see the joke is, it looks like they are a couple, but they’re just roommates. the one was tired of having to do all the dishes in the apartment, so he brought them in on a breakfast tray. i’m happy to report that they had a good laugh about it and the chores went back to normal afterwards. i hope you enjoyed my little morality play


HEY, I’m switching to Capitals Mode for some important updates! I just added two new things to the big Chainsawsuit @ PAX Prime guide. Check it out, including our hangdown in the Sheraton lobby after our panel Saturday night! You’re invited even if you don’t have a badge to PAX! Please come play games with us!

I’ll be participating in a Gauntlet™ tourney (I know, I had to add the ™), which will be streamed on Twitch.tv at the official PAX channel. And the other news is the new Acquisitions Incorporated intro I did for Prime 2014. You can only see it if you go to the live show — just kidding, it’s right here: