many a moon ago, i switched from intensedebate (a comment management system) to disqus (a comment management system with more moderation tools). i paid nothing for either one. so i understand the need to revisit your business model and figure out how to make your free thing pay, without losing your users.

the new ads around the comments here are served by disqus; this was their solution. and i’m not ad-averse, nor am i deaf to their need to make their product start making money for them. it’s that the ads are always the same, no matter the website, no matter what the pitch is. these ads do not work on my audience. i do not want to have the audience that these ads work on.

i’m changing them up so hopefully we will no longer¬†see the one that implies melissa mccarthy died (not true), when in fact she is just “getting fired for losing too much weight with this amazing supplement” (also not true)

come on internet. are we not better than this