28 Plays Later - Episode 102 – The One With The Surge

Is it possible to design power armor without a system that goes crazy and fuses you to it? That’s the question this week as Paul and Kris examine the Dark Souls-esque The Surge and all its cultural predecessors — Elysium, Spider-Man 2, you name it. You can’t wear a robot and expect it to behave. Plus, Paul needs a break from thinking about Twin Peaks, but can’t find the strength to take one.

28 Plays Later - Episode 100 – The One With Prey and Paul’s Dad

It’s our centennialest episode yet! Paul and Kris discuss Prey and games that did it a little better, plus is it possible to mod a game narratively and still be playing the same game? Also, Mr. Verhoeven — Paul’s dad to you — joins us in pitching a definitive 28 Plays Later game, as well as news of his ice-cold jogging habits.

We couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you! Thanks for listening to 100 of these, and here’s to 100 more — as a treat, here’s something we mention at the end of the podcast that we’re hoping to have available at PAX Aus this year!