relistened. Here's a point that went sailing right by. Kris is out with a buddy but ends up spending the night befouling the bathroom of an EXgirlfriend.

    How did he get there? Did this gal welcome Kris into her home because she thought it was a booty-call or because she had trounced him so badly, she needed to assuage her guilt? *ponders*

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  13. frostyplum says:

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