Episode 11 – Lesser Invasions


Episode 11 launches like a rocket designed like Elon Musk — it hovers in the air briefly, then safely returns to the earth, still pointing skyward. This may also describle Elon Musk! Ha!

In this groundbreaking podcast, Mikey and Kris welcome their first guests, and the interim hosts needed to interview them. It must be heard to be believed! Or you can just believe blindly if that’s your thing. No judgments.

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6 Responses to Episode 11 – Lesser Invasions

  1. Giggleloop says:

    I just busted out laughing at my desk at your memoirs' titles. "I'm Angry For Hats?!" You guys need to hire a better Kernsman.

  2. Giggleloop says:

    I'm not a super fan of spicy sauces, but Chuhootla sounds tasty. Flavor from the depths….

  3. ThomasG says:

    Brilliant work, guys.

  4. @kcbanner says:

    Greg is out! It doesn't mean you can't hire another guy named Greg though.

  5. not greg says:

    This was a good one

  6. M. Hizdad says:

    I've been catching up on these. They're all so good.

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