Episode 15 – Jacked


Clear the Galactica and spool up the FTL drive — episode 15 is coming in for a combat landing! This week:

  • Mikey hijacks the podcast
  • The problem with comic books
  • Two very important guests stop by for a huge interview regarding recent news in British science fiction television casting
  • Actual guests announced for our Chainsawsuit Live shows in Seattle at the end of August!

The Triple Door in Seattle, WA on August 29 AND August 30!

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30 Responses to Episode 15 – Jacked

  1. lmccj says:

    Cattrall and Straub, BOTH late to the podcast? Hmm…

  2. retron23 says:

    Hey kind of a real life spoiler for the end of Man of Steel…surprised Jake T'Jake didn't step in. Oh I mean Kim Cattrall.

  3. ludux says:

    woah lots of comments

  4. Dave says:

    I'm sorry, but there is a lot of complaining and negativity on this podcast of late. Can you guys talk about something you LIKE for a change?

    • krisstraub says:

      next week: 100% small dogs

      • @kcbanner says:

        plot twist: they actually talk about how the hot dog industry is gradually making the size of hot dogs smaller, but still charging the same, hoping we don't notice. They talk about this for all 3 segments.

      • retron23 says:

        Or maybe tiny dogs with surprisingly rich thespian talents?

    • Sulroko says:

      I say give me more complaining, more negativity, more guests with startlingly bad accents, and more spoilers!

      My ideal episode includes 20min of Mikey talking about food, 20min of Saw it for you (maybe The Woverman that's still fresh right?), and 35 min of talking about Star Wars Episode 1-3 or Star Trek Voyager. Oh and commercials of course.

      Basically I want everything that makes people post here in a huff!

    • Ryan Veeder says:

      I mostly agree. Critical opinions are an important jumping-off place for discussion, but it's less entertaining when the gist of that discussion is "it makes me so MAD".

  5. LMcCJ says:

    Forgot to mention, Nice work getting those special guests on such short notice. You guys have your fingers on the pulse, the very pulse of international affairs. A Pulitzer can't be far behind.

  6. groklife says:

    Accidentally enrolled in paleobotany at the Police Academy… now he's… an asset to the force!

  7. groklife says:

    Also, did Tiny Turtle perform the Soliloquy from "Hamlet" in one take? Cuz it was solid!

  8. Shishu1025 says:

    while kris' impression of moffat is not phonetically correct, it does reflect the general opinion of steven moffat among the doctor who fandom.

    good job.

  9. krisstraub says:

    now there are!

  10. krisstraub says:

    kim never understood the whole "spoiler mentality," she says they're just movies. i don't agree with that! sorry if we spoiled it! but i'm not a celebrated actress, so

    • retron23 says:

      In that case I'm gonna spoil the hell out of the end of Sex and the City 6 or whatever. Wait that means I have to see it first never mind. KC wins this round.

  11. @mikeyface says:

    I think I want to bring Tiny Turtle back again for the closing credits sometime. Ideas for a play I could pull from? Streetcar seems too obvo. Or I could just do Peter Capaldi's park bench monologue to Alicia Silverstone's heroine trashbag. "La bohème, my old good friend. La bohème."

    • retron23 says:

      How about Lucky's monologue from Waiting For Godot? Too conceptual?

      • ThomasG says:

        how about the ending to zoo story? I'm picturing a full-size human interacting with tiny turtle and it makes me happy in a weird way.

  12. groklife says:

    How about Tiny & Giant Turtle play out a scene from "Of Mice & Men?"
    Plot twist: George is played by Giant.

  13. Ripe says:

    tiny turtle made me feel things

  14. Lycanthropica says:

    Tiny turtle makes me cry. I love him

  15. Lycanthropica says:

    Ahh Mikey, I love your jokes and your serious opinions even more but your English accent was causing me physical pain. That aside you are awesome so I am not sure why I am compelled to write this comment. Perhaps because I'm Australian so bad English or Aussie accents burn me hahaha

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I think a lot of people really missed the humor of how terrible our accents actually were. But thanks for all the other kind stuff you said :)

  16. ThomasG says:

    cave crime

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