Episode 8 – Bacheloresque


Another week rolls by, and Mikey and Kris know the feeling all too well! Because they are familiar with time. I mean, most of us are. Maybe animals aren’t. I don’t know anything about how animals perceive things. Their¬†umwelt as it were. Thankfully this week’s show is nowhere near as intelligent as that, featuring:

  • What happens when your spouse leaves for a week
  • Dads and lads (it’s Father’s Day!)
  • Jeeps
  • The heyday of print-on-demand t-shirts
  • A Saw It For You breakdown of Man of Steel (no actual spoilers)

Start the week correctly with our high-quality podcast entertainments.

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5 Responses to Episode 8 – Bacheloresque

  1. Rad_Guy1 says:

    Open your mouth and eyes… and listen!

  2. Bumbleborg says:

    Another great edition of Saw It For You, guys! I think my least favorite part of the film were the shots of everyone celebrating around the world after Superman's final fight, which was an obvious homage to the end of Star Wars: Episode I. If you look closely you can actually see Batman giving Nick Fury a wedgie, which I felt was pretty tasteless. Like, come on, DC. I know you're jealous about Marvel's success with the Avengers, but try to be mature about it.

  3. TV's Brent says:

    My dad was named after a war buddy of his dad's who was decapitated by one a razor wire strung across a road in France. Which is really pretty horrifying.

  4. meta 4th wall says:

    Mikey talks about the show itself too much IMO

  5. groklife says:

    Hey, guys! I've just gotten caught up with the podcast. I jammed out all 8 eps in two days… freaking hilarious.

    My only complaint is the volume control throughout. I don't know exactly what it is, but sometimes during the spoken segments, you guys spike the volume and it kills my old ears. Not my young ones, just the old ones.

    The commercials are just the best. The raddest products, IMO, at the bargain bin prices of (Not available in my area.) :)

    Who produced the intro music?

    Thanks for doing the creative things that you guys do!

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