Episode 80 Supplemental – Kris Blew It

Hey Executive Producers —

I was supposed to mention your names on the show this week, but I forgot. I hope this makes it up to you.

Signed, Formerly,


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Episode 80 – Mikey’s Mobile Book Hole

Get in touch with the books. Kris and Mikey send you on a journey of the imagination to:

  • Mikey’s Book Hole, where he interviews Starsky Lampert, famed author of Midnight Thrush
  • Beloved actor talk and whether Firefly gets in Castle’s way
  • A quiz that plumbs the depths of our failed TV knowledge from an era long gone
  • Public access Author on Author, featuring two authors who may or may not have written books that our Patreon listeners provided the titles of, LIVE
  • Commercials!
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Episode 79 – Cruise Control

Saddle up for a hard ride deep into — okay. I’m doing it on purpose. There’s a lot of innuendo that isn’t actually in the show. I have to get it out of my system somewhere. But we do have:

  • Thanks to our Executive Producers, as well as good people like Jessie Zimmer, Jeff Carpenter, Mike Caron, Taija Tevia-Clark and J. Scott Jewell for their support on our Patreon. If you like the show, check it out!
  • We talk about the Borg!
  • Parents!
  • Non-creatives!
  • Take a “cruise” on the wild side with a “tom” of a quiz! (It’s about Tom Cruise, the movie star.)
  • We take your topics at choose@chainsawsuit.com — send in yours!
  • And big ups to Mikey for his new season of Movies with Mikey, starting with his look at The World’s End and a shoutout from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Watch it here:

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Episode 78 – The Dakota Fanning of Bruce Waynes


Len Peralta of Geek a Week and Exterminite joins us on this outsized show! This monster is its own nightmare, with:

  • Talking Exterminite, with Issue 1 of the new nightmare-killing mini-series on Amazon and Comixology now!
  • The trouble with Gotham
  • The Netflix Superiority
  • Mikey challenges Len and Kris with a comic book quiz-off
  • A deep tear on some unsavory ghosts in Len’s house

Plus for the first time ever, the show ran so long I split off the rest of the ghost stories. You can find them at our Patreon for free!

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Episode 77 – Sleepy Hollow

This week, the Chainsawsuit podcast invites you to join us in a Halloween retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as you’ve never heard it before — with special guest Molly Lewis.

To say more would be to give too much away. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and cover your neck.

If you enjoyed the show, check out our Patreon where you can help us continue to make great content like this!

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