Episode 4 – A Unified Hatred of Appendages


WOW! We made it to Episode 4 and it’s just getting better. Well — maybe not better. It’s definitely longer. This week’s topics:

  • What is wrong with feet
  • Renaissance faires
  • Cooking, and how Kris doesn’t understand it
  • A Saw It For You discussion of Star Trek Into Darkness (fake spoiler-heavy)

Plus a bonus echo because Kris had his mic up too high like a dope. Mikey said I’d beat myself up about it, and here I am doing just that!

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17 Responses to Episode 4 – A Unified Hatred of Appendages

  1. Owen Garth says:

    Gonna listen to this tomorrow at work. It's gonna be a great Monday! Yeah!

  2. Guest says:

    Actually, Scarborough Fair is an English Ballad, much older than Simon and Garfunkel. They just adapted a folk tune.

  3. Damp says:

    Live on the Street!

  4. Ricky says:

    Can't wait to listen to this, been enjoying these.

  5. babbageclunk says:

    I love but also am deeply saddened that you've been forced to clarify the nature of Saw It For You spoilers.

    • @mikeyface says:

      Oddly, all of the breaks in Saw it for You were authentic. We actually fell out of the joke and just left it in because it was funny.

  6. babbageclunk says:

    Also, yay iTunes – now I can listen while biking to work! You guys may have to dial the funny back a bit unless you want my blood on your hands.

  7. Giggleloop says:

    Man, that Jensen Ackles… I'd destroy him like Alderaan.


  8. ThomasG says:

    I like the swearing, Mikey.
    I love these podcasts. I don't feel like it's appropriate to send the link to the whole dang thing to friends, though I would definitely send the ads if they were posted as short separate clips.

    • @mikeyface says:

      I've been thinking about this actually. I think we'll have a repository of the commercials at some point. Something simple. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Giggleloop says:

    Movie to see next week? Fast & Furious 6. I saw it last week, it's utterly ridiculous, but a total blast. And I'd love to hear you See It For (Us).

  10. gristle says:

    Two Cops walk the beat here in Chicago? Aww yiss

    He pulls a knife, you pull two guns. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send two of his to the morgue! That's the Chicago way

  11. Tom says:

    You should name your podcast "First World Problems"

  12. Lycanthropica says:

    Wow I totally tune out in Saw It For You.
    I never thought that I would find something Chris said not funny/interesting but there you go!
    More stories please

  13. lmccj says:

    Foot fetish story: Working in NYC, some women would keep a collection of shoes in a box under their desks (so they could do that stereotypical wear-the-sneakers-to-work deal). For a period of time there was a thief stealing the shoe liners out of these women's shoes. A *lot* of women threw their shoes in the garbage.

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