Episode 12 – Everything’s Food


This is one dirty dozenth podcast! It’s not really dirty, it’s fine. Same level of dirt as the others! Mikey and Kris take on:

  • Hot dogs filled with American cheese
  • Vlasic vs. Claussen revisited
  • The movie industry
  • Grown-Ups 2 vs. Pacific Rim
  • A Saw It For You of the unified sequel to both Grown-Ups 2 and Pacific Rim
  • Plus new sponsors

Stay safe out there, dear listeners!

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14 Responses to Episode 12 – Everything’s Food

  1. Brainscreaminggetout says:

    I saw Little Nicky when I was nine and it BLEW MY MIND. Opened my mind to a whole new world of edgy comedy.

    That's also the year I started having night terrors, and ritually painting Adam Sandler in ever worsening states of physical decay.

  2. Giggleloop says:

    I can't be alone in hoping that Tig's Corn Cob Ghost-Killin' Hammers make an appearance in Broodhollow at some point, right?

  3. @kcbanner says:

    Well, that was quite a podcast! I'd like to be clear that I mean that it was good, great words as usual, Jake Th' Jake could practice up but good job.

    • @mikeyface says:

      Jake Ta Jake did his best. Outside of ruining my wall three times over, I think he filled in for Greg without missing a beat.

      He'll be around next week.

      • Rook says:


        Is Jake Ta Jake the actual spelling of his name or does it remain in an ever shifting state literary uncertainty depending on the speaker?

        For instance, an exotic way of spelling it would be Jaketu Jake whereas someone with otherworldly inclinations would spell it Jake T'yu'Jake.

  4. Have to disagree with you Mike, respectfully. Pacific Rim certainly isn't artsy, and you shouldn't be attacked for wanting that. But, it's an action flick that does a lot of things right. Original brand, strong female protagonist who isn't a romantic interest, and I think better done 3D and action sequences. Along with some other things that Del Toro tried to do, like distancing himself from military ranks. Certainly, not great dialogue and story, but it excels in other areas. At least in my opinion.

    • @mikeyface says:

      Oh, I totally back up what you're saying. My issue with the movie has almost nothing to do with the overall film itself (which is entirely, admittedly, unfair.)

      My issue was this campaign getting slammed down all the social media channels that somehow NOT going to see Pacific Rim was not supporting the art of cinema. Grown Ups 2 already won because it was mentioned almost ENTIRELY alongside Pacific Rim in conversations. They just happened to come out on the same day and have nothing else worth objective comparison.

      I probably came off like I disliked the movie as a result, which is untrue. It's badass, but it isn't anything loftier than what it wanted to be: a kickass monsters vs. robots movie.

      In that respect, it's a home run.

      • Thanks for the response, that clarifies things. And I agree with you on your point. I told people to go see Pacific Rim because it was awesome, but not the art of cinema (though compared to Grown Ups 2 it probably is.) Definitely need to make sure I support more of the refined films though!

  5. JPLC says:

    I don't usually like to do serious comments on chainsawsuit, but I feel I have to give some criticism.

    I've been getting this vibe for a few episodes now, but this one really drove it home: this podcast is kinda cynical. And I'm not a fan of cynicism for its own sake.

    Don't get me wrong, please, have opinions that differ from my own (and the views expressed on Pacific Rim are quite different from my own). But try to couch them in comedy. That's why segments such as Saw It For You or the ads work so well. Even if the audience doesn't agree, the comical stylings can still resonate with them. Take away the comedy and, to those who disagree, it just sounds like cynical bitterness. And, frankly, the Internet is quite too full of that already.

    The comical lens is what helps to set this podcast apart. Please don't lose it.

    • @mikeyface says:

      It's a tough balance, for sure.We have conversations that aren't just jokes. We talk about things that we find valuable talking about — and sometimes it's not supposed to be be funny.

      "Take away the comedy and, to those who disagree, it just sounds like cynical bitterness." But that's not what cynicism is. I agree it might be annoying to those who disagree, and generally we never push any topic to that extreme. I even clarified my comments about Pacific Rim in the thread above this one. I know it came off wrong so I moved to correct it.

      We were both pretty down after the shittiest week in recent memory. Especially me. I can understand that some of that sadness leaked through.

      I hope Pacific Rim doesn't tear us all apart.

      <3 HUGS

      • JPLC says:

        Just to clarify, my worries aren't just about this specific episode. Again, I've kinda been getting this vibe from this podcast for a little while now. I just want to make sure you're aware.

  6. StevenFC says:

    I guess I really only still seriously object to the idea that the movie is 'cynical.' Every interview I've seen and read of Del Toro talking about the movie sounded like he was just super excited to make a movie that was an homage to the giant robot and kaiju movies he grew up loving. It felt like a movie he was making for himself in a lot of ways, and honestly the most outright pandering was the GLaDOS voice. Which I don't recall explicitly quoting Portal, but I could be wrong.

    Transformers and Battleship and other injection-molded blockbusters feel way more cynical to me. Movies engineered from the ground up to hit markers. Big explosions and dizzying machines spinning around nonsensically, a girl who poses for the camera and is destined to date the MC, endless exploitation of a recognizable IP, and US MILITARY AMERICA STRONG.

    I wouldn't support it because it's HIGH ART. I'd support it because Del Toro's a great director, the movie does a few things Hollywood still refuses to, and because it's a fun whizz-bang movie.

  7. Your brief Knight Rider tangent alerted me to the fact that you may not be aware of this gem: (Knightriders <a href="http://-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082622/)” target=”_blank”>-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082622/).
    It's a George Romero movie from 1981 about a group of medieval jousting performers who do a knights on motorcycle show. Its got Ed Harris in it and Tom Savini plays the Black Knight.
    My old boss was in the movie, which is one of the only valid reasons for anyone to know about it.

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