PAX East 2017

PAX East is in Boston, March 10-12! I’m taking a tip from PAX South and bringing back commissioned art at my Bandland booth — and I’m also at a zillion panels INCLUDING ACQUISITIONS INCORPORATED where K’thriss Drow’b has Mary-Sued himself into canon. What class does he play? What will he bring to the table? I know the answer to the first, not the second.

Also for the first time, Abby Howard will be there for the live Scared Yet! Excited to pair with her in person and come back to discussing horror, along with other esteemed horror enthusiasts.

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28 Plays Later - Episode 91 – The One With The Early Look at Mass Effect: Andromeda!

This week’s episode is live from Sydney, where Paul is trapped in a hotel hell of his own making! He’s been flown down to have a super special preview of Mass Effect Andromeda! Thrill as he gives Kris, and you, a peek behind the curtain at this frankly astounding game! Gasp as he interviews Andromeda producer Fabrice Condominas! And shudder as Kris reveals that he played a metric heckload of For Honor this week!