Episode 14 – Gravity in the City


The doctor’s in — and the doctor is a new Chainsawsuit podcast and is also not a licensed medical doctor. Do not consult this podcast for any health-related advice.

Burning topics discussed in this week’s episode:

  • The trailer for Gravity
  • What can we learn from The Newsroom Sex in the City?
  • A Saw It For You of The World’s End


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  • A new chapter of The Ending is up. Read for free! Read… for heat.

That’s it! Get outta here!

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21 Responses to Episode 14 – Gravity in the City

  1. Shishu1025 says:

    so i know that the "saw it for you" segment is a joke, but "The World's End" hasn't even come out yet. :[ that's a movie i don't actually want fake spoiled for me (even if the trailer "spoils" it already).

  2. Thank you hitting the nail on the head Kris, Boba Fett was a horrible character. I'm taking it to the streets!

  3. stise says:

    People's continued trepidation over Saw It For You spoilers amuses me so much.

  4. @P3llinore says:

    Your version of "The World's End" sounds amazing.

  5. john says:

    Kris I thought your blood was replaced with a clear electrically conductive fluid?

  6. retron23 says:

    01:07:16 I think you mean "The Triple Hodor"…

  7. TV's Brent says:

    On the real (reel?) Edgar Wright is a hell of a film maker. Scott Pilgrim didn't get nearly enough love. I could not be more excited for The World's End.

  8. groklife says:

    Um, so, I'm going to post a comment here, since you guys demanded it on the podcast.
    Excellent job! I'm really digging the job Kim Catrell did as your new producepersn.
    Mikey – stop talking. I'm kidding. (I'm not kidding.) J/k.
    Kris – I need some of that blood… Can you autograph my Broodhollow .pdf in the blood? Or is that what really gets sent if I back your Kick for $6666?
    Thanks, guys! Keep going!

  9. @kcbanner says:

    My name is Casey, and every time Mikey said "KC" I freaked out and thought *I* was the producer. The feeling was a mixture of excitement and panic.

  10. Brian says:

    Since you guys mentioned it, I think Amidala's name/title is confusing because she was only "Queen" in Episode I; after that I think she was serving as a senator. She was a "democratically elected queen," so her term was up sometime between Episodes I and II. I am guessing that in George Lucas's mind, she had to be a queen so Leia could be a princess (the whole point of living in secrecy not withstanding), but being an actual queen was too authoritarian and limited her ability to jet around the galaxy, so she was elected. But maybe I'm cynical.

  11. They are working up to the Thor 4:Four Thors. So far they have 3 Thors but 2 Lokis!

  12. Amanda Notaman says:

    Both turtles were women! You are all sexists!

  13. Johnny Ro says:

    Love the podcast, it's the only one I look forward to every week! Tho the "saw it for you" joke is admittedly getting old. Also will Mikey please stop saying "jake to jake"? It's starting to become like "old sport" in great gatsby. Actually whatever the pocast is awesome and I'll keep listening anyways.

  14. Boba Fett said "he's worth a lot to me alive" and that's it. That's what he had going for him. He gave backtalk to Vader and didn't get in trouble for it. That's the extent of it.

  15. Thorbie says:

    I've been loving these podcasts guys! Sounds like you guys have hit your stride and now you're just soaring. Congrats on getting Stephen Hawking on for a commercial cameo. Glad to see Kim Cattrall working again. Maybe this will be a vehicle that will work for her.

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