28 Plays Later - Episode 48 – The One With Ron Gilbert


Creator Ron Gilbert (Maniac MansionThe Secret of Monkey Island) joins Paul and Kris for an extended talk about his forthcoming game Thimbleweed Park, while Paul asks a series of questions based on his lust for skeletal pirates and salesmen in loud sport coats. Also discussed: the difficulty of making a podcast, small talk woes, and a pitch for a new game Loot Accountant!

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28 Plays Later - Episode 47 – The One With SUPERHOT And Full House


Have mercy! Kris and Paul dive into Netflix’s Fuller House by mistake, then hesitantly back away for a discussion of the unique FPS puzzler SUPERHOT, now available on Steam. Plus, Kris looks at a listener-recommended horror game, Anatomy from developer Kitty Horrorshow. And Paul brags about our World of Warcraft guild on Blackrock!

If you miss this episode… you’re in big trouble, mister! That was a catchphrase from Full House.

28 Plays Later - Episode 46 – The One With Charlotte From Geordie Shore


Paul reels in Charlotte from Geordie Shore for a quick chat (?!), then he and Kris move on to Devil Daggers, how to balance gameplay and story, and whether or not horror will become VR-headset-only — plus two lovely reader emails. Also Kris drills a hole into his head to get that spooky skull outta there.

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