28 Plays Later - Episode 46 – The One With Charlotte From Geordie Shore


Paul reels in Charlotte from Geordie Shore for a quick chat (?!), then he and Kris move on to Devil Daggers, how to balance gameplay and story, and whether or not horror will become VR-headset-only — plus two lovely reader emails. Also Kris drills a hole into his head to get that spooky skull outta there.

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28 Plays Later - Episode 45 – The One About Firewatch


Paul and Kris finished Campo Santo’s lovely new release Firewatch, and have differing opinions… until Kris realizes he’s just a slower version of Paul. The discussion is largely spoiler-freeuntil later in the episode, when we warn you we’re about to talk about the ending, so listen with caution if you haven’t played it yet!

It’s a fascinating look at the definition of the word “game,” and how the player’s approach to it can change their entire view.

Also Paul gets undressed on camera and leaves. Not even kidding. Kris can now answer the questions boxers or briefs, innie or outie, and make educated guesses regarding his parents’ religion around the time of his birth.

28 Plays Later - Episode 44 – The One With Griffin McElroy


A new week dawns! Paul and Kris get some time with XCom 2, which just released, plus thoughts on old vs. new fogs of war, fidgety nations, old men in beds — and a long chat with Griffin McElroy of Polygon and My Brother, My Brother and Me!

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