Episode 2 – Saw It For You


Another podcast lands! Two podcasts under their belt and Mikey and Kris are no longer afraid of each other. Topics in this week’s show:

  • Various steak restaurants
  • The $8 book sale in Kris’ book emporium — they will never be cheaper!
  • Mikey’s $0 book download at Amazon.com for his new series!
  • Jurassic Park (the film, not the book)
  • Enormous spoilers for Iron Man 3 in our first audio edition of Saw It For You
  • And of course, words from our made-up sponsors

Enjoy, greater New York! Enjoy!

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14 Responses to Episode 2 – Saw It For You

  1. JPLC says:

    Other BIG Iron Man 3 spoilers, sorry:

    Since you guys were talking about Favreau, I was surprised you didn't mention the part where Tony and Happy went to a movie studio to interrogate a stagehand (which I thought was really weird since it didn't really end up affecting the plot), and Favreau sits in the director's chair on the set. That was an ok meta joke, but they ruined it/took it too far when Tony says "Happy, that's not your seat" and Happy says "Funny, feels like it should be" and winks at the camera. It really took me out of the movie.

  2. Damp says:


  3. ASIEP says:

    needs more scott!

  4. Bean says:

    You had me at "various steak restaurants."

  5. ionstream says:

    The commercial about the hot suit filled with urine had me laughing consistently for minutes.

  6. Jay says:

    yo where's the pan flute

  7. Brian says:

    My mom's hair lit on fire at a Ruth's Chris.

  8. Nateman says:

    Favourite parts: Assorted steak restaurant anecdotes; Advertisements.

    Least favourite: Iron Man 3 spoilers bit – I kinda lost interest a few minutes in. The concept is solid, but there was something about it that grated after a few minutes and I just wanted it to stop (energy level, pacing?).

    Please take this as constructive feedback, not trolling. I genuinely want this podcast to take off.

    • @mikeyface says:

      Hey, thanks for the feedback! We're still trying stuff out and seeing what people enjoy. The Iron Man thing went on for so long because we were having so much fun doing it.

      • enjolllras says:

        valid comment but i loved the iron man 3 thing, for me it just got funnier and funnier xD

  9. Drpeppermd says:

    Josh #2 is clearly Josh Jeffcoat, right? As a Hijinks Ensue reader/listener, I'd recognize that description of him anywhere.

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  11. frostyplum says:

    How about, "Everything is more disgusting and inedible with a runny egg on top."

  12. Stouffer's Derek says:

    It’s funny how many of these comments are spam.


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