Episode 3 – Thanks Mom


A lot of you are asking us to get this thing up on iTunes. It’s been submitted! Don’t worry, when it finally shows up, Mikey and I will hammer you day and night. Now there’s a mental image!

In the meantime, enjoy Episode 3, featuring

  • Supportive moms
  • Iron Man 3 (no actual spoilers) and the Star Wars prequels (many spoilers, natch)
  • A ping-pong violence hotline that works
  • And 56 other minutes of content
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16 Responses to Episode 3 – Thanks Mom

  1. voxboxcomics says:

    I'm looking forward to,listening but I am curious, why are you not in iTunes?

  2. Shishu1025 says:

    To be fair, they did make a fantastic animated series bridging episode 2 and 3.

    And then came the CGI disaster….

  3. yossariantherye says:

    was that jerry yelling "fuck" at the end?

  4. ThomasG says:

    man kris is great! i don't know why he's not doing a podcast with scott. who is this mikey guy?
    I don't like mikey's kermit song, though I like kermit in general. Alan Rickman was great, though. Good job on that, Mikey.
    I'm not really thrilled with my feedback here, but I felt like someone needed to get it done. I'd give my comment a 2/10.

    • Shishu1025 says:

      i want a podcast with david malki.

      • @mikeyface says:

        Well, we're listening to the feedback. I'll be working on how to do a Scott and David voice — at the same time. This will allow everyone to get their wish.

        • Shishu1025 says:

          even better, start working on a dave kellet and brad guigar voice and then you'll grant even more wishes.

  5. Dan H says:

    If you take the dave collier/golum voice and push it to the back of your throat it becomes louis armstrong

  6. DrPepperMD says:

    I searched for it on iTunes and it appears to be there now.

  7. thekillmobile says:

    "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" -BTO
    Kermit all the way.

  8. Brent says:

    I don't know guys, I feel like the Pokemon movies were actually too short.

  9. Have you seen this article, http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/17/opinion/17steph… by Neal Stephenson. He talks about how some fans "Tune In" and fill in the blanks in the story with other media. Other fans, I guess, "Veg Out" since "very little of the new film makes sense"…"as a freestanding narrative".

  10. Tom Hess says:

    Good job so far guys but let me tell you as a podcast professional the dubstep intro/outro has got to go. Or at least the intro. Also, the commercials aren't the golden egg I think you think they are. To wrap it up, I gotta hand it to Kris for being a funny and interesting dude. I'm still not sold on anything Mikey does but if he keeps hanging out with Kris some of that talent is bound to rub off on him.
    Don't wait for an invoice boys, this advice is free 8).

  11. Ironsea123 says:

    Check out the Star Wars miniseries that Genndy Tartakovsky did called Clone Wars (-Not- the 3D one by the same name, it's 2D and had two seasons) and it restored my hope in the fact that there can be awesome Star Wars stuff. Definitely check it out if you haven't, even just simply for the beautiful animation and style if nothing else.

    Addendum: They managed to make Mace Windu cool with it. Let me just type that again. They made -Mace Windu- cool. Take a look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj07qh51zPI

  12. lmccj says:

    Connie Stevens sang "Close to You" *to* Kermit oh those many years ago. Just a little transference on your part Mikey. Great episode. Love you both (not your momma!).

  13. lmccj says:

    Connie Stevens sang "Close to You" *to* Kermit oh those many years ago. Just a little transference on your part Mikey.

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