Dust off your dancing shoes because there’s actually no new music from us in this episode; we just agreed that your dancing shoes are getting musty.

In this, our 65th adventure together, we brought the JUICE.

  • There’s talk about Mikey’s new run on the Borderlands comic, and the first issue “The Fall of Fyrestone #1″ is out. A lot of effort was extended to get the book to the highest rated Kindle comic on Amazon. If you want to help get it there, PICK IT UP! 
  • Kris must endure what it’s like to take a quiz where each question is a perplexing grenade of sadness BECAUSE THIS IS HOW IT FEELS, KRIS.
  • Nancy Grace!
  • Region Con – the number ONE new convention that may possibly happen, maybe.
  • We choose YOUR topics.

As always, subscribe to us on iTunes and chat with us in the comments about the show. We love hearing what you have to say.

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Episode 64: Meet Zack Files

If you’re standing, you may want to sit down. If you’re sitting, you may want to lie on your back.

Today a truly rare treasure has been unearthed: unused audio from the pilot of a show no one has ever, ever heard of: The Zack Files. We assure you nobody has ever heard of this show, and after our exclusive look, probably never will again. IMDB doesn’t even have an entry about how everyone involved in this show vanished from the face of the earth.

After all, it wasn’t a show in America. I mean I never heard of it. So it’s not a thing.

PLUS: another quiz that hurts Mikey’s heart! Listen in real time as his valves shrivel and harden shut. Post your results in the comments!

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Episode 63: A Couple of Positive Pauls

Big news, listeners! When it comes to news of the day, we’ve decided to stay positive and keep it good. Call us the Good News Boys! We’ll put a smile up your face!

  • What’s been happening with us? A lot of new video content up at Chainsawsuit Original, for one! Including just the quizzes.
  • Mikey formally talks about his PAX keynote!
  • A tricky TV quiz that Kris hated loved!
  • Shining a light on Kickstarters that need a little love! And one that Mikey singlehandedly saved.

Hope you’re having a good week. We love ya.

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Episode 62: Glamour Shots Me Dead

As dusk throws an amber pall over the world, its mistress — the evening wind — screams… “Glamour… glamour!” From the red-litten fields, a man with a camera rises.

If you’ve never been angry before, this might be the podcast to do it. Don’t worry, we get right there with you, by discussing

  • the necessity of Glamour Shots® in the age of mechanical reproduction
  • a quiz that starts out fun and games, then casts a dire light on a horrendous social plague
  • your topics, to cleanse the palate! We’ll check out yours and maybe run it on the show if you send us one at choose@chainsawsuit.com

Everyone cool down, do a shot, then do a Shot® at your nearest Glamour Shots® location, and don’t forget to watch the newest series on Chainsawsuit Original: Movies with Mikey. He reviewed the 1990s TMNT last time, and now he’s after Turtles II? Check it out!

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Congrats Mikey!

A shoutout to our castmate Mikey who recently got to design a Magic card and was announced as the keynote speaker for PAX Prime 2014!

But most importantly he just dropped a video review of the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Please enjoy.

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