Episode 13 – Die, Die Hard, Die


Big announcement in today’s show! Mikey and I will be doing a LIVE Chainsawsuit in front of a dining audience at The Triple Door in Seattle, WA on August 29 AND August 30!

Guests to be announced. A different show with different guests both nights, and some of them are HUGE. Tickets available now!

And in podcast news:

  • The truth behind San Diego Comic Con (at least for Kris)
  • Our new timely traffic report
  • A dissection of the last Die Hard and why it should be the last Die Hard
  • New sponsors


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22 Responses to Episode 13 – Die, Die Hard, Die

  1. @kcbanner says:

    Another Monday off to a great start! That traffic segment was gold.

  2. Giggleloop says:

    After all the Saw It For Yous, I honestly couldn't tell if you were being serious or not about Good Day To Die Hard (I haven't seen it). But yes, I'd love for you guys to record some Saw It With Yous, that would be great!!

    • @mikeyface says:

      Everything I said about A Good Day to Die Hard was 100% true. I barely even scratched the surface of how tone-clueless it is as a chapter in the franchise. It hurt me. It bled me. It will not be forgiven.

  3. Brent says:

    Genuinely excited about a Kris Straub Creepypasta VLog

  4. Sulroko says:

    Boo the site keeps eating my comment.
    yes I want to see Saw it with you!

    Also i am impressed you didn't even mention the magic radiation canceling spray, For all that radiation that had been pooling in that secret room, because that's what radiation does.

  5. Gusto says:

    Very excited for a Saw It With You occasional feature. :)

  6. Shishu1025 says:

    saw it with you sounds like a good idea! maybe you could do it with iron man 3.

  7. Lycanthropica says:

    You should feel bad for not coming back to Straya!

  8. Zyn says:

    I would love a Saw It With You series, also! Please make it happen!

  9. GordonBrosnan says:

    I would love to see Saw It With You! I want to feel like I'm watching a movie together with you guys riffin' away.

  10. ThomasG says:

    hey what's the book illustrated by Stephen Gammel that has horrifying drawings of monsters but is intended to be a lighthearted children's book?

    did anyone notice that the books had a peculiar smell that added to the creepiness?

  11. scottyjx says:

    Absolutely yes to the Saw It With You being a real thing. And coincidentally, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is within eyesight of my computer, despite my not having read it in ten years. Boy, did those terrify me. You should review some of those as well!

  12. Nick says:

    A Saw It With You audio track to play while watching a movie would be amazing. It would be like I had actual friends!

  13. @damnglitch says:

    kinda irritated that mike thinks that violence is supposed to be entertaining, and not realizing that these kind of explicit, horrifying scenes (like drive) are supposed to highlight that violence is, hey, bad. Not that protraying it is bad specifically, but that violence maybe isn't something that you should be excited about. maybe.

    • Stouffer's Derek says:

      Perhaps he meant violence that moves the plot forward, as opposed to pointless violence. Yes, of course, all violence is pointless, but when an act of violence has its own set of reasons and consequences it is much more intriguing than ‘oh, hey, lets just stick a shooting in, right there’. Just my opinion, and I can tell that you know that your opinion is just your opinion, too.

  14. Lycanthropica says:

    Shinzon for president <3

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