the people above randomly won the sweepstakes i announced ten minutes ago because the strip was late today

now you’re all dead. how do you like that lesson, huh


second prize: kaellinn18, earl7399, invisiman, thefrymaster, lacello, dunkman, double0five, walle132, flashfic, donnyfightsworld, philipyount, sandchigger, jamesstowe, trogluddite, buffgamer, slamonella, kinotu, sinistergrasp, thetreyh37, lazarianparadox, obryhim, resonate1794, makelevi, qwork1, ericwinholt, adoombot, kickstothejunk, mike_potter, jpgeoffrion, robotmatt, cassielassy, paulius1981, ajaxon, grahamgemmell, frostyplum, quippley, shankerton, astarner, ironiccatfish, steve_keen, kreftron, willetton (as of this posting)

honorable mentions are posting below: