Episode 5 – LIVE From Eric’s House


Yo everyone, let’s blast it. The fifth edition of the Chainsawsuit Podcast is slingin’ serious heat, clocking in at one hour and thirty minutes. Commercials! Guests! Duration! This one is an event to behold. Guests include:

  • Dammit Liz (@dammit_liz), productioner
  • Ben Soileau (@dandygeek), all-around dandsman
  • Molly Lewis (@molly23), ukulist? ukuleliere?
  • Eric Neustadter (@thevowel), aka “the Xbeast”

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9 Responses to Episode 5 – LIVE From Eric’s House

  1. Shishu1025 says:

    "Philliam H. Muffman" is a Colbert joke. :O

  2. JPLC says:

    Dead Man's Chest was pretty great, but I took umbrage at one of their little throwaway jokes (to those who haven't seen it, it's not really a spoiler, so don't worry). It was when they're frantically searching for the titular chest, and Jack Sparrow throws some rubbish aside to see what's under it and finds a rodent caught upside-down in mousetrap, the metal bar across its midsection (and since we're on the topic, I thought the gore here might have been a bit much considering the tone of the rest of the film, but my friends didn't seem to mind it when I asked them about it after). Jack's startled, and one of the crew asks what he found, and he said "Dead mouse's chest". And that was nice little Disney title pun, but if you look in the background in the next shot, you see deadmau5 behind some barrels, using the tops of them as turntables. It's not too obvious, but I managed to catch it and it just threw me right off. They didn't even try to make him look piratey or anything. Thought it was a bit much for one little gag, especially since the rest of the film was golden.

  3. Dan H. says:

    I'm a little surprised that no one mentioned Tom Hardy as someone to play a young Picard, since he has already played a young Picard. Also, couldn't agree more about the tribble thing in Into Darkness. I additionally found myself more infuriated to see all my non-Trek fan friends who saw it being like "aww yeah, it's a tribble! The one Star Trek thing I knew about before these movies! This film is great!"

  4. Ricky says:

    I listen to these at work. They make my day much more enjoyable, leaving me to languish in a void of chainsawsuit podcast for the remaining four days.

  5. gamemen says:

    xbox amirite guys

  6. iownyoualot says:



  7. Duckluck says:

    I like you guys, but there's no reason for something like this to be longer than an hour.

  8. apLundell says:

    A JJ Reboot of The Next Generation would absolutely HAVE to include the scene where young Picard fights the Nausican.

    Except this time, Picard wins to show how bad-ass he is now.

  9. lmccj says:

    I *love* the groupcast. It might be annoying if you're in the room but, hearing Liz in the kitchen and shouts across the room–it's asthough you have a (manageable) live audience. Do it again…Labor Day weekend!

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