Episode 1 – Beginnings


I look astern, over my shoulder: countless unfinished podcasts bob lifelessly in my dread wake. Eyes forward to the horizon: endless black fog. Around my neck, a dead albatross. Written on it is the word “podcast.”

Pulling open a modest kitbag made of old sailcloth, I look upon my old microphone and headset a final time. “Better days.” I speak the words as much as the squalling salt air rips them from me.

I am resolved to heave the kitbag over the side, when I feel a hand clasp my shoulder. Turning, I see a blond man in shutter shades, suspenders and dropcrotch pants. The black fog roars.

“Not yet, friend,” says Mikey. “Not yet.”

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17 Responses to Episode 1 – Beginnings

  1. doof says:

    I saw this in my RSS feed and got excited for a new podcast to listen to and I vaguely remembered "oh he did a podcast before and I think it was good probably"! Then I was like, "Oh no, what if it's just a joke comic about podcasts" but then I clicked and it was a real podcast! Thank you Mr. Straub for this tiny emotional rollercoaster with a feel good ending!

  2. nobody says:

    Nice, I've actually just started to work my way through season 2 of TMH as well.

  3. Jon F says:

    I thought Kris used to live in Pasadena, CA. Which is one city away from Monrovia. Where Kris PROBABLY WENT TO THE RED LOBSTER LIKE 100 TIMES HA HA HA.

  4. cloudymusic says:

    Your podcasts are always good. I don't care if this one only lasts for two episodes, I'll be listening to them all!

  5. mario says:

    itunes link?

  6. JPLC says:

    Kris, your idea for "Sherlock Holmes in the future" is already a reality as a late-90s Saturday morning cartoon show. I present to you: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nkn8n18yS7A

    • czap says:

      it was a terrible cartoon, but Watson is a cyborg. Was a cyborg, I mean. Will be a cyborg?

      with a beard and bowler hat.

  7. @mikeyface says:

    *sigh* Called it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujuguuBTG58

    Shut it down, guys. We had a good run.

  8. Straightupbeaches says:

    I, for one, loved the humor authority podcast. Also TMH18: Lightning Bag is not available on iTunes anymore. Please fix this!

  9. SecretCheri says:

    that was such a beautiful intro story!

  10. oobgarm says:

    I have never listened to a podcast in my life, ever. I am behind the times, it seems.

    This will be my first. Please be gentle.

  11. penisman says:

    is this on iTunes somewhere?

  12. Jiko says:

    Krikey! It's Kris and Mikey!

  13. Rachel says:

    This was phenomenal. How did you manage to discuss Red Lobster for twenty minutes?

    I love this and will listen to every one.

  14. ThomasG says:

    The premise for "Nights…" (where Kris and Mikey treat every guest like a lady that they are trying to have consentual sex with) would be excellent IFF the guest never acknowledges the come-ons. It would be an interesting challenge/side-game seeing people try to ignore the come-ons and stick with the main conversation (if there is one).

  15. ThomasG says:

    so his grandpop got "Johns" from mom Margaret Johns who married Gerard Hopkins. weird.

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