Episode 23 – Kris Chooses a Topic


This week’s episode: Mikey forces Kris to play his demented game of topic-choosing. Alan Alda guest stars. Also on the program: the government shutdown, two-party systems, Subway sandwiches and their artists, and TGIF.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for Kris, send your ideas to krischoosesatopic@chainsawsuit.com! Otherwise keep it to yourself.

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13 Responses to Episode 23 – Kris Chooses a Topic

  1. LMcCJ says:

    Lunchables are performance art so, definitely a "sandwich."

    Richard Kiley was HUGE, you babies. I mean, he was no Velvet Fog but, he was definitely feeling the moisture.

    Loved the interrupted Finger Guard commerical.

    Now, I'm going to jump in the car and rack up a few turtle points because I'm patriotic that way.

  2. Steve says:

    I seem to remember Family Ties doing an episode where Alex gets hooked on speed!

  3. Ian says:

    What's confusing about the Richard Kiley line? John Hammond needed a narrator for his tour, and he got Richard Kiley, who apparently was a big get for John Hammond. Then John Hammond commented on it to his test-run guests, normal guests wouldn't have heard John Hammond, just Richard Kiley.

    According to IMDB, it really was Richard Kiley in the movie, and you hear him narrate the bit about the spitting dinosaur etc. He did a good job too.

    You wondered about an impression, but why would Richard Kiley do an impression? He is just straight narrating a tour, he would use his own voice and he did. Hammond just comments, live, over top of it, for Dr. Malcom et al.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Yeah, I was talking about my confusion as a child that carried into adulthood. "The voice you're now hearing is Richard Kiley" and I was like, no, you're John Hammond.

      I was 12.

  4. Liz says:

    Great show this week! The Benjamin Lunchables bit was particularly fun.

  5. Not a Congressman says:

    I am, quite frankly, disgusted by the level of hypocrisy in this episode.

    We receive a righteous tirade about how congress should need to "cite their facts" and know what they're talking about.

    This is then followed by all that Richard Kiley confusion and then "Here's the weird thing I remember. And I know I will probably get some of these facts wrong, but I'm simply going to say what I…" followed by the besmirch of Sasha Mitchell's good name. Sasha Mitchell who went on to obtain full custody of his children after justifying his case by saying he was protecting his children from their abusive mother [1].

    If we can't obtain a high degree of accuracy on important topics like Jurassic Park and 90's sitcoms in a comedy podcast then HOW can we expect such standards from something so trivial and silly as running a nation?

    I'd debate this point further, but I'm running out of zip-line.

    [1]: http://www.hollywood.com/news/tv/55007806/step-by-step-r...

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Wow, that Sasha Mitchell stuff is legit? Thanks for pointing all of that out. We were going over our memory of the situation, not in any way, recent research.

      This is a great post.

  6. Liz says:

    This was my first listening to the podcast the day after it was released since I listened to all the podcasts to catch up. My friend took us to both nights of the live shows at the Triple Door and then I was like must consume all the things.

    That being said, I very much enjoyed this format of Kris picks the topic. Hope it makes a return in the future.

    • LMcCJ says:

      Just be careful. When you start mainlining StraubNeumann there are side effects that vary from person to person. Don't operate heavy machinery and refrain from strenuous physical activity while on this regimen.

  7. ludux says:

    Oh man, best podcast since the one you got pissed at pick-up artists. More getting angry at dumb shit, please!

  8. Matt M says:

    I laughed so hard at the FingerGuard commercial I snorted like Urkle.

  9. knate says:

    You guys run a fantastic podcast, but please don't forget what makes it good. You guys know art. You guys know the funnyz. There is better political commentary available, and you shouldn't try to compete in that space. (And don't dilute the brand!) That segment was painfully ironic. Kris complained that our politicians can't stay on topic while wandering waaay off the shutdown topic. Mikey complained about voter ignorance while exhibiting embarrassing disregard for 1st Amendment implications for congressional speech. (Who precisely should serve as Truth Commissar to hand out penalties to congresspeople who violate it? Other nations have tried such things, tragically.) I think Kris had a better sense at where to end that segment than Mikey did. Crap, I hate my first comment to be a criticism. I've listened to every episode, and it was the first time I stopped having fun doing it. Well, perhaps you can have a regular political segment if it's sponsored by Stouffer's.

  10. When you were talking about that MASH thing I thought to myself "Oh a chicken, I was sure I thought that was baby, geez maybe I remembered it wrong and I am more messed up than I thought" I was relieved when you said it was a baby, Probably the only situation where the revelation that it was a baby not a chicken caused joy. :/

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