Episode 9 – Put Down Pick Up


Mikey and Kris moved their mouths for another explosive podcast! On this week’s show:

  • How pick-up artists are irredeemable piles of human garbage
  • The rom-com. Is it written like that or camel case? RomCom? That looks wrong too.
  • Personal celebrations: Broodhollow and The Returners!
  • Three new sponsors! We just can’t seem to hang onto any of them.
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7 Responses to Episode 9 – Put Down Pick Up

  1. Gristle says:

    The bible bit reminds me of Wilson.

    A++ best character!

  2. blubbedey says:

    "judging other people is so easy, and it makes me feel better about myself! Yay!"

  3. Giggleloop says:

    Thanks for the heads up about The Returners, just downloaded it!

  4. Jon_F says:

    Maybe it's just me, and I apologize for being negative, but I don't like the Mikey the Food Snob segment that seems to be in nearly every episode. I can appreciate when someone has a passion for something, but it comes off so negative, preachy, and unconstructive. If you're serious about getting people to want to try cooking at home, why not steer them towards a cookbook or cooking show you really like or even just a recipe or two?

    • @mikeyface says:

      Oh, that wasn't the intent. It wasn't even steering toward anything. We just happen to record after a lot cooking. I come off as a snob? Damn. Sorry it came off that way … we just talk about whatever we're doing at the time. I will tone it down in the future. Thanks for listening!

  5. Gristle says:

    Set the PUA movie around an elimination-style reality show!

    "They didn't come here to make friends. Little did they know they'd be… Making love!

    Oh, wait, they were on ABC's 'Hookup Island.' They totally knew that. Never mind."

  6. Jeff says:

    Your pitch for The PUA also describes the movie The Tao of Steve.

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