Morning Rush with Kris and Mikey premieres January 12!

Thanks for hanging out during our hiatus! Big news incoming. Mikey and I think you’re gonna love it. After 84 episodes of Chainsawsuit together, on January 12, 2015… you’ll be catching the rush.

We rolled in all the best elements of our podcast, and expanded on them in a format that will let them shine: lively talk, comedy, commercials, and topics from you guys — and much more.

Check out Morning Rush at for the show on Monday, January 12, 2015! Thanks for your listenership and support — we love you all!!

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Episode 84 – C-SPAN 3 Presents A Very Mikey Kris…mas


Lay out your ho-ho-ho wreaths and stomp a flocked ornament — the Original Boys of Yule “candy-cane up” a Christmas storm! Feel the bite of winter shriek down your back and shoot out your fingertips in this never-aired holiday special.

  • Ring in Jesus’ birth with animal friends!
  • Savor Mikey’s Cookie Corner, packed with mirth… and meat!
  • A drop-in and sudden holiday menacing from a long-lost sponsor!
  • With special guests… some of you!

You’ll be saying “It’s so cold, I can’t feel my face” … with laughter.

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Movies with Mikey – The Rocketeer (1991)

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Hi all, Kris here —

I’ve been traveling with family (and with baby for the first time), and it’s very much my fault that a new episode hasn’t appeared. I have been full-time dad since arriving in Los Angeles, and my world, much in the manner of the Fresh Prince’s, has been flipped turned upside-down.

Thanks for your kind patiences! We will keep you abreast on our schedule, and we will keep our infant son abreast because that’s his sole source of nutrition.

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Episode 83 – Desperately Rebooting Susan


Mikey and Kris aren’t messing around this week. Things are serious… deadly serious… when Kris dies. Then is revived. After that, the boys:

  • Discuss what’s {wrong,right} with the depiction of air traffic control repair on the CBS drama </scorpion>
  • Try to figure out what the new fall shows are from just the titles
  • Take your topics to task with one you sent in! This time it’s shows and movies we’d remake or reboot. Send your topics to and we might use them on the show!

Special thanks to our patrons, among whom we count Jackson “Maxxin” Fenner, Marius “Hilarious” Furter, Michael “Bikehole” Koes, Kyle “Pile” Douglas, and Thomas “Thomas” Gilronan. Thanks all!

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