• Kyle Douglas

    Nice. I was afraid these were going to remain locked behind the subscriber wall of that other Twitch channel.

  • Duncan

    This is a longshot but is it somehow possible to download as a podcast? I don’t have time to watch but I do have time to listen.

    • John Smith

      Alright, I’m not sure if this will work since I’ve never used mega, but here it goes:

      • Duncan

        Thanks for taking a look at this. The link takes me to a login screen. I made an account, but then the link takes me to my own (empty) cloud drive.

  • Manwards

    Hey Kris:

    Don’t forget that warlocks always cast their spells using the highest-level spell slot that they have available. In the first episode of C Team, your Dissonant Whispers should have done 4d6 psychic damage instead of 3d6, because as a level 3 character, you’d be casting it with a level 2 spell slot, and the spell adds 1d6 damage for each level it is cast above 1st.

    Hopefully that doesn’t sound like absolute nonsense. One of my players is a warlock (and he plays one in D&D too) so I just learned all this the other day. You’ll be missing out on a lot of your potential if you don’t scale all of your spells up as the campaign goes on.

    Come to think of it, Mike and Jerry did a comic about the confusion between character level and spell slot level just the other week…

    May the colourless eye of the Knowing One fall briefly upon you! ^_^