Episode 7 – Game of Game of Thrones


Flavor emerges and flows in great, gouting torrents — you’ve drowned in our sauce! That’s the Chainsawsuit Podcast promise. In this week’s episode:

  • Simulating junk food
  • Could you survive in the Game of Thrones universe?
  • Assassination techniques
  • Kris and Mikey relate school-age bullying stories, and Mikey wins by a long shot

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11 Responses to Episode 7 – Game of Game of Thrones

  1. Rook says:

    About school fights and punishments:

    I live in Florida – I graduated high school in 2007, but the general consensus for school fights is as follows: All parties involved in a fight will be punished. This includes victims. So you could be minding your own business at lunch and some guy could walk up to you and start punching you and by being in that fight, you would get punished as well as him. All parties are at fault.

    I thought this was really ridiculous, but apparently its more common than I had thought. I have nephews in California and Colorado who are in schools who abide by this type of punishment. I don't know why they would possibly do it like that…

  2. ThomasG says:


  3. Giggleloop says:

    Kris & Mikey are the two best cockfruitsmen in all of Westeros.

    Regarding bullying at school, thankfully nothing physical ever happened to me in high school. But I did have a group of girls who teased me under their breath (although not really because I was sitting at the same table with them & could hear every word) during Ceramics class. Finally one day, I snapped & just started screaming at them about how they were idiot airheads & that they meant nothing & were a waste of oxygen, and I stormed out of class. Came back during next period to get my stuff & the teacher wouldn't even make eye contact with me. This was in probably 1994? I can't help but think that if that happened today, I'd have been on a watchlist or suspended or something, lest I come back to school & shoot the place up. Times have changed, huh?

  4. Josh says:

    E. coli?

  5. Brent says:

    Your bullying story sounds like mine, and I took away the same lesson. I got picked on a lot, until when I was being bullied during class, I got up in the middle of class, walked behind him and started choking the life out of him. In the middle of class. No one ever picked on me again. It's like Ender Wiggin. If you dont' stop it first (when it would take less force), then you have to use excessive force to stop not only that bully, but all the other bullies that might come next.

  6. bobisforbob says:

    first off, I'm still just glowing happiness every monday when there's a new KStraub joint for me to put in my earholes, and secondly, hey Mikey- you're doin' good, and you're totally right. I think most people here probably had a similar experience of school, and it's completely fucked that the adults are either powerless or don't care/understand in these situations. I remember trying to be a good kid and going through the proper authorities, but at my school (like Rook's) even getting hit was punished. People stopped picking on me after I broke a kids nose,(he was shoving me into a corner) but that didn't really bring anyone over to my side. Only time changed anything, and as I chilled out and stopped taking most things seriously other people eventually warmed up to me, but still. That took years of doing, and if I hadn't known that things were going to be ok eventually I would not have made it out of school.

    tl;dr: refusing to take anyone seriously is the only way I survived school, and that isn't possible without perspective. And kids are dumb, so that's hard to develop.

  7. swaggering says:

    Pretty sure Mikey is being paid by Game of Thrones

  8. Rad_Guy says:

    Yo Kris let's tag it!

    podcasts 2 and 7 don't have the podcast tag.

  9. TV's Brent says:

    Fun Fact: moving from pooping position to puke position (or vice versa) is known as a hot switch.

  10. ThomasG says:

    So I was at Chili's last night and tried out the Skillet Queso. I swear they threw a few beans in there. It's the same beans they used everywhere. They called them "black beans" when they gave them to us as a side dish but they were definitely not black beans. But there were definitely beans in the Queso I tried.

    I guess it's a common thing where people develop craveability for different food?

    If you try to reproduce it again, perhaps reevaluate the use of real cheese. My wife's immediate comment was that it seemed to be made with velveeta and some beans. Though who knows; maybe they obfuscate the problem by sending different queso styles to different parts of the country. Highly unlikely, but the idea fascinates me (the idea that there's a chilli's counterintelligence department that directs the company to make different forms of shitty food to make it harder to reproduce in the home)

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